Month: January 2014

CNBV Service

Virtually all Mexicans today have at least one cell phone or eventually used a public phone or an internet cafe. However, no one knows to what levels of service entitled by your service. The bonus of service after 72 hours of failure, nevertheless be extremely relaxed for most of the customers requirements, since these were defined when there is a dependency such high telecommunications in daily life. Cofetel should really re-evaluate the need to improve these guarantees of quality applicable to the majority of users. COFETEL must establish and verify service levels very stringent and specific for different services, as well as measuring them and test them.

On the other hand, as well as the CNBV obliges banks to publish the CAT of loans, Cofetel must compel publish levels of service that actually delivers. On the other hand, continuity of service in case of emergencies plans, should offer resilience for the majority of customers in times reasonable, as well as schemes of assistance and information to clients. 72 Hours of response should only be applied in extreme cases but not be the norm. The price of services of telecommunications in Mexico is continuously compared with the other countries and is not necessarily the lowest. So the quality should be comparable with other countries.

Also, the guarantees of service must offer to all users and not only to enterprise customers. Telecommunications are an essential input for today’s businesses and the quality should be regulated strictly. The levels of service of the telephone companies should be clearly identified and comparable at the international level, with operators from countries with which Mexico does business.

Business Responsibilities

Organizations have to respond to their responsibilities with collective decisions. The fact that an organization should take responsibility for their actions is not new. In all developed countries there is detailed legislation, civil, criminal, labor, administrative, commercial, specifying that people have responsibilities and corporations. In developed countries there are also sufficiently reliable judicial systems that try to impose legal responsibilities when necessary. What is new is the social conscience that there is corporate responsibility, and must be paid even when the law is not enough to impose it.

for example when it concerns acts committed outside the borders of the country of nationality of the corporation, where no law protects the property affected or when the procedure of legal redress is so slow that it is useless. in these cases, and in many fights, both external and internal pressure directly to the organization, as they can to take responsibility for their actions, regardless of whether or not a legal obligation to do Peter French, angel Borrego and Carmen Velajos, indicate that business ethics is a branch of applied ethics. It deals with the study of the moral nature of policy issues that arise in the world of business. Corporate governance, the organization of a corporation, the behavior in the market, business decisions, etc.. Business ethics is distinguished, first, science or economic enterprise purely descriptive (not normative claims), such as econometrics or economic history. On the other hand, differs from knowledge with normative claims but not moral in nature, such as economics or accounting.

Mobile Research Group Russia

And there is nothing more …'. Note, the sale of the remaining commodity groups show higher growth rates (the cell). For example, according to Yankee Group, to 2010. the share of smart phones will account for 20% of all shipments in the segment of mobile phones. Apparently, based on these projections, many have concluded that by 2010. share of smartphones in the mobile market to grow to 70%. Market mp-3 player in Russia continues to grow (up to 2006. 82%), but 'during his numbered.

" As analysts, mp-3 replaced by multi-functional PMP-devices (they allow you to work with in addition to audio video and text). If in 2007. proportion of PMP-player does not exceed one third of the market, by 2011. they 'promised' 66% of shipments in this niche. The Russian market of digital cameras continues to grow: in 2007. 30-40%, but he remains negligibly scanty. 'Percentage ownership of digital cameras in Russia is far from the values that made the West – said earlier at a party 'Cnews' head of Nikon in Russia Vasily Burmistrov.

– Approximately 15% of the population, according to our estimates, when in some western European countries – 60-70%. From this point of view, we eat, where to grow. " We add the Russian market as game consoles in its infancy. However, in the Mobile Research Group predicts that by 2008. game console market will be about 160-170 million dollars. As the Konami Corp representative Kazumi China 'video game manufacturers begin to gradually increase its presence in emerging markets – in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia.