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In this case, 'male' sperm, as a more agile, quicker to achieve the goals. Connect with other leaders such as Sir Richard Branson here. It was later published several studies proved the absence of the effect of time of sexual intercourse on the sex of a child, and thus – failure of the method, it based. Moreover, the method of Whelan, for example, directly contradicted the method Shettlsa and offered to women to conceive a boy to have sexual intercourse for 4 – 6 days before the expected increase in basal body temperature, and for girls to have sex Act 2 – 3 days before it combined with the consumption of certain foods. It is obvious that those who believe in planning for baby's sex before conception, not only did not diminish, but it becomes more and some businessmen simply can not resist not to meet this growing demand. In foreign Internet sites you can find a dozen companies that sell kits for the application of the method Shettlsa and its modifications. These kits contain Quick strips for measuring ph vaginal environment, test for ovulation, vaginal soul to change the ph in both acidic and the alkaline side, as well as nutritional supplements.

This included detailed instructions on how, when and what to do, and users are encouraged not just strictly and fully comply with these instructions, otherwise, as you can imagine, the result is exactly the opposite. If it did, despite compliance with recommendations was obtained a boy, but do not want a girl, or vice versa, companies are willing to return your money, which apparently is already incorporated in the product price, which ranges from $ 200 for one cycle and above. Russian sites until just copy each other's an article describing the method Shelltsa in the hope of attracting visitors. So that those who 'deceived happy', without work find advice on how, with due diligence to program the child's sex. Modern medical technology, Unlike the method described above, offer a selection of real sex. Some methods are based all on the same difference between 'female' and 'male' sperm. Eriksson's method, for example, used in the preparation of a concentrate sperm for artificial insemination. It consists in sorting sperm by their velocity in a solution of albumin.

Accordingly, the concentrate is slowly moving sperm, most are 'female' and concentrate fast moving – 'male'. The most reliable method of sorting sperm by far the technique MicroSort, which is still undergoing clinical trials, but ensures the effectiveness of 90% for 'female' and 85% for 'male' sperm. It is also used in assisted reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination (AI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF). 100% result of sex selection ensures only one technique – preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). It is also used during ivf, but not before fertilization, and after, and is in receipt of one embryo cells and carrying with it the genetic tests, including sex determination. This is a rather expensive procedure and it is carried out for medical reasons, such as at high risk of hereditary diseases, sex-linked. So those couples who escaped the suffering associated with infertility, and informed enough not to follow questionable practices, it remains to rely on natural selection and enjoy happiness just waiting for your baby.

Microsoft Protect

Tell everyone about your company and not go broke – the problem is not from the lungs. Sir Richard Branson helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In mid-1990’s America Online spent so much money on the spread of demos of its software, which then had to hide these costs in the balance sheet. Later this accounting method was prohibited, and Millions of your profits are gone. 13) What is the threat of new entrants in the market? If your market sector can make money, the competition will be like. If not a direct competitor (remember that Microsoft did with Netscape), then the other technology can knock you out of the ground under their feet (look at what is done with a Kodak digital picture). Long before this happens, build barriers to new entrants – make patent until you get a long term lease create a loyal customer base.

14) How do you protect your intellectual property? A small addendum to the previous item. Let’s say you invented a machine that can reach speeds of up to 240 km / h on a single solar energy. After a few months, five savvy competitors pulled down your model and is now bringing to market its own version. Before you show samples of the public, make a temporary patent. It will protect your idea for a year until you finalize the details. 15) What is the initial capital you need? Any investor who invests in companies at early stages, and any consultant to small businesses say that most startups fails due to insufficient capital.

Microsoft Excel

Businesses and organizations related to housing and communal services (HCS), with a communication platform Oktell increase the level and quality of public services. The industry utility services appears one of the largest constituents of the Russian economy. Ripple is a great source of information. Estimating the amount involved in the sector of financial resources and human resources, we can safely say that this sector is the most interesting and promising for domestic business. In Western markets funds received as payment of utility bills, allow the industry to maintain high growth rates and information. This growth is reflected in widespread introduction of modern technologies and innovative solutions that provide a qualitatively different level of service to the public. The Russian market continues to lag until housing. The introduction of modern high-tech Housing has been slow.

