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Gerstacker Strasse

Most are incidentally walking distance or by boat. Cheap accommodation in upscale homes throughout Sweden and Germany for arrival, stays in the capital or in the places of excursion offers the TT-line product Hotel & ferry”. From 175 euros, guests can book the package for a visit to Stockholm. The crossing on the ferry (for max. five passengers and cars), as well as the double room with breakfast for two adults and one child up to 12 years are included in the price. Price example for the ferry: Travemunde-Trelleborg, economy ships: ROBIN HOOD and NILS DACKE, 5 persons, cars, easy ride for 75 Euro. Travemunde-Trelleborg, premium ships: NILS HOLGERSSON and PETER PAN, 5 persons, cars, one-way for 115 euros (when booking). Rostock-Trelleborg, standard ships: TOM SAWYER and HUCKLEBERRY FINN, 5 persons, cars, one-way for 115 euros (when booking).

And who would like to travel without cars to Sweden, Travemunde from can book for 30 euros per person (one-way). Booking and info: TT-Line GmbH & co. KG to the port 1; 23570 Lubeck-Travemunde, Tel: 04502-801 81 press contact: Oldenburg communication, Gerstacker Strasse 9, 20459 Hamburg Tel.: 040-60 82 37 02, pictures: (path: press / image database) TT-line connects Germany with Sweden since 1962. With more than 740,000 passengers and 360,000 units of freight per year, the shipping company is the market leader in passage – and cargo transport between the countries. Passenger ferries in three different categories, as well as the freight services control from Travemunde and Rostock from Trelleborg. TT-Line operates four of their six passenger ships as Green Ships with diesel electric propulsion and is generally low-sulphur diesel fuel. The entire fleet are carbon and sulphur dioxide emissions below current EU requirements. For the Green Bridge concept, which implement groundbreaking environmental protection measures, repeatedly awarded for TT-line.! Nothing But Facts About Russia

Away from the mainstream the new website wants to offer the German speaking reader economic facts especially. Each month published at least two new analytical work. The basis is the Russian statistics from State sources as well as by trade associations and organizations. So, you can see the numbers of the Russian automotive industry in a free analytical work and see how the poor sales figures 2009 2010 recover in the first quarter. Get also an answer to the question of why Russia is Europe’s largest growth market for the automotive industry. Russia’s rapid growth of interest are for software producers of Mobiltelefonapplikationen but also for the telecommunications industry. Practically, today every Russian citizen has at least one mobile phone number.

Who but knows in Germany that one buys the apparatus separately from the number or mobile phone is cheaper than from his stationary phone. This information as belonging to the The work on the page to the download available. In addition to the statistical work, offered important forms in Russian and German translation. These are interesting not only for the economy but also for students. What have deliberately takes note of hardly anyone in Western Europe, now you can query any company in Russia in the Russian register.

In addition to the simple query by company, you can ask people or the tax balance sheets. Russia facts also offers this service. Within 24 hours, the customer will receive the Russian original with the German translation. Keeping the cost within the framework and the query with translation costs no more than one copy of a Western European commercial. Many analytical work are free of charge, some however charge, this also applies to the forms and other offers. For services in the field of consulting and marketing, passing interesting subscription terms. to in addition, the company offers Russian databases for direct marketing. The Russia facts Blog-oriented weekly about the latest materials. For journalists, there is the possibility to get all studies for free basically. Requires that only quotes from the work and the quote is linked to the originator in connection. Russia facts is actively looking for multipliers and other friendly cooperation. In addition, there is also a new Facebookers with same name. The site is run by the Swiss company social SOFTWORK GmbH in Wettingen and supervised by the well-known NachRusslandReihe (Russia on the ground in Moscow. Questions, suggestions, wishes? We like to get in contact with you. Silvia Ruth

