Month: November 2012

Northwest Savings Bank

Compared with the II quarter of 2007, this year, mortgage lending for the II quarter increased by 1.5 times. According to the St. Petersburg Mortgage Agency: 5574 loan had been issued from April to June, amounting to 14.6 billion rubles. In comparison with I quarter of the number and volume of mortgages has not changed, although last year for the three months the market has doubled. Central Bank, without regard to the results of certain subsidiaries, issued in the I quarter of mortgage loans worth 12.3 billion rubles. In II quarter will be about the same as predicted Anna Ivanova, Head of Public Relations of the St. Petersburg branch of the credit broker “Fosborn Home.” According to her, because of rising property prices growth growth has slowed.

During the first half of 2008, housing prices in the primary market increased by an average of 28% in the secondary – 20%. Potential in the mortgage market is high, its development impeded by the high prices and limited purchasing power, says Sergey Milutin – Head of the St. Petersburg Mortgage Agency. With the help of a mortgage loan is made about 20% of transactions involving the acquisition of housing, he estimates. The average loan amount, according to agency, is 2.54 million rubles.

Leadership is retained by the Northwest Savings Bank, a 20% increase in the number of loans for three months, and their volume – by 40%. In second place – “VTB 24”, retaining virtually unchanged their indicators. “We do not experience any difficulties with funding, in the second quarter, we experienced reduced customer flow, but by opening two additional centers and mortgage lending continue to work with existing managed to hold them “- said Tatiana Khobotova, head of mortgage and consumer crediting of the branch” VTB 24 “. But the Bank “Saint Petersburg”, who held second place, reduced the issuance of mortgage loans nearly 450 million rubles. The Bank operates in accordance with the approved development strategy and plan has now been exceeded, the press service quoted Paul Filimonenkov, deputy chairman of board of bank “St.-Petersburg”. Halved volumes of mortgages for the investment bank “KIT Finance”, has maintained a 4th place in the ranking. In St. Petersburg, the dynamics of mortgage loans has slowed, it is connected with the general market conditions, including the rising cost of housing, but Data volumes are acceptable, according to a press service Anastasia Frolov, Managing Director, “KIT Finance”. According to her, the bank determined the optimal amount that is ready to give in on mortgage loans programs, it is responsible goals, both in terms of business development, and in terms of future securitization and subsequent sale of mortgages. Banks, who have to work on the scheme of refinancing forced to cut back, said Milutin. Many banks have difficulty borrowing in international markets, so that state-owned banks that have access to cheaper resources in the domestic market are more advantageous position, says Ivanov. Banks with state capital intensified for them not only to mortgage business perspective, but also a social project, I’m sure Filimonenok. For a private bank mortgage interest only in the long term further securitization, it is unlikely that it will be possible in the next few years, he notes.

World Know

The base of a happy marriage is when each person in the marriage feels successful like an individual (Not like pair). How you feel, she will have a great impact in the happiness of your marriage So instead of to try to convince your husband that it likes, Why not to trust you to feel special? When assuming the responsibility of your emotions, you have taken the first step to save your marriage, thus your husband does not want to do it. Your bonds much, you are one in a million, you do not allow that the cirscunstancia or the society says to you that to do or as you must of sentirte. Now already you know it, you are not like the thousands of women around the world who do not know this, your you have a great advantage since you know already it, now is only question to apply it. Hazlo, you are not only like the women who continue crying and complaining their spouses, and do not make anything to reclaim them, they do not do anything is why their marriages fail.

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Senhorita Family

Cade everything? He is all lost one, the traditions, the term ' in familia' he was pra backwards, well pra backwards. Parties that had intention to congregate and to celebrate now had become capitalizaton reason. Gift pra this, pra that, pra someone, pra ciclano. Our world arrived in a point where who does not run, it does not earn. Already more are not worried about the day of the mothers, of the parents much less the Christmas.

in this wave of only liking commemorative dates because of the recesses and gifts, children go attending of berth an excellent example to them. thus, to each generation that comes, this situation alone increases, and the ones that follow everything as it orders the figurino are called ' put ricos' or simply put. It is impressive to see what the man obtains to make, old in the day of the mothers went pra house of the mothers, to make a lunch or one supper in homage that warlike woman. Nowadays if of the present one, when of. In the day of the parents also, if the family congregated or leaves to take a walk and nowadays, perhaps present even though nowadays the families nor it has father, the mothers are generally single and live alone or with the parents then she is not known very of this date. in the Christmas. The time prettiest of the year, where everything is more harmonious, the ammor and the affection increase between the people, families if they before join and they celebrate true sensible of the Christmas, that is the birth of Jesus.Bom, this age, why now until the store they are open until later so that the people can buy more. It is, probably daqui to some years the store can have rotation of employees and be open 24 hours people more still to buy them. is better if to accustom therefore only goes to get worse.

Cursed Angel

The image really has the one look contemplativo and directed toward low, and seems to state a feeling ambiguous enters the possibility of some occured thing, or gives to happen. He is one now that it depends before on the one or of the one later existing as essence of a moment. thus, I am launched again the readings of Walter Benjamim on history and to its cited thesis more; thesis IX makes aluso to the angel of Paul Klee, that has its face directed toward the past and enxerga an only catastrophe, that without ceasing accumulates rubbles and it hurls them its feet; it ' ' it would like to delay themselves, to awake deceased and to join destroos. But of the paradise it blows a storm that if became entangled in its wing and is so strong that the angel cannot more close them. To this it irresistibly impels it storm for the future, for which of the coasts, while the rubble accumulated one ahead of it grows until the sky.

What we call progress tempestade.&#039 is this; ' The thesis, beyond having predictive dimension, ahead locates in them of the deep crisis of the modern culture; for Benjamim the quintessncia of the hell is the perpetual repetition of the same (Ssifo and Tntalo); repetition that all the society is ece of fish in our times; society dominated for the merchandise submits it the repetition, to ' ' always igual' ' disfarado in newness and fashion: in the mercantile kingdom, ' ' the humanity seems convicted to the penalties of inferno' '. But, Benjamim not only demystifies the progress fixing the look marked for a deep and inconsolvel pain, but also for a deep moral revolt; Benjamim explicit criticizes the positivista behavior of the evolucionismo description that the humanity through the progress to the triumph of the reason leads route to the conscience of the freedom. Michael Lwy, Walter Benjamim: acknowledgment of fire, 2007. He occurs that this people seems to be more under the look of the angel of Schiller (calm and glad) that he observes the activities of a pacific people whom if he innocently feeds of the milk of its flocks; of what of the desperate angel of Benjamim. ' inlibertos' they continue buying that gasoline or that car will change that them of life Cursed coyotes! Benjamim seems to be certain, the angel of history is impotent withholds the storm; the catastrophe still is possible, if, probable, not to be that (- Silence! The coyotes are observing).

For Morin

In the societies dominated for organic solidarity it has a reduction of this collective conscience because the individuals are differentiated. Therefore, in these last ones, in opposition to the first ones, it occurs a weakness of the collective reactions against the breaking of the social prohibitions and has, especially, a bigger edge in the individual interpretation of the social imperatives. (Durkheim) the taking of conscience of our terrestrial roots and our planetary destination is a condition necessary to carry through the humanity and to civilize the Land. In this direction the terrestrial reenraizamento is in same itself a purpose.

Everything is on: the elaboration of our terrestrial purposes needs the knowledge and recognition cosmic ours dasein, of our terrena identity, our antropolgica condition, the planetary age of iron. (MORIN, Edgar. (Anne Brigitte Kern). Land-native land, CAP. IV? p 105) the life is a beam of resultant emergent qualities of the process of interactions and organization between the parts and all; this emergent beam retroacts on the parts, interactions, processes, partial and global had produced that it.

(MORIN, Edgar. Science with conscience, CAP. 5? p 261 and 262) For Morin, we discover that we have a habitat that in them it is consubstancial: our matrix, the Land. To our eyes, the concepts of ‘ ‘ Terra’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ Natureza’ ‘ they form one all. Thus ‘ ‘ The man is in the nature; the nature is in homem’ ‘. Durkheim also defends the primate of the society on the individual where the societies have historical priority on the individuals and where the societies have logical priority on the individuals, because if solidarity mechanics it precedes organic solidarity, not if it can explain the social differentiation from the individuals, therefore the individuality conscience cannot exist before organic solidarity of the division of the social work.