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Heiko Fleischmann

In this way, the feared tax losses on which should entire population will be reallocated. A plenty strange how unpopular proposal includes the reduced tax rate in addition to the printed products drawn from the crisis anyway already overly affected also food of any kind. An increase of the price for the vital consumer goods continue to maintain the consumer mood is hardly the right starting point. The risk of unemployment by about five million makes not just logical, the consideration of such a measure already hardly any financial leeway exists in this population and the Federal Government can be a difficult primary care not in the sense. The proposal expressed in an interview with the Tagesspiegel am Sonntag by Saxony-Anhalt Minister President Wolfgang Bohmer is much more popular at least in the population. An increase in the top tax rate again encounters skepticism when the majority of the voting population. If you have read about Dun & Bradstreet already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Two points should be considered, but also by the Union be.

For one, such a decision will bring more voters into the arms of the FDP. Should you be interested in really a Westerwelle party participation in Government to avoid this is the wrong way. On the other hand you must ask yourself slowly, where is the limit of the tax burden borne. It is at the moment only to hint at how the posts will develop to the statutory health insurance in the next ten to 20 years, a reduction should be excluded but confidently. Germany is moving on a far beyond the 50% top tax burden and this development might not seriously in the sense of political parties. The enormous increase of political support for the formerly small parties makes it clear that also in the population become a pain threshold has been exceeded. A further tax increase would lead to a further loss of political support and in the long term to an end of the major bourgeois parties. If the Union does not accept that the policy of the Steuerer-and Social levies is pushed to their limits, threatens in the medium term to a similarly massive slump like it had to accept the SPD. Citizens in Germany will take probably more with fewer gifts during the election campaign, rather than accept a further tax increase to finance. It remains to be seen whether Angela Merkel has the power of persuasion to end this discussion as soon as possible. Heiko Fleischmann

Pirate Party Informed About ELENA

On Saturday, the party in six Hessian cities of unacceptable data retention on the Pirate Party deems unconstitutional the electronic proof of income (ELENA) and calls for the abolition of the law clarifies. To educate citizens about the carried out in this context, unacceptable data retention and maintain their support, organizes information events on Saturday in six cities on this topic. The district associations Offenbach-land, main-Kinzig and Darmstadt join the nationwide ELENA info day of the Pirate Party: on January 30, 2010, there will be information stands from 10:00 to this topic in several places within the mentioned districts and boroughs. The stalls are housed in Offenbach from 10:00 to 13:00 at the City Court of Muhlheim from 10:00 to 13:00 in the Bahnhofstrasse, close to parking Ober-Roden from 10:00 to 13:00 on the market square of Hanau from 08:00 to 13:00 before the Town Hall of Gelnhausen from 10:00 to 13:00 on the lower market From 11:00 to 14:00 on the Luisenplatz at these stands provide the pirates to inform all citizens the ability to unacceptable data retention is about from the perspective of the Pirate Party ELENA associated with, as well as the concomitant risk of misuse Darmstadt. ELENA is the abbreviation for electronic payment proof”.

This new procedure is monthly since January 2010 a record with extensive personal information about the employees and the employment relationship on the “German pension insurance Federal” transmitted and stored centrally. This information used, for example, of labour and social services, to decide whether and to what extent the individual citizen is entitled to social security benefits. Type and quantity of the data collected represent a disproportionate interference in the privacy of the workers, provide extensive opportunities for abuse and unconstitutional from the perspective of the Pirate Party in this form. AD

Apres Ski For A Good Cause

In the middle of Passau’s pedestrian area, an original gondola from Mayrhofen ski – atmosphere ensures the right apres. Apres ski for a good cause on the Saturday, January 30, 2010 (10-19: 00), invites the team from Skigebiete-test.de apres ski for a good cause. In the middle of Passau’s pedestrian area, an original gondola from Mayrhofen ski – atmosphere ensures the right apres. The total proceeds go to the discharge load ends family service (FED) of the Lebenshilfe Passau. Adidas may not feel the same. People with disabilities are assigned in school or work on monitoring and support.

