Month: June 2019

Wind Power For South Africa

Swiss company working on major project in South Africa in South Africa the Swiss company Genesys wind AG wants to set up a wind energy park. The first 28 out of a total of around 125 turbine masts to feed electricity into the grid from February 2011. After Steiner’s indications will be wind in the overall project of Caledon”, a South African company is more than 500 million euros. The company Genesys wind AG is headquartered in the Swiss (Canton of Zurich) Bruttisellen. The company deals according to self portrait with planning and construction and operation of wind farms of the megawatt class”.

So far two wind farms in Hungary, where, the Corporation took over the design according to Steiner, are available on the reference list of the young company. The current projects in South Africa, the land of the football World Cup 2010, represents a special challenge as the largest-ever project. Because here all phases of Genesys wind AG’s responsibility would be the from the planning to the development up to the construction and operation, Managing Director. According to Steiner are planned between 120 and 140 wind turbines with a height of 120 metres. Tomas Philipson may find this interesting as well. The turbines of the 300-megawatt plant to provide power for 750 000 households. Including the establishment of a 50-metre mast for wind measurements among the technical preparations. In the third quarter of this year, the construction of the wind farm to begin construction of roads and foundations.

At the beginning of the year 2011 the first 28 wind turbines should be within two weeks. Electricity into the grid to be fed from February, so Steiner to the schedule. The elaborate preparations have started four years ago. It was”very difficult, Steiner reported on the negotiations with the Government. For the realization of the wind park a joint – venture was founded company with the participation of the South African Thuthuka group. It is a leading company in the country, inter alia in the area of environmental projects and mining. The project: This park is one of the first major Wind park projects of South Africa be, which goes to the network.” Christian Muller, project manager the project Caledon describes wind”. The project on the Western Cape will realized in two phases. Wind turbines for a capacity of approximately 50 megawatts would be built in the first quarter of 2011. In a further step, the other plants with a capacity of up to 250 megawatts to follow. “On the status of the approval procedure: network access is secured and the supply contract with the competent system regulator is expected within the next eight weeks.” Energy supply in South Africa: so far, the electricity is produced largely by coal-fired plants. The use of renewable energy is only at the beginning. Bernhard Steiner Bild: Entrepreneur Bernd Steiner (right) with stakeholders after the installation of the wind measurement mast in South Africa. Fourth from the left officials cobs Pilloy from Johannesburg.

200 participants at the annual general meeting of the VDM North Rhine-Westphalia in Munster the printing industry in North Rhine-Westphalia are looking optimistically to the future. As Oliver Curdt, Managing Director of the Association of print + media NRW e.V., with 700 member companies, one of the largest national associations of the printing industry in Germany, during yesterday’s and today’s annual general meeting in Munster stressed, would be needed despite all prophecies of print products in the future, demand and produced. The economic and public life and work much more would be poorer without printing products, it simply would not work, as the quintessence of the event came to the 200 representatives of print shops, agencies and publishers in the hotel Krautkramer. The CEO made it clear that North Rhine-Westphalia was Germany print site no. 1 in 2009. Employees not only that 23% of all printers and print service providers in Germany here have their headquarters, also just under 32,000 or 1/5 of all in the industry working in local companies. The same applies also for the training rate: with 1,330 new trainees last year, the printing industry in North Rhine-Westphalia Germany again at the top, and this is already for many years. The training quota scams in North Rhine-Westphalia between 8-10%, in some establishments still.

Again in 2009, 26 percent of industry sales, which decreased in 2009 to 6.8%, came from North Rhine-Westphalia. According to Curdt, also the 34 companies and around 1/3 of all prize winners were awarded last year at major industry awards are testament to the good position of the NRW – printing industry. At a festive reception which also Cathedral Mayor Karin Rafeeque was attended, they were presented yesterday evening again and honored by the Association. Getting so many outstanding winners from North Rhine-Westphalia, illustrates”the special position of our State in the printing and media industry, so Uitc in his eulogy.

