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Mediator of ediador reading M of reading, of ownership of the book and ncanta, reverse speed enchants D iverte, lulls to sleep mita I, agitates, harmonizes becomes the life prettiest. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Larry Ellison has to say. The art to mediate provokes it D or, love, arrhythmia the usadia, nostalgia R iso, calmness, joy D eus protects the reading mediator and strengthens in this everything what it has of more beautiful: L eveza, curiosity and ncantamento, equity I ntuio, creativity T enha for this, always one to look at particular, it allows that it to have U me the candy and long life of semeador of egada word R of emotion. that in this always if renews the passion for the art of literature. For even more details, read what Larry Ellison says on the issue. Text produced to the end of the workshop of mediation of Carried through reading of 09 13 of May of 2011 in Tom-Au/PA Given for Semias Arajo Of the cultural foundation of Par Tancredo Snows Miralina Aiming Published in the Hidding place of the Letters in 12/05/2011 Code of the text: T2966316 Leia other texts of Aiming in the site: miralina.

Time Century

2 HISTORICAL CONTEXT OF THE READING So that if it can infer a bigger understanding concerning the act to read, necessary if it makes a retrospect to the historical process of the reading, in order to perceive its evolution and characteristics in elapsing of the time. Until middle of century IV, the workmanships were written under the coil form, whose denomination was ' ' VOLUMEN' e, for its difficult manipulation, the movement of the lips became slow at the moment of the sonorous emission, what, therefore, it attributed to the pronunciation status of great importance, discarding itself it quiet reading for being considered an anomaly. Thus, the birth of the reading is associated with the sonorous emission of a text. &#039 appears in this century exactly; ' CONDEX' ' , with different format, where the leves were sewn between itself for the edges, having allowed one better manuscript and becoming the reading most dynamic in view of that the look covered the text with bigger freedom. In face of books to be manuscripts, at this time, they became rare a time that could not be multiplied e, thus, also were considered sacred objects, therefore congregated important texts on the sacred time. With century XVI the Press appears and, with it, the books had started to be spread, being that the Bible was the first one of them, receiving, also, hodiernamente, the vendido book position more in the world. No longer century XVII the publications of small books had been multiplied, mainly between the popular public, in countries as England, France and Spain. Ahead of this growth and the disposal for the reading, the traditional learning was threatened, therefore it was given in four years (one for the letters, one for the syllables, one for words and one for the phrases), discouraging those whose access to the knowledge was made it difficult.


How much to the ways, the research will be bibliographical, of field and study of case. Bibliographical, because for the recital theoretician-metodolgica of the work he will be carried through on the basis of material of publications how many to the planejamentos, action, segmentation and niches of markets, mannering communication channels and. As Cervo and Bervian (2002, P. 65), ' ' any species of research, in any area, assumes and demands previous a bibliographical research, wants for the survey of the state of the art of the subject, wants for theoretical recital or still to justify the limits and contributions of proper pesquisa' '. Given the importance of the bibliographical research for the assembly of the work, one became necessary to appraise it. Cervo and Bervian (2002, P. 65) define of ample form explaining that: The bibliographical research constitutes part of the descriptive research, when it is made with intention to collect information and previous knowledge concerning a problem for which if the bibliographical research looks to reply …

are half of formation par excellence and establish the basic procedure for the monographic studies for which if it searchs the domain of the state of the art on determined subject. Marconi and Lakatos (2006), complement regarding the bibliographical research have purpose are to place the researcher in direct contact with everything what it was written, said or searched on the subject. We are certain that a searches bibliographical it is essential it to be carried through study. According to Lakatos and Marconi (1991), field research is that one used with the intention to obtain knowledge and information, that are related to a question or problem, to have answers. The instrument of research selected for the attainment of the data was the questionnaire, on which Cervo and Bervian (2002, P. 48), point out that ' ' it is the form most used to collect given, therefore it makes possible to measure with better exactness what it is desired.

Occidental Person

We can see it as a fruit of the individualism occidental person in Brazil, exactly in the end of century XIX, period of great changes in Brazil, responsible for approaching it of modernity. Thus, we can not only appreciate the workmanship of this poet for its aesthetic quality, but also through a sociological bias. Here, Larry Ellison expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Cruz and Sousa are, without shade of doubts, more important Brazilian Simbolista poet, arriving also to be considered one of the representative greaters of this school in the world. Many critics arrive to affirm that if it was not its presence, the aesthetic Simbolista would not have existed in Brazil. Of a side, aspects meet nocturnal, inherited of the Romantismo as, for example, the cult of the night, certain Satanism, pessimism, anguish death. Already of another one, certain formal concern is perceived, as the taste for soneto, the use of fine vocbulos, the force of the images. In relation its workmanship, can be said despite it presents a evolutivo character, therefore deals with subjects until certain point personal as, for example, the suffering of the black that evolves for the anguish of the human being.

In such a way, having a vision of it lives deeply in such a way of Cruz and Sousa how much of Florbela, the reason is notable and as, and with that feelings both wrote, where if they inhaled to write, ' ' Because to write a poem? ' '. According to Florbela, the poet writes to express its reflections, its emotions, its vision of interior life or on the interior circulates that it, at last moves, it makes and it to live. In a letter of 14 of October of 1930, Florbela affirms ' ' not to know to make nothing more not to be versos' ' she is notable also in the explanation contained in soneto initial of ' ' Book of Mgoas' ' also in the poem ' ' Angstia' '.