But especially when a meaningful design in their spare time they are dependent on aid. The discharge load end of family service offers people of all disabilities and all ages round the clock and more active support. This creates space for family members of persons with disabilities, while they have fun during excursions of the FED (E.g., snow shoeing or sleigh ride). To support this institution, the ski resorts Tester download on the Saturday, January 30, 2010, to the Apres ski in the Passau pedestrian a. Around an original gondola from Mayrhofen, there is food, a raffle with many different prices, in addition to apres ski. The draw for the main prizes, two high-tech ski jackets of the Swedish clothing manufacturer 2117 ‘ occurs in the value of the 200, at 5: 00 on the gondola. For more information see the ski magazine by

Tubingen Panel

Helper of everyday life – in the volunteering – there is nothing good, except to do it. (Erich Kastner) The Tubingen Board was founded as an association in July 1998; She emerged from an initiative by three parishes of Tubingen and began with 11 members. Pate was the first mayor of the city of Tubingen, Gerd Weimer six months preparation lasted until the first client could be used. Appropriate rooms had to be found and renovated and rebuilt, a van was purchased from donations, it was also to inspire people to participate. Was launched in March 1999, the Tubingen Panel opened the doors. 35 volunteers provided approximately 125 needy people per day with food. in 2004, the Club bought a new van with cooling unit thanks to the help of a sponsor and donations. The old van provides good services in a mission station in Nairobi/Kenya.

Over the years increased the number of needy people in Tubingen and environment, so that the place of Panel is no longer sufficient. A move was inevitable and 2005 the Tubingen table moved into new premises at Katharinenstrasse 29 in the French quarter. Around 105 volunteers and employees help four times a week with tireless efforts, needy customers in the Tubingen Board can buy e. V.. The number of customers increasing, were there before 9 years 125 customers, are now 520 households with about 1100 persons supported and monthly 2,000 sold shopping carts.

Per person costs 5 maximum amount the well-stocked cart of 1.20, 5 persons per household, including including baked goods, fruit, vegetables and dairy products. Who can buy into the table? The city of Tubingen offers a BonusCard for all, which only have a low income. In the municipal office, Schmiedstrasse Gate 4, 72070 Tubingen the BonusCard will be issued against production of the passport or identity card as well as the proof of income.


Only the tip of the iceberg already since 1973 the social services in the Kotter Bachstrasse needy in difficult situations with help and advice. But the everyday questions on General, personal and family issues are often only the tip of the iceberg. “From years of experience, Sandra Gerlach, associate social services, know that the most questions that help needy people on the staff contact, reflect only the most urgent part of the overall problem: often, the difficulties and therefore our aid pass much.” Someone asking for help in completing a Hartz IV application, it turns out under circumstances that he also still looking for an other apartment is, needs new clothes or encounters seemingly unsolvable problems in family life together. Also here support the social services with advice and practical help for self-help: find purpose in the basement of the social Bazaar items of clothing or household goods such Services. Family-promotional offers such as the children’s day or the international Kotter Bach children’s group, however, can help to relieve parents from time to time. Add to your understanding with Indigenous Babies. Here, the demand is so huge that we can barely cover them with our offerings”, so Gerlach.

Often, the staff advise about mothers who are posted by many loads home mentally and physically. Mothers must often understand a great balancing act between family life, household and sometimes even the profession. This can be simply too much in some cases”, says Gerlach. For these cases, Diakonia has established a unique offer in Schwerte: Spa consulting and mediation. Staff help with the application and suggest-demand Spa facilities the competent sickness funds are matched exactly to the needs of mothers and mothers and children. Here again, no one is sent home. Everyone will find us”a sympathetic ear, assured the diploma social worker Gerlach.

Although not every concern falls directly under the jurisdiction of the social services, but staff cooperate permanently with other institutions, about the ARGE, the swords power, the social services or the swords Panel. If we are not responsible, we can offer you always the right contact person in case of doubt”, promises Gerlach. Interested parties are invited to inform themselves between Mondays and Fridays from 9-12 and 14-16: 00 on the various provisions of the social services.

