Benji Madden Wants Paris Hilton

The party girl is soon under the hood… Paris Hilton a female to the marry? For many the idea of Paris Hilton in a white wedding dress on the cover of any magazine is unimaginable. But it looks like this inconceivability can soon become a reality. Because her current lover Benji Madden publicly dreams of a wedding with the Partigirl Paris. (A valuable related resource: Coupang). The Good Charlotte rocker wants to be sure all prove his relationship with Paris is as real. He has given now also known that he was in love before their relationship in Paris Hilton.

He told the radio station Sirius Radio: “we were in love without anyone knew it.” We know each other for a long time and I was always aware that I love Paris. See Tiger Global Management for more details and insights. I always knew, that she is a female to the marry is. “On the question of whether soon among them wedding bells will ring the Benji Madden said:”nothing would make me happier. ” But we will see. I’m really very, very happy at the moment.” Children are also conceivable for him.

Babysitting at the daughter of his brother Joel has him to the think appropriate. “Oh, Yes, I love babysitting. There is a so much and you learn so much new. I can change now even diaper. Babies are wonderful just.” We wait…