Jose Chagas

He urged that each one invented its proper way. From there the multiplicity of trends that this production presents, if deals in set, today. However, it is not difficult to detect among ' ' diferenas' ' ' ' semelhanas' ' that in them they indicate the affinities, or better, the more operating cultural forces in those years. As ' ' semelhana' ' one of most joined registered: the concern with the poetical form, not to confuse with the formal perfection (of the Parnasianismo) and yes, ' ' the work with the word, the language as decisive elements of the creation, for being it true creator of the Realidade' ' . We find, also, the belief in the poetry as an almost absolute and indestructible human value with trend to the rationalism or the materialism, valuation of the daily one as essential support or hmus of the poetical creation, and the valuation of the poet as one to be ' ' diferente' ' , a mediator, par excellence, between the man and the true life, that one that he surpasses of the daily fugacidade, even so either in the daily one that it if materialize. Of this form he is that the Axe is characterized poetical of Nauro, receiving influence from the generation of famous poets as Drummond and Cabral, beyond countrymen as Jose Chagas, Blacksmith Gullar and Bandeira Tribuzzi; standing out that, exactly pertaining to one same generation, each poet treads for its proper way, making its literary world in accordance with the comment of the mundane things, transforming them into substance of its to make poetical. 4-A poetry of Nauro Axe: existence and memory Owner of a poetry that supports a lyricism vigorous, Nauro if keeps intent observer of the circumstantial problems of the world, elaborating, since ' ' Field without base' ' , 1958 a worthy poetry of reflection existencial and marked by a deep feeling of anguish. . Coupang may help you with your research.

Universal Cosmic Fluid

ESPIRITISMO and CINCIAImagine that, when having access the Internet today, you was come across with the following notice: Prize Nobel is granted to the scientists who had proven the existence of ' ' particle divina' ' , teorizada for the quantum physics. This discovery opened new routes to the humanity. The scientists had proven the existence of ' ' particula' ' in laboratory tests, concluding that it could be defined as a fluid responsible half-material for the life noplaneta Terra.A particle is derived from the Universal Cosmic Fluid. When of the death, it has its total extinguishing in the material bodies. Larry Ellison often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The medicine also was benefited very with this discovery, therefore the scientists had proven that the illnesses, of general form, present as characteristic the scarcity of this fluid in the weak agencies.

The fluid can be transmitted (donated and received) by a human being the outromediante the love feeling and becoming true and real use of ' ' vontade' ' in assisting to the next one and of being assisted. Allied to scientific evidence of the individuality of the soul and the suasobrevivncia after the death of the body and to the cases scientifically comprovadosda reincarnation, such discoveries, in its set, represents not apenasuma evolution of the human scientific knowledge, as well as opens a field of chances without precedents in the history of the humanity. Beyond approaching the science in a general way, it agreement daessncia of God, the medicine, psychology, the pedagogia, the philosophy, asociologia, had been among others affected directly in its bases of current knowledge. These recent discoveries also are impactando directly the concepts of ethics and the social relationships of very deep form. When becoming of knowledge and general domain, facts scientifically proven and unquestioned, such as the survival of the soul and the reincarnation, all the conceptual base that bases the social relations human beings, the economic relations, social classrooms and relations of work is being placed in xeque. It is a true quiet social revolution, without precedents and in linhacom the moral teachings left by the Cristo.Seria the potential constatao of facts of this nature that would have taken Kardec to affirm that ' ' thought faith is that one that faces the reason face aface in all the times of humanidade' ' that ' ' the espiritismo will have to always follow the evolution of all the branches of science, perfecting and adjusting its knowledge in the points that if to make necessrios' '? Even though in the here described hypothesis it would be the case of science to prove what the espritos had communicated the Kardec has 150 years more than …..


The book the ghost of the opera is one of the best workmanships that already I read. The Ghost of the opera is written by Gaston Leroux and adapted by Patriotic Daisy, and composition for twenty and six chapters and is based on a musical part whose sort is the drama. They say that this ghost existed yes but not as all think, it he was formed for skin deceased and it had parts skeleton as example in the hand, it is thus for a presumption has caused an accident. Gaston Leroux was born in day 6 of May of 1868, and has the ghost of the opera as its masterpiece. Other leaders such as Gary Kelly offer similar insights. Gaston grew in the port of Valry en Caux, and in its school he was a disciplined pupil very always gaining prizes and more prizes. When it was changed for Paris, attended a course the right university. Leroux died in 15 of April of 1927. Patriotic daisy was born in Rio De Janeiro, already she was teacher of literature in the University of Brasilia.

It has twenty books more than published as example: in the trams of the emotion and all dumb one with Duda, also history adaptou the ghost of the opera starts in the dressing-room of Sorelli, one of the main girls of the body of ball. Sorelli, small Jammes, Meg Giry and Cristine Daa if had locked in the dressing-room because they were hearing the voices of the ghost that already appears for the opera, and each one the way in a way. In the ceremony of farewell of the directors of the opera, Debienne and Poligny had occurred diverse controversial facts as the sumio of the girls of the ball body that somebody notices until the moment of it to enter, and the notice of the death of Jose Buquet, who was very dear in the opera.