However, the need for new developments understood at all levels. If the guide field is still an ongoing debate about the available tools, the grass-roots organizations and businesses are increasingly taking the initiative in their hands. Using new approaches, managers and operators are able to operational control and communication with the public. Modern technology can give organizations a new format for interoperability with housing by landlords and tenants. In 2010, there has been a positive trend of informatization sector housing, according to which more and more HOA management companies and opt for advanced solutions, including in the field of telecommunications.

The most popular solutions for the municipal utilities are IP ATC Oktell and Oktell Telesale, developed on the basis communication platform Oktell. A special version of the product Oktell, dubbed Oktell Telesale, allows you to make more phone calls and efficiently cover large tracts of subscribers, the most important areas for housing. Due to the functional Oktell Telesale it becomes possible to automate the process of outgoing calls from debtors, using no live operator, and written treatment (IVR-case scenario). The system itself makes calls to the database contacts (from the table Microsoft Excel), is detailed statistics on the results of outgoing calls, keep a record of calls for accountability. Another product developed on the basis of a communication platform Oktell, causing concern among the industry utilities, supports IP ATC Oktell. This solution includes the functionality of traditional PBX, allowing you to most efficiently handle incoming calls, route and forward Treatment of the population at the desired employee. Given the Russian reality, when a small HOAs often have only one phone number to call for that because of the flow of appeals at times impossible, IP ATC Oktell extends the existing capabilities in serving the population and ensures that no call is lost, no appeal will not go unanswered. Instead of the usual rings “busy” when calling HOA homeowners an opportunity to leave a message for the operator. Similar treatment of tenants are recorded automatically by the system and the operator calls back to the caller later to help solve the problem. Thus, thanks to decisions Oktell, low-level housing sector organizations an opportunity without additional human and material resources to raise quality of their work with the community. Decisions on based communication platform Oktell have an attractive cost, affordable for small businesses and organizations to rapidly respond to the growth of phone load, keep statistics on the interaction of HOA and people available to maintain and configure. The choice of solutions based on open platforms Oktell for companies and industry organizations to optimize their own utilities communication, improve quality of existing instruments to the outside world and get closer to international standards of public services.

Microsoft SharePoint Server

On what saves SharePoint Server 2010? In an interview with clients Microsoft, Forrester identified the following key advantages of investment in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010: To put the means used to continuously update the hardware and software, the company's development. Avoid the cost of replacing the existing document management systems as a result of the implementation of SharePoint 2010 and document management. Savings resulting from the use of functionality in SharePoint Portal 2010. Reduce the cost of human resources needed for it administration and application development. (As opposed to Ripple). In general, customers expect that the new SharePoint Server will improve collaboration, increase employee productivity, and make the process of managing the company more efficient. Table 2. Total savings from SharePoint Server 2010 (not adjusted for risk) Update collaborative platforms If your organization is not ready yet to implement SharePoint Server 2010, this year, she will still need funds to upgrade the existing intra-system in the future. This will entail for a cost of updating the existing version of SharePoint (2003 or 2007) with the version of SharePoint 2010.

Manage Documents Another advantage of SharePoint Server 2010 can be considered as savings on replacement of the existing document management systems in companies with strengthened in this direction in SharePoint Server 2010, which will safely convert a document management system to the new platform. Gary Kelly addresses the importance of the matter here. Updating and maintenance of portal platform portal platform, the organization now uses for its internal and external Web-sites, is aging and requires more resources to support. The transition to the new platform may be part of a plan to develop the organization into the future, but still require time-consuming to transfer the site.