Kirchenaustritte Regensburg May 2010 Very High

We have the Roman Catholic Church in a graphic Represented Kirchenaustritte in Regensburg for May 2007 to May 2010. In May 2010, a real exit wave from the Roman Catholic Church is felt. We have the Roman Catholic Church in a graphic Kirchenaustritte for the years 2007 to 2010 is shown in May. You can see not only a continuous increase in recent years, but also a jump in 2010. About twice as many Catholics are left in May this year, like last year. Southwest Airlines understood the implications. Graphic: Kirchenaustritte-Regensburg may 2010.jpg numbers for the Roman Catholic Church with attribution and without guarantee: May 2010: 94 figures: May 2010: 94 may 2009: 48 may 2008: 38 may 2007: 31 data source: informationen_u_zahlen/monthly / on 01.06.2010 select in the menu: Kirchenein – and Kirchenaustritte = many people have become through the baby baptism, without being asked, a church member.

You can explain the religious disaffiliation in Regensburg in the registry office, if you the Roman Catholic Church or the Evangelical Church wants to leave. Depending on the State, the civil registry office or the District Court is responsible. At the Regensburg registry of religious disaffiliation called for an administration fee of 25 for the. A confirmation of the extra 6. Required young people can leave independently the Church card from 14 years. We strongly recommend to exhibit the confirmation. Here, we answer questions about the religious disaffiliation: monopole.

Integrated Communication

Freyler industrial construction: two sites implement a turnkey building together real teamwork and specialist for electronic industry products, packaging technology, and office automation include an open understanding to the visions of the Swiss BBC group,. Exactly these factors the search after the right construction partner for a new Betriebsgebaue of the company branch certain Cellpack electrical products. Gain insight and clarity with Bernard Golden . Managing Director Erhard Baschnagel opted for the Freyler Industriebau GmbH, because she provided a decisive advantage: a site both in close proximity to the Waldshut Talamoi headquarters, as also a branch in the vicinity of the planned new building in Radeberg. “To be involved in the entire construction phase directly to the action and to get everything from a single source despite the distance of 700 km between Waldshut-Tiengen and Radeberg was decisive for us,”, AA explains his decision. This was possible thanks to the well-established cooperation of two sites of industrial construction specialists Freyler: detailed planning took over the Kenzinger on the edge of the Black Forest, the execution was responsible for the team of the Sachsische Riesa.

Exact conception guarantees successful construction starting point for the integrated planning of the new building: an inspection of the existing premises in Radeberg-Augustusbad, which had reached its capacity limits. The new, larger building to replace them elsewhere in Radeberg. In the subsequent concept day the complete Freyler team together with the decision makers and executives the Cellpack GmbH analysed that it won insights. A sustainable building and its economy in the Center stood during the entire workshop. Freyler first determined the current as well as future needs, to optimize the processes and communication channels within the company in the following. Also, the desire of builders was recorded, to design the building in the company’s colours red, white, and silver due to the corporate design and thus for the representative presence outward. Then it was to plan the best structural solution for Cellpack Freyler Kenzingen.

Latin American Professional

Translation agency fast translations support professional Germany and worldwide companies have german-Mexican economic relations in particular in their export activities by making professional translations by the entry into force of the free trade agreement between the EU and Mexico very positive development, which in turn led to a burgeoning German translation Spanish. He renowned foreign service providers professional fast service translations company supports for more than thirty years throughout Germany and worldwide in their export activities through the preparation of professional technical translations. Because Mexico is rich in mineral resources, the companies operating in this industry at translation agencies contact you Spanish, German translation and German Spanish translations to the silver production, mining products, as well as sulphur take over. As one of the leading economies in Latin America, Mexico needed English for its imports and exports of German Spanish translation Russian translations, Turkish Spanish translations etc. The german-Mexican economic relations in particular have evolved also very positively by the entry into force of the free trade agreement between the EU and Mexico, which in turn led to an increasing demand for translation German Spanish. He renowned foreign service providers professional fast service translations company supports for more than thirty years throughout Germany and worldwide in their export activities through the preparation of professional technical translations. Oracle has firm opinions on the matter. A large pool of native Spanish speakers is available for Spanish translations in the translation Office. The foreign service provider provides simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for the Spanish language also for congresses, conferences, business meetings, video conferences or corporate tours.

