Month: April 2012

Coordinator Questions

So that let us have the waited results, we need to develop our minds to think different, to enxergar what it is written by behind of the words, that stop we, pparently, has the same meant that the other people had identified. This is the secret, for example, to understand what it is written by backwards of the word Periodical, we can not only have another interpretation and ' ' Jornal' '. The periodical is the vehicle that goes to transmit the message, and alone we worry in them in transmitting through the same standardized research, ready questions, a long full avenue of questions, even so elaborated well, can not be the questions that serve of questionings for our company. Vocs can until thinking that such questions had been made for your company, I agree, you is seeing with its eyes and not with the ones of the receivers (Jornal+ista), the periodical is the sender, but the interested party is the Journalist, between the periodical and the journalist we have the journalism that practises he is it to collect, to write, to edit and to publish information. The Journalist in this metaphor the collaborators of its company are all, through its perceptions they will be able in giving spectacular contributions to them, them they are writing the history of its company, and they will only be able to offer the questions to you that will be part of its research.

If the answers are internally, logically that the questions also are internally. When the company formulates the questions that really are of interest of its collaborators, it starts to adopt a participativa communication, taking to the four cantos of the organization the satisfaction and the certainty of that, at least, we were heard. Some positions as: Leader, Manager, Head, Coordinator, Supervisor, among others, would have to accurately make what the position demands, that is, To lead, To manage, To command, To co-ordinate, To supervise, not to work, they are strategical positions, and for being strategical they will have that to work with the mind and not with the hands, they are the pensantes minds of the organization.