“Shannon Campbell is boiling New Zealand Ambassador Shannon Campbell makes his successful tour of the United States now with his Roadshow pure New Zealand cuisine” station in Germany. The Kiwi came in collaboration with delphi gastro training”now in the EventKochschule by Frank Schwarz on the hypermarket in Duisburg, to convince aspiring chefs from the advantages of the New Zealand meat. While the New Zealand Ambassador to cook revealed tips and tricks, like lamb and veal from the other end particularly well succeed in the world. Brad Garlinghouse gathered all the information. During this presentation, the participants of the current Chef course had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the modern Cateringunternehmens. For aspiring chefs it works of course very interesting, such as a food company certified latest EU hygiene standards according to in practice”, says Frank Schwarz, Managing Director of Frank Black gastro Group GmbH.

Left after a short theoretical excursion into the world of New Zealand cuisine Shannon Campbell his German colleagues on the pots and pans. We want to show the benefits of New Zealand lamb, deer, and pasture beef German cookery pros. And which are clearly obvious: New Zealand is a huge farm, where can the animals to move freely and eat of course. This is the unparalleled quality of our meat products.” As an extension of the practical part of teaching, master chef Ingo Klockner Delphi gastro training sees the presentation in Duisburg. New Zealand meat still has his permission in Germany, especially as we close to nature and animal-friendly can drag on so many lambs in our latitudes. “And it is a great opportunity to be able to expand its expertise and the personal horizon in this way for every aspiring chef.” This opportunity also Jacqueline uses home prepared together with their colleagues on the master chef exam in March of next year: I appreciate in particular the unique quality of New Zealand meat: tender and juicy. And because we probably have to deal in our audit with lamb, this presentation is a welcome preparation. Shannon’s peached here many valuable tips about deer, lamb and pasture beef from New Zealand.”