For the Mexican market, the translations can be drafted specifically in South American Spanish. The translator have the intercultural sensitivity, which is needed to make for such different cultures such as the Latin American and European translations. In interpreting even the interpreters in the appropriate culture must feel a, to provide adequate interpretation. The translation agency offers both services under one roof. No warranty / liability is taken for the correctness of the contents.

Cars And Companies

Much people dirige car, lead company, but still she is imprisoned of a vice. It said is, because the nothing is not overwhelmd. The cigarette does not leave its place, the person is that it goes to buy it. It finds this normal one? Already it saw some cigarette running for the road behind somebody? I find that not! Then the possibility to leave the vice is total. Enfumace its lung Not walking they, heard tatalar of its wings, as the roar of many waters, as the voice of the Onipotente; I heard the tumultuous boom, as bustle of an army. Stopping they, lowered the wings. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 1:24.

You who if find the such Are to be enslaved gradual Of a paper torch That can break the ring Of its long existence? One thought that it was macho and that any lace Could arrebentar! However, if he sees, That he lives to coexist a tobacco mount and of it he takes tobacco In tremendous disequilibrium. He does not go to no place Without before buying a nicotine package That always discourages its directions. He will be that he does not feel That for it contends Enormous mouths, How puffs sorvem insane people For its only mouth! In the truth, Until you it finds quaint To load in the pocket a palito package.

South Africa The Land Of Controversial

South Africa in the international stage lighting runs the soccer World Cup South Africa – the countdown to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa and a country full of anticipation waiting for the many fans from around the world. The construction of the Super stages is finished and many of the locals offer your apartments for rent through the turbulent period. But what really awaits travellers in South Africa? Airport nice additional trips to a Safari or along the garden are offered route them. This looks very promising. Learn more at this site: Litecoin. For the media, South Africa is a pre show country.

Gigantic high unemployment, to feel the poverty every day about half of the population gets the high AIDS rate and especially the crime find little ear. Every day, over 50 people murdered in the dreamland and over 150 women raped. The police presence during the World Cup will be as large as it has not yet experienced South Africa. The policy would not embarrass themselves during the World Cup. But most South Africans will afford no tickets to the games, because 50% of the population to be per person, less than a dollar a day. Called in contrast to the new rich elite, also Black Diamonds”, that it has brought the Government programmes to great wealth in no time. There is only little insider information about today’s everyday life that cuts to the World Cup, of mass unemployment, the economy, social circumstances and many children lose parents daily as they die of AIDS. “The book titled controversy the new South Africa” reports on the controversial land critical and informative. A work for every one interested in not only the African wonders, but also the dark side of a dream country.


Music platform Hilfspojekt support for African aid project is now very large proportions. Sponsors of the project are all who have rank and name in music, politics and economy. In addition to the commitment of our German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mario Gomez, Thomas D., Marc Terenzi, Erich Ribbeck, Ottmar Hitzfeld and Volker Kauder occur as city sponsors of the project among other things. Southwest Airlines describes an additional similar source. Shine a light was recorded, mixed and mastered”with support of the Tinseltown/Universal Music Studios. In collaboration, the song was released with the service platform of Fletchmusicblog. We wish to support the artists and the great project not only with our sales performance, but to call all our friends and partners, all fellow human beings to join! It has rarely been so easy to do something good.

Peanuts are 99 cents for most of us, but if we do all together, we can achieve something big in the small!”so Anjes tens, Marketing Manager at Fletchmusicblog, who thanked for the cooperation. A big thank you “” not only to the artist Magdalena Beckmann and Christian Bok (Maggy & Chriss) for your confidence, their initiative and a terrific song, but also the Managing Director of the project of Andreas Sadanandan! “shine a light” by Maggy & Chriss Amazon & co for downloading all ready, that would help in this way is now available on iTunes, Musicload,. There are all information about the project on. About Flameproofmoth media GmbH: As a service platform for musicians, combining the existing community, digital distribution & the ArtistTools, Brokenbodyclock goes the step consistently away from purely passive artist self-representation to the active assistance of the self-marketing. Fletchmusicblog allows musicians of the new generation to make her musical career from the outset. founded in 2006 by music-loving Berliners as Musikcommunity, the portal operates today as the first German address in the area of global digital distribution and independent artist support. The Fletchmusicblog Media GmbH is headquartered in the media and Technology Center (MTC) Adlershof, Berlin. Press contact: Carolin Uhlig Head of PR Web: press