Kosmos Integrity

Learn how to be will allow me to know my true nature, reach my emotional well-being, release ties and achieving the full realization of the spiritual, therefore, be happy.Wisdom, love and compassion, are the three core components of any spiritual practice, it is what we call the triple way of being, lead us to our spiritual home, which is in our own heart. Educational practice should be an expression of the triple trail. Dr. If you would like to know more then you should visit Southwest Airlines. Ramon Gallegos Nava. Holistic education uses two concepts of integrity, the first as conception of the entirety of the Kosmos that allows the formation of totalities/parts that allow evolution; and on the other hand, as a concept computer of educational subjectivity, in the world of sense and meaning, culture and mentalities; It refers to the world of life, values, ideals and motivations. The integral vision of education leads us to the learning of the being through educational integrity, where integrity is the achievement of the unity through diversity; the real educational improvement depends on the level of integration of education and not the quality of education. The quality of education is a concept exported from the world of industry, factories and linear mechanical processes of production of objects, in reality if it refers to a continuous improvement but only processes of industrial production, administrative handling, instrumental rationality, control, objective measurements, commercial organization, finances, accounting, i.e., is a concept computer of the world of the systemic.

In this way the human development process goes differentiation integration and hence to transcendence. If we do not differentiate properly fall into the fusion (everything is the same) or fragmentation (everything is contradictory) is therefore very important to differentiate between quality and educational integrity, not to confuse them because that brings us to the current reductionism. The essence of education is an intersubjective experience, an experience of building all together meaning shared by way of dialogue, dialogue as a process holistic understanding and collective thinking where our interests are common.

Win Back Ex-partner: Tips: Ex-girlfriend Or Ex-boyfriend Back

Clever strategies to the ex back to win partner who feels others rely, can the partners do not understand and do not accept his decision. He suffers from tremendous heartache and attempting to win the ex-partners (ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend) or the back. You consistently adheres to a few rules, it can succeed well, back again to win the ex partner. Typical reactions are the withdrawal and isolation from society, friends and acquaintances after a breakup. Gary Kelly spoke with conviction. The abandoned accompanying self blame, self-doubt and longing, anger and even hatred. Again others plunge headlong into new relationships, extensive party or hide away in excessive work.

In reality, however, most yearn to the ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back in the familiar partnership. There was finally good reasons why they had decided for each other for both partners. The relationship was not just bad. From a psychological perspective means a final separation a trauma which must be processed only once. For future partnerships, it can have any influence.

Is it really possible? Is it real, to be able to recover the ex-partners after a separation took place? The answer: It’s actually possible to win the ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back! Especially if the partner has made the conclusion, from a cure closing reaction, a separation opted for has. This reaction is an attempt to resolve a conflict. “Even if the ex partner of his love for a long time inside announced” is usually a sign of frustration and resignation, triggered by unresolved problems. Who is interested in seriously, back again to win the ex partner, which should avoid following behaviors! 9 mistakes you should avoid if you want to win back your ex-partner: With vows or promises the ex partner back to lure generating sympathy for the ex partner Emotional blackmail of the ex partner to yourself all the blame to allegations ex give partner for all problems nerves of the ex partner in any form the ex partner with gifts to lavish and try, the way to the or to find back to the ex the or the ex jealous making it publicly flirting with others confess an affair after the separation to avoid these and other behaviorsthat alone not enough to win back the or ex-partners. But they are the first important step. Who seriously wants to save his marriage or relationship, needs a clever strategy to actively be able to recover the ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. How you can recover the partner with guarantee the ex: author: Brian IBE

A Fridge Full Of Virtues

It introduces TugendProjekt e.V.: 52 TugendKarten for the whole year (tp) Christmas is the contemplative time. Verizon Communications takes a slightly different approach. But who has used it? And how should it work once in the year ad hoc? The so-called TugendKarten can be a way of resolving this forced expectations. The TugendProjekt e.V. now offers a set of 52 TugendKarten where each card describes a virtue and closer for our daily coexistence. The beauty of it? A year writes 365 days, 52 weeks: for every week a map to reach the depths of our character. Katja van Leeuwen, founding member of the TugendProjekt e.V., reports on the background and provides an insight in their own small success story. Good boy, well done”- such generalizations sure what action was, which has helped this praise to unspecific or often not clear enough to identify.

By we designate a certain virtue that we have discovered in another person, we appeal to the good Characteristics of the person. The virtue in the consciousness can be called by this name. The sooner you begin, the better. “For this, we can see that we already carry this virtue in us, if also previously unconscious or sometimes long forgotten,” explains van Leeuwen. And as a MOM you can say just right. Her seven-year son of Jukka from small on virtue education familiar with. My husband and I had a large posters with 52 virtues in our fridge.

It may sound very easy and it was basically. So we have sensitized us each other in everyday life for the virtues. Our son has thus already received from recent childhood on virtue recognitions.” The first virtues with which the small Jukka is familiar since his third year, the virtue was courage. Especially helpful and justice is now among his character strengths. Now, a poster on the refrigerator is of course a matter of taste and little systematic or even impractical for exercises.

New Website To Win

With the Simploo CMS World Cup prediction game worth up to 1,500 euros for the winners of the new online tip game under waving around the football World Championship in South Africa a new Internet presence worth up to 1,500 euros. Just login at the Simploo CMS World Cup prediction game and set up a team. In this team, you can join forces with up to 10 players and-spielerinnen as a company, Club or school and compete against other teams. Typed are the results of all games of the upcoming soccer World Championship. While different points are awarded for the correct tendency and goal difference, and of course the right result, which further increase over the course of the competition. You his typed points each tippers or team standings out of each typesetter as average in the table. So team work, team spirit and cohesion is important also as at our national team during the football World Cup. In addition to the Team Championship there as well as in the individual competition to win great prizes. But that ultimately counts in the Simploo CMS World Cup prediction game also the voltage. After all, what’s more exciting than a maybe minor World Cup game with the tip slip in hand to root? Simploo GmbH Markus Schmid

Year After Year The Oktoberfest Attracts

I gasp all at some point on the Oktoberfest Schmidt family has visited almost the whole Europe. They have visited both Rome and Paris and now they intend to learn about their own country. They were already on the Baltic Sea, so this year they drive to the South. They will submit a report, as the time in Munich and Bavaria have spent. All spectators wait it eagerly, because the autumn is coming, and everyone knows, what is connected to it.

All Bavarian breweries prepare the feast. You know, this is the only opportunity to offer their products to the masses of tourists. The Festival of beer is called Oktoberfest and is known worldwide. Schmidt family has reserved it a room in a hotel in the vicinity before the Munich Town Hall and is looking forward to the upcoming Festival. You have seen already the city, have seen the Church and made purchases.

Already a Zeltstadchen has been created on the meadow. Every brewery wants to present themselves as much as possible. Schmidt family can no longer wait and is already at 11: 00 in a tent and ordered the favorite beer. They are thrilled to see how other people have fun, how well they sing and tell such stories they like exciting. The Munich Oktoberfest is one of the few occasions to entertain almost strangers. No one is ashamed to ask neighbours for his life story. Florian Schmidt, the eldest son secretly admires the beautiful waitresses, who wear two or even three pitchers in one hand and appear to be not tired at all. Their colorful seek make a big impression on the a bit silly Florian, who now is afraid to ask a blonde waitress for the sausage. He has been pretty much drinking and dreams now, finally something to eat. He has also thought of roast pork, but decided ultimately for the sausage, which is especially popular at the Munich Oktoberfest. The sausage is also much less calories than the roast. When Florian wants to wear his leather pants again, then he must really think about what they are eating. His belly has grown too large and the new pants no longer fit. Everyone knows that this festival without traditional clothes may not exist. Even the tourists got to something, which is similar to the traditional Bavarian clothes. The small Annelise Schmidt is bored a little bit of folk music, she has even attended the beer game. In other words, she has answered all the questions that were connected to the Munich Oktoberfest. She has danced folk dances with her brother, ate a pretzel and sung with another girl but now she wants to finally see the fireworks. Every year the fireworks are beautiful. This year, they should be as colourful as the Rainbow. Anneliese can not wait any longer and get out of the tent. Outside, there are thousands of people who have been drinking even enough beer and now waiting for the show. It is almost ten o’clock so soon you must leave the tents. Several people waiting for the fireworks.