Agriculture Committee

The Agriculture Committee in the Bundestag in the majority by members of the Grand Coalition against the hearing on a motion by Alliance 90 / the Greens, which calls for a significant improvement of the housing conditions in rabbits for fattening agreed by Alliance 90/Greens to improve conditions in rabbits for fattening of the SPD, CDU and FDP rejected on 13.05.2009. Also also required improving the conditions for circus animals and banning of Dolphinariums, and a ban on imports of dolphins were rejected by members of the groups of CDU/CSU and SPD. The applications of the Greens only by the left were supported. The request to improve the housing conditions for rabbits for fattening fell to a suggestion of the welfare party. In advance of the meeting of the Committee on agriculture all members had been informed by a letter, which was also a current video documentation about the conditions in the modern rabbits for fattening, to draw attention to the urgency of the issue. The applicants were put off on the upcoming legislative session. We therefore call on all voters, where the suffering and death of millions of animals in our country is not in the European elections and the election in the animal torturer parties ‘ to show the red card. Now, a clear signal must be set at last! A good election result for the party human environment animal welfare would be such a signal \”, Stefan Bernhard calls corner, National Chairman of the party human environment animal welfare.\” The party is member of the animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no, thank you \”, which draw attention to the devastating conditions in industrial rabbit fattening and their atrocities finish as fast as possible want. The Alliance is one nationwide more than 60 members, including many well-known clubs and associations a clear sign of the acute need for action at the legislative level.

Federal Council

DBB Hesse asks federal officials increased distance compensation and return to the commuter lump sum the country Chairman of dbb and tarifunion in Hesse (Hesse dbb), Walter Spiess, changed with the demand to increase the distance compensation for employees of the public service to the members of the Landtag of Hesse. At the same time expects the dbb Hesse that joins the Hessian Landtag of Federal Council initiative to return to the commuter lump sum. “Walter Spiess criticized in Frankfurt: it is not acceptable from the perspective of the dbb Hesse that the employees with costs be debited official causes and therefore attributable to the employer.” Workers and civil servants in the public service for official induced trips by car at the time a compensation of 30 ct per kilometer. In the face of gasoline prices increased in the last 18 months to 40 percent we deem required an increase in the flat rate to 10 ct per kilometre of the dbb urgent.” At the same time recommended Skewer the members to join an initiative of Bavaria and Schleswig-Holstein, campaigning for the reintroduction of the old commuter tax allowance at the federal level. The journeys between home and work are becoming more and more of the financial burden for commuters, of which there are very many in the public service of Hesse. We consider it unacceptable to curtail the tax recognition of these costs, as it is (still) legal situation. Here a political punctuation – even before the upcoming constitutional court judgment – is important, so that the workers won’t always get the impression, the policy sign not whose constant real wage losses due to runaway price increases, especially in the energy sector.” San conclusion: journeys between home and work are not a private pleasure, but they serve the obtaining of taxable income. Consequently they must be deductible but also by the tax.”. Swarmed by offers, Gary Kelly is currently assessing future choices.

University Humanistic

Vivid understanding and humanistic heritage: For 125 years Esperanto builds bridges between peoples In the year 1887 published Jewish ophthalmologist Dr. Ludwig Zamenhof (1859-1917) in Warsaw, the first textbook of the international language Esperanto. Zamenhof referred to the invention of this language as a natural reaction to the hostility between the population groups”, he had always seen himself as a child. In his home town of Bialystok Jews, Poland, Russians, Germans, and Belarusians lived together each with its own language and mutual distrust. Zamenhof wanted to build a bridge between peoples with a common second language, which should be neutral and easy to learn. Get all the facts and insights with Larry Ellison, another great source of information. Today, about one million people in 120 countries speak Esperanto.

You find the idea good to break down the language barriers with a neutral, easy-to-learn second language, or simply have fun with it, to use Esperanto in international contacts. The language it enjoys growing popularity. As reported up to an Esperanto course at the University of applied sciences Emden in the winter semester 2011/2012 at least 95 participants, and the most popular Internet portal to the learning of Esperanto, vikipedio now has over 100,000 registered users. On the new year’s Eve meeting JES 2011/2012 of the German and Polish Esperanto youth movement in Gdansk, even former Polish President Lech Walesa personally gave a lecture, which was translated into Esperanto. Esperanto has three advantages over the national languages”, stresses Dr. Ulrich Matthias, President of the Esperanto group Wiesbaden and at the same time, spokesman of a world party of one of the 109 parties registered for the federal election, which aims to promote the spread of Esperanto in accordance with its principle program. These benefits are in addition to the neutrality and the easy learnability. also the humanistic background of language” In the past 125 years found Esperanto just see people inlet, itself inspired by humanistic ideals.

New Staff – New Language

In the middle of difficult economic times the conservative politician Mariano Rajoy was elected in Spain the new Prime Minister of the country. A new Government produces typically new government programs and accompanied often entirely new language and terminology. This phenomenon was often observe also in Germany. See Verizon Communications for more details and insights. In the course of this new political trends, programs and approaches also translators and interpreters is required, must integrate the new terminology in their daily work. In Madrid, for example, the translator of political texts see is currently with the abolition of the long holidays”between holidays and weekends linguistically faced.

“The translator must be at the Spanish English translation between bridge day” and bridging-day decide. “” During the Portuguese the term here with India ponte “translate from Spanish into Portuguese, select German Spanish Translator the formulation Dia de puente”. The German to Malay “Translation arises also for the Norwegian language not powerful as right pictorially represent, by arbeidsdag from an inneklemt” is. Such Realia translation will be interesting if they must be translated into a language, in which the phenomenon as such is even non-existent, in the particular case so in countries in which there are no weekends. “” Other linguistic phenomena, which are although not entirely new, in the next few weeks to find more in the media and on the part of the translators and interpreters to translate correctly will be, for example, hiring freeze “or discipline”. We Germans remember only too well such phenomena of language and verbal creations such as times of the scrapping premium”. What comes for the German native speakers as tongue twisters so and has prepared some pronunciation difficulties the German-learners, then of course had to be translated into the translation agencies. During the “” “German English translator several English translations available are (scrappage bonus” or scrappage premium”), the French translator opted for prime ala casse”, chose the Polish translators of as well zungenbrecherisch premia za z? omowanie pojazdu “, the Swedish Translator needed only the word skrotningspremie”. The year 2012 will again promising, for the observation of linguistic neologisms. “We hope that us too many hiring freezes” remain spared. No warranty / liability is taken for the correctness of the contents.

In Brazil

He is After the birth of only visible, but this is already the only difference. Here, in the super materialism, counts only the visible. What are you doing down the beginning of life? “You shall not kill” life is a way. Appearance, character u.v.m. the people are fixed at the moment of conception and want nothing more than to the development come. “If I the beginning of any actual” life wants to apply somewhere after the moment of conception, then could I also say that life begins only with the independent running.

Or speaking. Or with the sexual maturity. What not can reproduce themselves, might still not a real person. One may argue that there is already getting abortions, but these were mainly a thing of the involved itself, albeit not only. There is something fundamentally different, however when a community allows something, or tolerate, because then the whole community will often responsible than she has been without the consensus of the murders. In Brazil, many street children are killed, it happens all the time, it is horrible, but that it would still often appalling, if the Brazilian company would adopt a law that also legalized the killing of street children. At this moment the society as a whole would guilty namely, with the exception of those who try to change the situation. Would have to have that not every person in the head? While it is true that never-ending man be born of a burden for the mother, may be the existence of this man touched on the interests of the mother very, and due to the overall circumstances in often very adverse way. “But since the abolition of the duel, it was no longer officially used to regulate the interests of two people by the death of one of the people is not vertragenden”. “You shall not kill” you had other opportunities had, especially the hassle-free giveaway of the unwanted child immediately after birth, what you have can make happy just other people, the now sometimes on Dodge the baby trade.