To see you so you will have to work in several directions simultaneously. First learn how to consider objectives clear, precise, defined. You impregnaras your mind with those images in giant format, rich in forms and full of vivid and bright colors. Thou shalt give them life to those images with voices of great volume full of enthusiasm, joy, faith and expectation. You earn him bodily sensations of well-being, achievement, safety, confidence and self realization.

Only with that already you will have more than 80% of your success playing at your door. As before, I movilice a small portion of your internal resources with a brief paragraph. An image like that I just describe anchored in your mind, mobilizes 100% of your resources, which rapidly begin to flow in favor of yours. Imagine that you are an Archer. These one hundred feet of diana, you taut bow and sign up. Now take your attention to your interior. If your inner being is focused on that be right arrow go direct to the Centre of the target.

Your internal resources flowed into the unique address that you unkindly. If on the contrary your interior, focused on the doubts and the thousand details by those who will not manage it, releasing the arrow you’ve missed the target. Your being internal is focused on failure. Your internal resources once again flowed to achieve your goal. But. which was your goal this time? Miss white. You’ve wasted your resources. Externally you apuntabas to white and you wanted to give him, but internally you centrabas in the opposite. Your power is in your inside these are auto limitations. Limitations that you’ve imposed unto thee same. Invisible walls, silent chains that prevent you from elevate you from your current status, by much effort put and more positive you’re.