Month: July 2020

Worldwide Day

Madagascar signed the Convention on the 19 Moist soils of February of 1998. This agreement was developed to protect to these places that are the home of the incredible natural wealth, but also to protect the environment. Between the sites proposed in the company/signature in this agreement they are the Lake of Tsimanampetsotsa Betioky that extends on a surface of 45,604 hectares, four Lagos Antsahalova Manambolomaty of an extension of 7.491 hectares, the lake Alaotra Ambatondrazaka that is greatest of Madagascar, with a surface of 722,500 hectares of the fen Andasibe Torotorofotsy a surface of 9,993 hectares, the park deprived in Tsarasaotra Soavimasoandro, Tsiribihina Veil lake and to the river Nosivolo de Marolambo. These sites are some of the strongpoints of the sector of the tourism and to do/” title=” Madagascar” travels; > interesting Madagascarms travels. Every year, a spent day to celebrate the establishment in this agreement that was signed in Ramsar in India. And the celebration of this year has like subject ” the tourism in moist soils:. One experience nica” The objective is to educate to the public one on the importance of these moist soils for the development of the tourist sector. On the other hand the majority of the tourists, who visit the Great Island with a special interest in the natural wealth that is in these places..

Intellectual World

And how you have felt like with this of the death of David Sanchez Juliao. The truth truth is that it does not affect me for anything. For more information see this site: baby clothes. That type for me was not even writer. That answer in mouth of a narrator apprentice, professional in sciences of the language, university professor and candidate to magister in Literature of the Caribbean, disturbed to me excessively. If it had expressed it somebody that not only did not know the subject and to the personage, but would not even interest to him, some and until outside being expected would not have importance.

While the country, and mainly the personalities of the culture of the interior recognize the great loss that is the death of David Sanchez Juliao, many of the intellectual world of the department of Cordova are expressed with indifference on this great personage. And they cannot do it but from the lack of knowledge of his written and recorded work, and of its work like lecturer. If it had the opportunity it would comment that young person to him that I can accept to him that a great writer does not consider to David, but even say that " he is not even escritor" and I even can accept that not it writer considers, but that is not obstacle so that its great cultural and sociological contribution is clear, its mammoth one and quixotic work, against all odds, inside and abroad, for more than 30 years, like nobody, so that the world valued the Caribbean culture as it is, so that the costeos we accepted ourselves, we reaffirmed ourselves and we felt proud of being as we are; so that was worth we recognized it of its marvellous voice, its unique talent with the oralidad, its sharpness for humor, its pedagogical work in the classrooms, their conferences and factories, their recordings, in its interviews, in its appearances in mass media.

New World

Yalta, Gurzuf, Partenit, Alushta located in large semi-circular bays, bordered by cirque. Isolated coves around the edge – ownership of nudists. Bathing season from May 17 to October 23. Microsoft has compatible beliefs. Soft, warm sunny autumn. The expression "velvet season" appears at the beginning of the century here. South-eastern shore.

Coast from Alushta to Sudak – it's sand and pebble beaches at the mouths of swift mountain streams, separated by headlands with block-pebble beaches. Above the valleys of the picturesque villages are drawn from different fruits and vegetables, and special Parking for visitors Semidvore, Solnechnogorskoye, Malorechenskoye, Fishing and Marine. 'Their' beaches have sat Privetnoye and fun. New World is famous for romantic coves. In Sudak fortress is located directly under two-kilometer beach with an excellent 'slate' sand is dark gray, perfect for warm baths, and pebbles. Stone wonders exploding volcano Kara-Dag, and then Koktebel bay, the cradle of Russian nudism. For Cape chameleon in the Bay of the Dead filmed "White Sun of the Desert '.

On both sides of a deep sea cape jutting out into the Kiik-Atlama (p. Ordzhonikidze) are two large bays and several cozy coves. At 15 kilometers wide Feodosia sandy beach, flat bottom, rare storms and steady sunshine. Bathing season from May 23 to October 15. Kerch Peninsula. On the vast stretches of the Black Sea coast of the Kerch Peninsula beaches have the most convenient Mount Opuk. In the Kerch Strait, a lot of pocket beaches. Tobechikskogo from the lake and almost to the Strait stretches along Eltigen great beach, where you can go all day. In the city of Kerch – Karantinsky beach. At the Strait of nice beach with a. Landslide. Sea of Azov – hundreds of miles of virgin resort: Bay near the village of Bulganak Yurkino, deserted cove Reef, pouring Chokrakskoe mud lake near the village of Spa (former Russian Mom). The huge beach Kazantip bay, with its center at the station of Freshwater, the beaches near the villages capes, and the city Semyonovka Shelkino Arabatska at bay – all these great beaches alternate with pocket, solitary. From the village of Kamensk – a huge Arabatskaya arrow, 100 km Rakushechnoye golden sand washed by warm, shallow sea on one side and the other Sivash.

Land World

The Babylonian had pretension to have been commissioners to govern the world for errand the holy ghost. Babilnia was the corporificao of the incredulity in the true God and challenge to its will. Hewlett-Packard often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Its tower was a monument to the apostasia, a city in rebellion against the sovereignty of God. The Forbidden Knowledge was spread by the world. Gnesis 11: GOD DESTROYED THIS TOWER: When destroying it God had as objective to destroy a concentration of being able malignant that he intended to govern the world, independent of the Creative God. This happened, knows through other sources, after tremendous earthquake, that divided lands in continents that had been spread by the world, not having no linking between them. Before It had an only continent that it came if to break up dividing itself in what today is known as our Mundi Map. The occult Knowledge also was fracionado, almost lost.

So that it did not lose itself total, the survivors in each part of the world had formed small private groups, where they could continue cultuando its deuses, called masters, from who they received medinicamente, the such forbidden knowledge. They are forbidden because they move away in them from the true God. ' ' Destarte, from there exhausted them to Mr. for the surface of all Land; had ceased to build the city. The city received the name from Babel, because there the language of all confused you the land and from there Mr.

exhausted them for all surface of it ' ' Gen. 11:8 History: Between the old civilizations (Mayan, You crowd, Aztecs, Prsia, Egypt, the Scandinavians, etc.) we find in its histories and ancestral myths histories on the Dilvio, and the Tower of Babel. It proves, still, that they possess all, the same knowledge and religious and msticas beliefs, therefore they had been originated from the only source-Babilnia.

Oriental Flavor

Food is always going to be one of the main pleasures and enjoyments to be found in the lives of all people in the world. This is because the pleasant flavors and aromas immediately cause a good feeling in people, as a succulent food that enters the mouth, immediately causes a sensation of enjoyment and pleasure, so the food has great importance in people. Continue to learn more with: baby clothes. So you have to get the most out of the different foods that can be found in the world and one of the best meals that can be tested in many parts of the planet is Chinese food with its ancient tradition has achieved excellent flavors which are very pleasing to the palates not only of China but a large number of people around the world. Chinese food is one of the most complete and rich foods that can be found all over the world, since this food has gone through a long historical process of culinary tradition that has helped to achieve excellent flavors and thanks to this has been spread worldwide. Food China is a mixture of all those special foods made in different regions of China and then were extended to various parts of the world starting with Southeast Asia, through the whole continent of America coming to Europe. Chinese food is basically divided into two groups: “One is the group of starches which represents the basic or main meal dishes, which usually consists of rice, noodles or steamed buns. “The other is the side dish that is composed of general l vegetable or meat different tips.

As you can understand the way in which Chinese food is served is different from Western food, as it serves the opposite, since in most Western societies the main course is meat and starches and vegetables are a complementary part of animal protein. It should be emphasized that the only Chinese food ingredient that is a must and very important is the rice, you may serve in different ways and get different flavors but the rice in a good and typical Chinese food can not missing. Another typical aspect of Chinese food is served first solid foods such as rice, meat and vegetables and finally the soup is served, with another feature that differs from Western customs.

Natural And Supernatural World

The traditional knowledge can be defined as to know and knowing to make, regarding the natural and supernatural world, generated in the scope of the not urban society/verbally transmitted industrial and of generation in generation. One of the approaches that more contribute to study the knowledge of the traditional populations is the etnocincia, that has left of the linguistics to study the knowledge of the populations human beings on the natural processes, trying to discover underlying logics to the human knowledge of the natural world. Berkes & Folke (1998), uses the term traditional ecological knowledge to mention to a cumulative body of knowledge and beliefs, passed between the generations for cultural transmission, on the relation of the existence of its life (including human being), with other factors and its environment. The same authors use the traditional word to relate historical and cultural the continuity, recognizing that the society is constantly redefining what is considered ‘ ‘ tradicional’ ‘. The etnoecologia she is one disciplines in charge studying the conceptions, perceptions and knowledge on the nature, that the agricultural societies allow to produce and to reproduce the material conditions and spirituals of its social existence in the handling of its natural resources or ecosystems (TOLEDO, 1992). The same author standes out the forms of appropriation and creation of knowing of the populations regarding its natural environment, observing systems of knowledge of the natural world established by these productive practical populations and its. Batistella et al (2005), standes out that it is necessary to recognize the existence, between the traditional societies, of other forms, equally rational to perceive biodiversity, beyond the offered ones for modern science, considering that this knowledge assures the fast access the elementary information for scientific research, beyond giving subsidies to the local population in the defense of ‘ ‘ its lugar’ ‘. I begin it, the use of these products was established only in the popular knowledge passed of generation for generation.

However with passing of the years these knowledge come gaining each time more scientific character and this has only enriched the armory pharmaceutical and proven the veracity of the popular wisdom. Kupchan (1971) apud Ribeiro (1987), standes out is unquestionable that the natural products come contributing and very with the development of the pharmaceutical armory and the medical clinic in its diverse specialties. However what it calls attention for dangerous a curious situation and at the same time: the popular fact of the same plant to possess one or more names or of different plants to possess name the same. This cause confusion, from there the necessity of if knowing the plant well used, therefore many still can possess unknown toxic effect. Therefore the plants must be acquired of laboratories or people (razeiros etc) idoneous this guarantees quality and correct identification. The vegetable use for medicinal ends is old and comes more if accenting each time which had the deficiency of the health system, whose access presents diverse difficulties, between them the interminable lines to obtain a consultation and the high price of medicines (VIEIRA, 2003). In this direction the popular medicine is a natural and accessible alternative in such a way in the search of the definitive cure how much in the relief of momentneas pains. Therefore many are the populations that possess in its houses the calls medicinal yards, this custom are present mainly in old communities that still today preserve its traditions.

The World

To follow modinhas represents, without a doubt, an attitude of ' ' adolescente' ' , understood while that one that goes, not rare, for the majority, to impress a girl or simply not to be tachado of ' ' nerd' ' (as if this it was an offence) or of ' ' quadrado' ' (something that ' ' nerd' ' also it can be called)? or, still, for mere immaturity. It is not of if frightening, therefore, that a style of &#039 exists; ' msica' ' that &#039 is considered; ' sertanejo universitrio' ' , exactly being a vulgarization of the idea of university, understood while place par excellence for the culture of the spirit in its raised spheres more of criticidade, and this if of because it has many ' ' universitrios' ' vulgar that they use of ' ' ttulo' ' to cultivate the barbarity, that is, true preconizadores in &#039 become; ' alto' ' level of the vulgarity. At Kofax you will find additional information. Something essential it human being, and that the part obtains to perceive and to live, is a species of maintenance of ' ' illusions cotidianas' ' , to know, something that the individual moves to act stimulated for that many can consider madness, or mere illusion. What it happens, however, is that for the fact of each one being one, exactly being inserted in an institution, each person will keep certain singularidades that if become insignificant the one eyes third. But one ' ' illusion cotidiana' ' it does not mean to live in the error or the mere acriticidade, visualizing it while sign of mere submission the external parameters, something very common to said ' ' cowboys of posto' '. ' ' Illusion cotidiana' ' it is a concept that says very on the life: what it is significant for one can be insignificant for another one. A critical attitude, in turn, would live the radicalidade of the not-tried one as an inherent fact to the human being. What this means? That each one is one and that is impossible to live deeply everything above all, due to this, to know itself here it is limited (' ' radicalidade' ') for the lack of experiences, not suppressing ' ' outro' ' , estereotipando it, true position becomes critical: the proper one to act of the part that is not incased. why still &#039 has this; ' not if encaixa' '? Exactly for the latent social acriticidade that if believes in the center of the world when, in the truth, it does not know nor what he is ' ' centro' ' nor what he is ' ' mundo' '.

Europe Consumption

This family much measured each bowl of water and think twice before consuming it. Today marks the world day of water, but there is little to celebrate. Others including Oracle 4Q, offer their opinions as well. The proposal of several Latin American countries, Spain and Switzerland declared access to water as a human right failed yesterday in the World Water Forum (FMA), which takes place in Istanbul, in the absence of consensus. Water costs money, why not been declared human right, since (this statement) could create problems, he explained with disappointment Hasan Sarikaya, Ministry of environment of Turkey a that must be added the average consumption of water per capita in the United States is approximately 2000 m3, while in Niger it is 41 M3. Only 1% of the world reserves of water is in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. At first glance, the water present in the continents seems abundant, but in reality, it is not. The ground water reserves are they are distributed thus: oceans and seas (97%), polar ice caps and glaciers (2%), groundwater (0.75%), and rivers and Lakes (0.25%).

Only 1% of the total number of the planet’s water is freshwater; the rest is sea water, is stored in the basement or in the form of ice. Addition, there are several threats over water, as for example that the population for the year 2025 will be about 9,000 million inhabitants, industry consumes almost 25% of reserves, that urbanization with consequent deforestation produces a reduction in precipitation and unsustainable agriculture consumes vast amounts of water among others.There are more than 31 countries in the world with serious problems of water shortage and there are more than 1,000 million people who have us drinking water for drinking. Furthermore, what is more serious is that 80% of the diseases that affect the inhabitants of the countries of the third world are acquired by drinking water unfit for consumption. Very interesting what indicates,, that since 1950, the water consumption in all the world has tripled by far, which added to its scarcity and pollution, confronts us with one of the biggest problems with which mankind must deal in the next few years. If oil is completed today, the world and those who inhabit it, could continue its existence, but if fresh water is depleted, machines and engines will not only stop, but that it would be extinguished all life on the planet. Many might be wondering reasonably what we care? If approximately the parts of the Earth is covered with the liquid element. While this is true, the usable portion is negligible, since only 2.10% of the total is fresh water, and of that percentage should we deduct that contained in the polar icecaps, eternal snows and glaciers that occupies 1.52% of the total, thus leaving a usable remnant in rivers and Lakes of 0.58% of the Earth’s surface.

The World

The one that not of account that has finished a time never will be able to initiate another one. The failure of the ideologies was due to the totalitarian attempt to surround history, the nature and the life. We must do us of a kind pragmatism to the incitements of the present and the challenges of the circumstances having in the hand the answers of a renewed political philosophy. The accumulation of facts and more doing to the one than force this present to us of transition demands thought. The unitary origin of forces us to the life to the conception of a global humanism towards a comunitarismo of understanding and acceptance of the diversity.

The diversity of the world forces to us to revalue solidarity in a great gesture of brings back to consciousness. We have pending debts to settle: the intercultural dialogue, the admission and the respect of the differences, the rupture of ballasts to the old woman forms of political organization. The man of this time lives the rupture with a world that staggers. It is necessary to give answers him assuming that the thought is a reality form. The political theory must, then, face the 21st century. Perhaps the emptiness comes from the application to political sciences of the principle of which what empirically it was not demonstrated it would be outside meaning. A plurality of angles of view is necessary that the urgency to find a certainty buried.

No longer a homogenous corpus is required, which is required is a fluid and permanent interchange of diverse understandings. Some speak to offer not a systematic but symptomatic glance. We speak on a reality, not on the immortality of the crab. He is what others they denominate the theorising of the policy and the politicalization of the theory. For that reason we spoke of the problems of the world. It must have a relation between the political theory and the operation of the democracies, is necessary to give a common answer to the daily exigencies of the democracy, for the very simple reason that the globalisation has had a particular effect: all the men, largely, they have faced the same problems, which stops nothing takes to the forgetfulness of the particularitities, those that, on the contrary, become when asking recognition policies manifest. Without democratic thought renewed the tendency he will be strong to the confrontation and the totalitarianism.

Our World

I do not know what he can happen Has a moment where we have to recognize But I still believe that the light will go to shine When I see furor in such a way even with who is you give to be born the violence of that in God they seem to disbelieve People suffering without joy from living Still I believe that the peace we can conceive! The violence with that badly they can walk the intolerncia with who only desires the happiness to reach the hatred of people who desire if to avenge and that they kill without thinking the badness motivated for intrigues familiar the corruption in a nation where people do not have a home In the world of the drugs children start to enter the nature human being start if to desorientar. The society is falling and starts if to denigrate States with the violence they start to restrain Until its better friend can in its face cuspir In shady times we live as if we do not fossemos to leave As can a child if prostituir? How can impunity still exist? Peter Ferrer pedro@ Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Facebook. . .