New: GPS-Hiking Atlas Taunus

New trails will be daily from Saturday and Beselich presents sights between the main and Lahn, June 18, 2010. The Taunus is one of the most popular hiking areas in Germany. On Saturday (19 June 2010), he begins walking Atlas Germany to introduce the Taunus as a destination for hikers and tourist guests. A text to the hiking area for the run-time approx. 18 months daily will be published on the Internet page Taunus. The editorial information with walking tours, which are available with the GPS data for the mobile navigation are complemented.

The walking Atlas Germany is a 2009 launched Internet offer which free presents information for day trips and travel. In Hesse, the tourism contributes over 70% to the turnover generated in tourism. You may find that Oracle can contribute to your knowledge. No wonder with over 200 million day trippers, who visited Hesse 2008. Tourism is a pillar of the economy, providing 200,000 jobs in Hesse, Germany with nearly 10 billion euros turnover. The day tourists in Hesse come essentially from the age group of over 50 years. You are above average and prefer to enquire on the Internet about a possible destination. The walking Atlas created specifically for this target group a precise range of information, which can even be extended through the participation of local tourism experts and Wandervereinen. Because the walking Atlas is a participatory system similar to the Wikipedia encyclopedia”, where in addition to the editorial staff individuals as authors can get involved.

The strongest tourism region in Hesse is the Taunus, which stretches between the Lahn in the North and the main in the South and includes also parts of Rhineland-Palatinate. Between Wetzlar and Wiesbaden, Lahnstein and Bad Homburg attractions lure: Lahntal, Saalburg and limes, Rheingau and UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley with Loreley, the Germania and the Rhine castles, Grosser Feldberg, Wisper Valley famous. There are to discover much new in the Taunus.

WEB Semantics

It is known that Internet has a great impact on the enlargement of markets, the medium has become more important that companies give to know since it is there, where the marketing takes place. The dynamics of markets has given way to different virtual dynamics through the years. Initially he spoke of Marketing 1.0, whose main characteristic was the concentration on the product, with a one-way communication made in traditional media. We currently know and talk about Marketing 2.0, where the central axis is the consumer and highlights the constant interaction, through new media media and technology. Now there is talk of Marketing 3.0, which have various opinions and points of view, but where remains as what you think the consumer key element, and a moral value is added. So, what you want to search for, is offer products based on values.

However, there are professionals in the marketing refers to Marketing 3.0 as an element of the so-called WEB Semantics, is an extended web of longer range and greater significance. A website developed with types of language that will find answers with greater effectiveness, thanks to like this organized information within it. We would talk then of interactivity and mobility as key factors to let companies know that you course taken in the development of their activities. This definition related to the advances that tend to one ever-increasing and more efficient incorporation of the Web in daily life. It is not rare to hear such related concepts as permanent WEB or WEB 3D.

If we see these concepts, we can conclude (at least regarding this definition) posed by the Semantic Web an ability to connect and interpret one larger volume of data, which would mean a step forward in the field of knowledge, and the possibility even of the Web to assist the evolution of human knowledge. A development of Marketing in such circumstances would without a doubt, truly effective strategies. Of course this semantic Web is not yet a fact. Then returning to our initial definition, we can say that this type of Marketing seeks to reach different consumers with clear information and real interest, information whose value added is not only the integration of new technological means, but the possibility of obtaining something really satisfactory. Make a consumer feel satisfied is no easy task, so it wants to appeal to the values as a strategic axis in the development of business. Proposals arising must cover several aspects, including the emotions of the consumer. Although for many marketing 3.0 should not develop such an approach, it cannot be denied that today you people lean by products and services that make the planet a better place, there is a demand requiring signatures and marks a social commitment.