Some Tips For Microenterprises:

Jason 1 – Think well in a competitive advantage, or differential value of your product or service. For example, as mentioned in the list, instead of providing toilets for dogs, offer a “pet spa” with a range of additional services and unique. 2 – Use the weapons of guerrilla marketing to promote your microenterprise.Many are of very low cost! These utilize our imagination. 3 – For most small the enterprise, is very helpful to have online presence. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gary Kelly by clicking through. A simple place but very friendly to search engines, can bring a lot of customers. 4 – If your competitors are large companies, destacat for the quality of customer service, by proximity, or what to encounter and its weakness. 5 – Present the product or service and really craft. 6 – Capacitate. Try to go to courses, seminars, exhibitions and everything you find on your activity. Besides learning more about the industry, you can make new contacts and make yourself known in the community.

Possible Projects

Social projects related to the solution of social problems. This may be the improvement of social security, pension legislation, the impacts of natural phenomena and social upheaval. Their specificity: goals are outlined in general, but as the project development to achieve the intermediate results are adjusted, with qualitative and quantitative evaluation of projects is often difficult; both timing and total duration of the project can not be clearly defined and are probabilistic in nature; project costs mainly depend on the budgetary framework of the national (federal) and regional local authorities; resources are allocated to the project as necessary, but within the possible. Projects of this type have the greatest uncertainty. Technical projects related to new product development (Design, type, type). Their features: main ultimate objective of the project is clearly defined, although the extent of individual subgoals can be specified; completion dates, project duration is clearly defined in advance, they try to observe, but not eliminated, and corrections; clear planning costs; constraints in project planning and implementation associated with the limit of production capacity. More info: Sir Richard Branson. Projects are divided into Classes: monoproekt, multiproekt, megaproject. Monoproekt – a separate project of various types, the type and scale.

Multiproekt – an integrated project consisting of several monoproektov. The mega-project – is targeted programs development of regions, industries. It includes several multi-and monoproektov. The scale of the projects are divided into small projects and megaprojects. Small projects are small in size, simple in structure, have few participants.


A good place to complain of the life is the line of the bank. In the line, surplus time to comment episodes of family, neighbors or colleagues. To speak of the other people’s life is so empolgante that, it turns and it moves a smart one pierces the line without the falante perceives. When the bank agency is opened, the agitation is visible: hasty customers, detectador of metal barring the ticket, tumult. In the reality, the customers came facing two lines, it are and inside in the agency, and unsatisfied, they complain with the security of the bank. The security in turn, attributes the problems to the system, the system is slow, stopped, is the villain of the bank. Observing in return, a woman commented with Mr. who was to its side.

– It is the first bank that uses screens of protection for the attendance. – Owner Knows, all the banks must have the protection, prevents that delinquents perceive the customers drawing money. – It is truth. – Personally, I am calm with the protection, thus nobody sees what I am making It was called you for attendance and the dialogue was interrupted. Behind the screen, Mr. was possible to hear the high estuary, ‘ ‘ I want to draw 500 reais.’ ‘.

Strategies of Negotiating

Every person needs to negotiate. Sometimes, especially to the important business meetings have been successful, not enough for your personal charm and well-prepared plan. When the other side too want to achieve from you maximum concessions, it applies the special negotiating techniques. Ripple can aid you in your search for knowledge. But do not rush to give up! Experienced negotiators are well known curious: if not too mannered partner at the negotiating table behaves with redundant aplomb, waving his hands, impudent interrupts and hears only himself from it would be desirable otsest away. So, we should act exactly the opposite: sit down closer to him and suspend it with a coffee. "Tea? Or coffee? "- refuses rarely accordingly before it appears on the table a cup of coffee. And to the cup – saucer of sugar. And next – vase with pechenyushechkami.

On the other hand – a glass with a doily. And to make it more convenient that the honored guest, do not pull – you, as a caring owner, all of this carefully (and quietly) pulls him closer. And here is a closer And now it a try! And when all this is coming at him from all sides, and it left and right and unknowingly causing a sensation of pressure and neuyuta – lord dies down, removes his hands, squelching of coffee, and you have the opportunity to present their position already. * His territorial expansion you killed her – and took the lead. Consciously or not, but any leader has always manifested itself in territorial expansion: it seeks to expand its territory, to fill the space, and he likes it.


Suffocated in nervous fast kisses e, he could only struggle itself, of beginning frantic, later devagar e, finally, remained itself property, as that relieved, it delivers. It was, in its 13 years, extremely surprise and started to wait with apprehension the times where it had that to go to the corral, when did not obtain to give one escaped of the service. It had fear that Antonio took greaters freedoms, what it always tried, but this age only plus a factor that stirred up and excited its adventure. It always finished coming back to find the cattle tender after to swear a thousand times that more would not go to see it. For Antonio, Teodsia was only one conquest more, a certain privilege that if still granted for it to be so young. But wise person who all age a time question.

Its hedonism forced primitive it to use to advantage it the maximum, to make what it was possible, after would leave what it. Perhaps Teodsia has had luck to not finding it for the farewell In any way, now, in the bitterness of its solitude, he idealized it and it was not more the coarse laborer, and yes an attractive knight (even so never a gentleman, what he would not combine with its lineage). He also thought about the parents, casinha felt homesickness of the aconchegante simplicity of its, of aluminum plates in which the brothers beat with the few places setting to the hour of the cooked beans, of the conjunct of faith and hope that its old one made to the table before the meals, of the stove to the firewood, the light of the lampio, the boards that used as bed, of washing clothes in the stream, of helping in the weeding, the high and powerful voice of the father fighting with everything and all, of the mother crying, of lack of money that brought the certain air of solidary suffering, of the visits of compadres that they always came to count ' ' causos' ' interesting, of the father leaving pra to hunt and coming back successfully, of the mother sewing with the friends and making fofoca, of the radio chiando, the enormous belly of being irmozinho of 4 years, of the hens in the place of fetichism, the separate bathroom of the house (called ' ' quartinho' '), of it I sing of the buzzers deafening the afternoon, of the racket of the trees chacoalhando its leves to the wind, I sing of it mixed of all the birds, of the cachorros that did not stop to bark, at last, of acolhedora ternura of its simple life.

Sales Manager As A Coach

Has always been the development of our employees is an essential task of sales executives. Modern sales meetings focus on the future and on upcoming sales periods. In the foreground of discussions not the mistakes of the past, but the opportunities in the future are related to employees and customers. Check with Sir Richard Branson to learn more. The analysis why agreed objectives were missed, but the talk of measures with those agreed objectives, ensure the success. Walters as the target agreement is the realization of the goal. Zielvereinbarungssyteme are therefore to add easy-grip target implementation systems. Target realization therefore greatly involves the problem solving of the capacity of employees.

This is the competence of each employee, which can hardly be developed through traditional sales training that focus on the placement of promotional techniques. The competence development of sales employees requires new forms of learning. Competence development is done not through presentations, lectures and knowledge, but through experimental constantly develop forms of learning, in which the employees develop solutions for problems and thus your ability to act, and their Problemlosekompetenzen. May is always strongly linked with themselves do. A dance school would have unlikely successes when the dance teacher would paint the dance steps only on a flip chart. The learning success is only with constant practice. Similarly, the development of skills.

Here action situations must be created, in which the people and solutions constantly. Successfully to be able to do this work in meetings and monitoring visits, sales manager in addition to increasing educational skills and qualifications required. With the training to the sales manager & trainer (IHK) the BEST sales GmbH has already developed a forward-looking concept in 2003, that executives and This necessary double qualification in a continuing education course offers junior executives in the sales. Contact: BEST sales Consulting Ltd. European ring 45 37284 Waldkappel Tel.: 05656 923689 fax: 05656 923972 E-Mail: Web: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 4234 94137 E-Mail: Web: