Month: September 2011

Reporting Policies

– Planning for the direct and indirect costs. Insurance business. The subsystem-oriented brokerage for insurance of motor vehicles and related conduct legal documentation. Has a "different" from the base user interface, sharpened under the terminology of the insurance business. Integrated automation of business – insurance brokers. * Accounting: – Maintain database of insurance policies CTP, Hull, security forms (contracts, receipts for payment). – The register of insurance policies sold and all the necessary attributes to buyers of insurance and policies.

– Registration and deposit forms strict accountability, the transfer of insurance agents or affiliates. Write-offs and inventory forms. – Maintain all documentation in a section of insurance companies. – Accounting for all transactions with insurance companies, transfer of funds for implemented the policy, control of income transfers to the commission. – Flexible methods of payroll insurance agents, according to the companies, contract terms, discounts, installments payments. – Proper conditions and discounts delay payment, maintaining and monitoring customer payments. * Control: – Exchange of payments from insurance companies and purchasers of insurance policies.

– Availability and security forms spending cuts in insurance agents and branches of the enterprise. – Monitoring the expiration date of the policy in the acquirer and an automatic warning of the need to extract the new policy. * Analysis: – Analysis of the services rendered in the context of insurance companies, types of insurance policies, buyers of insurance policies, insurance agents, affiliates. Monitoring the profitability of the services provided. – Reporting on all types of documents and calculations to insurance companies – suppliers of policyholders.

Upholstered Furniture

Before buying a sofa a few times to push it to make sure that the folding mechanism works well. Covers for upholstered furniture will save you from monotony, when bored and want to change. Removable Cloth bags can be ordered with custom-made furniture. Now in vogue covers and upholstery, fur a la leopard or spotted cow. Style upholstered furniture to order must correspond to the general stylistic decision of your living room.

In classic interior with the walls, cupboards, chests of drawers and bookcases look nice couches and chairs the lush, rounded forms with wooden armrests and decorative overlays. In the modern interior appropriate things easy, elegant design without unnecessary adornments. The color scheme of soft furnishings can be different. For upholstery, you can choose a bright elegant fabric of green, blue, yellow, red or natural leather pastel beige and chocolate range. Useful life of upholstered furniture is usually about 10 years, exclusive custom-made furniture with a frame of solid wood, leather upholstery and high filling will last much longer.

Some firms, manufacturers of upholstered furniture give a guarantee on all products (usually a year – half) or to individual elements of design: some companies offer a 5 year warranty on the frame, the other – onto the fabric. Office Furniture If the employee during the working day does not have time to implement all planned, it does not always mean that it is a bad worker. The reason for this may be an uncomfortable workplace that forces him to do a lot of unnecessary movements. Perhaps you and had no idea that by filling out office furniture, inherited a legacy from the more successful companies or gathered from the warehouse to close the plant, so you hurting your own business. Only because of irregular labor organization you have to hire more staff than is really necessary for the normal functioning of the firm, and spend on their maintenance money that could be used to develop company. Time – money, health, too, on what else you're trying to save, denying themselves and their employees normal working conditions? First, the efficiency and quality of work performed. Second, the health of your employees disability which will cost you. Hygienic and sanitary norms workplace organization, closely linked to the physical parameters of the average person. For example, in recent decades seen acceleration of the active working-age society, which certainly affected the height of the desktop. The number of operations that produces a single person at the workplace: he works at a computer, writes, negotiates, – he needed a much larger work surface. A man becomes the center of the system, which was created for his convenience. Producers of such goods are trying to anticipate the demand of tomorrow, and already now offer furniture that matches the office of the XXI century.

PCs Repair

Today, computer help at home business is a very common and very difficult to decide which firm to contact. That's why our company is quite different from similar services. The entire managerial staff has vast experience in repairing computers at home. Manager chooses optimally appropriate specialist for your problem, whether data recovery, computer repair or virus removal. If your computer needs repair, in no case should not apply to computer scientists – fans, "taught", and already own the more 'arm' with a screwdriver and a hammer! Amateur work can be expensive: at best – buying new parts, at worst – the purchase of new PCs, professional approach – that is what you need 'patient' PCs.

Our specialist will complete diagnostics computer, detects failure, and in accordance with will result 'first computer assistance', ie make repairs. If the damage is serious, you have to use our computer service center. This is where the 'patient' will be able to pass all the necessary procedures – from installing software to recover lost data. And while you do not need this service center to go – the master himself will take myself and bring your PC by taking out all the necessary documents, and will keep you informed during the repair process. The company OOO 'Special on PC' Phone: (495) 499-167-32-86 (Password 'Spec Plus' – 5% discount) for PC Company Special engaged in repair, tuning, care and protection of computers. We offer a full range of computer services from cleaning the keyboard settings to the most complex server-based OS family of windows server.Uslugi performed by our firm: Installing programs, Virus Removal, Computer Repair, Restoration data, computer assembly, installation network and the Internet; Installation OC (windows xp, vista, windows7, linux, unix); Configure Wi-Fi networks; GNU Free Documentation License, Connect to a network Yota; Office turnkey, upgrade and repair laptops on the road, and virus removal anti-virus protection And other computer services. We are open daily from 8.00 am to 21.00 pm seven days a week.