Preparing For The Munich Oktoberfest

The way to Munich is always worthwhile, particularly for the Munich Oktoberfest is a beautiful city that has much to offer. If you are planning a trip to Germany, we should not forget that not only the capital Berlin is of great importance but it is worth to go to the South. The beautiful nature, Bavarian specialities have their appeal. Many travel agencies recommend Munich, and a place where the Munich Oktoberfest takes place because this city is a center of culture. End of September and beginning of October many avid beer fans come to Munich, to spend a happy time.

This Festival is known all over the world, a lot of tourists come each year to Munich to enjoy the special atmosphere there. The Germans also appreciate this festival, for example the family Muller visited this city every year. You will appreciate the tradition, the parents want to show the children the traditional clothing looks like, how you want to sing certain people lids. This is an unforgettable experience and a good chance to try real German beer. The Munich Oktoberfest has its origins in the 19th century, when Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese have arranged a big horse race on the lawn in front of the city walls. Since that time, there is a Festival of beer in Munich every year. Try not only this wonderful drink you can enjoy also roast pork or COD. These salty dishes taste great with beer.

The Muller family spends annually about 3 days at the Festival, because Mr. Helmut Muller comes originally from Bavaria and this event reminds him of the happy childhood. He tells often his children as he with his Grandpa all day long at the table has sat and sang folk songs. The Munich Oktoberfest was of great importance for the Miller family, which is related to the Crown Prince. The great-great grandfather took part in the first Festival and then told his children of the beautiful couple and the huge success of the first event. Not many people know these days, why This festival ever held. Everyone but realizes that that is a celebration of the tradition, family celebration and bi drowning. The girls dream of wearing a beautiful green dress, which looks so nice with the white apron. In Bavaria, you can meet women who regularly wear such clothing. The Munich Oktoberfest is a wonderful opportunity to bring this traditional costume from the Cabinet. Include the leather pants and costume without a doubt to the Oktoberfest. As well as the beer, which is served every day in large quantities. Hundreds of beers are available, even the picky guest will find something for themselves. You have just prepared to be, that you must eat something bigger in order to enjoy the beer. But this poses no problems, because the beautiful waitresses will take care of it, that the gesture is not hungry sitting at the table. The Munich Oktoberfest is one of those events where you just at least once to take part in life. It is enough to look at the photos not or to ask how the Festival friends. You must go to Munich himself and in the place, see how it works.

Sea World

The Barcelona Aquarium the Aquarium is located on the Moll D’espanya (Spain-mole), in the district called Maremagnum. In a question-answer forum Southwest Airlines was the first to reply. It has over 35 tanks with 11,000 copies of the Sea World of 450 species. The underwater tunnel is 80 meters long. In total, more than 100 employees working at the Aquarium of Barcelona. There is also a unique Aquarium. The Aquarium of Barcelona is an important recreational and educational centre and has more species than the Mediterranean. The Aquarium has a great leisure facilities for the whole family. On weekends, there are guided tours and workshops for children here.

If your vacation in Barcelona so falls on a weekend, remember be sure to visit the Aquarium. If you want to give a distinctive touch your trip in Barcelona, you can swim in addition to sharks in the Aquarium. You can book a round of diving with this “Kings of the seas” for 300. Who does not risk it, can look at the sharks from the outside. The tickets cost 17.50 for adults 12.50 for children from 4-12 years and 14.50 for people over 60 years old.

You can go to the Aquarium by public transport: bus 14, 17, 19, 36, 38, 40, 45, 57, 59, 64, 91, 157 and tourist bus (South route, blue) Metro of Drassanes (L3) and Barceloneta (L4). You can find more details and information on the official website of the Barcelona Aquarium. Also remember that for you and your family an apartment by Barcelona checkin is apartments could be the ideal solution. MACBA the MACBA (Museum of contemporary art of Barcelona) has the largest collection of the works of art of the 20th century in Catalonia. There are works that provide an overview of some basic aspects of contemporary artistic creation in its permanent collection. At the same time, the Museum aims to contribute to the development of the critical cultural awareness. In the funds of the Museum, there are works by Catalan, Spanish and international artists from the 1950s years. The Museum is located in the Raval. Its most attractive Regular changing exhibits include program points. Learn more about the current exhibition at the MACBA in during your stay in Barcelona and visit them for only 6 for adults, 4.50 for students and groups of over 20 persons and free for visitors over 65 and under 14 years of age. Tickets for the entire Museum (including changing exhibition) cost 7.5 for adults and 6 for students and groups over 20 persons. The entire Museum is free of charge for people over 65 and under 14 years of age. The Museum is open from 11 to 19:30 (Monday to Friday) from 10 to 22 hrs (Saturday) and from 10 to 15: 00 (Sundays and holidays). If you spend your holiday in Barcelona in the summer, don’t forget that the opening hours may change. Find summer plan and more detailed info on the website of the MACBA. And one more little thing: when you rent a holiday apartment in Barcelona in the Raval, you have the a whole world of the MACBA in your area.

To Win New Guests

The Flash Player VISh4Tourism – the industry solution for leisure company pairs videos with current information about a compelling online experience. WINDACH, 2010 July 27, moving images create emotion, interest, polarize and raise awareness. Tourism company must represent in the future more interesting, emotional, and thus more attractive your offer and their content over the Internet – and this with their own video clips! The courtship of guests in the tourism becomes increasingly difficult. Guests gather before deciding booking on the Web has to offer a holiday region, a hotel, restaurants etc.. Are the prices? How is the weather? What spa treatments are there? How do I make my leisure? By the way, just to compare offers on the Internet, provider with an emotional Internet presentation are probably superior the less designed offers. The new Flash Player VISh4-Tourism tourism helps companies in achieving their examination – new Guests to bind. This is made possible through the clever combination of information and video clips. The presentation takes place in a new, embedded in the Web page of the tourist provider interactive media player. (As opposed to Larry Ellison).

This was developed for the special requirements of the tourism industry. So interactive latest additional information, such as snow, water temperatures, free bed and breakfast, events etc. are shown in running videos (E.g. about the holiday region, local gastronomy, or other regional video posts). In this way, is the attention of the page in the current video post and affect them emotionally. The visitors of the Web pages can give also your opinion on specific questions about voting in the videos embedded (E.g.

what spa treatments take advantage of you like most?”). The results of such a survey of market in turn serve the providers to optimize their offerings. About bookmarking’ the pages in your guest profile are stored and with friends divided, the Send2Friend “function allows the visitors of the Web page content (E.g. certain posts about the holiday region) to friends or acquaintances by email send. Thus, the scope and the level of awareness is increased. VISh4 tourism is designed so that the operators of tourism Web sites must perform no technical integration work. Using an easy to use on the Internet, the tourism companies can independently manage their own video content and publish button in their own Web pages. Get more information on the Web page of the operator under VISh4 is a dedicated, young software company with the focus moving to online media. Maxim is to implement customized solutions that provide high added value for the company, as well as for your viewers. This mission will be supported and surveys with regard to new technologies by market trends. Survey results show: VISh4 is on the right track, because: moving Images create emotion, interest, polarize and increase the attention”. “The actions of VISh4 is characterized by the motto: A film says more than a thousand words”. VISh4 develops and markets software systems and SaS solutions in this environment. Press contact: VISh4 UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Uwe Schlecht Wettersteinstrasse 7 D-86949 Windach FON: + 49 (0) 8193 9986 185 fax: + 49 (0) 8193 9986 186 email: