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Knots Splices

Invites the international Guild of the node maker German section to a node makers meeting in the Inland Waterways Museum in Duisburg by the 9th 11.4.2010 a node makers meeting will take place in the Museum of inland waterway transport in Duisburg. The first meeting in Duisburg took place in 2003 and has remained the creators of nodes in good memory. Approx. 15 nodes makers from Germany, Holland and Belgium are expected, who exhibit their work. “They all belong to the international Guild of knot Tyers ‘, which was founded in 1982 in the UK and counts today more than 1,300 members. The Guild”is committed to the goal, to preserve the former node art of seafarers, continues to develop and to promote their stock.

In addition to the simple knot that you can also learn, especially nautical rope works such as rope mats, Bell lanyard, chest handles, rope fender, splices, tool bag, tool, node boards, etc. appear. To a small Reeperbahn is built, where children and adults themselves can turn a rope. Place of Event: Museum of German inland navigation, the Marine Street 84 47119 Duisburg date: 09-11.4.2010, Fri 12.00-17.00 sat, so 10.00-17.00 the international Guild of the international Guild of the makers of the node node makers (International Guild of knot Tyers – IGKT) is a community of people who are interested on nodes and node techniques of all kinds. We have over a thousand members from all social strata, scientists, doctors, sailors, sportsmen, Scout, magician, farmers, miners and accountants.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in making nodes, whether expert or simply someone who wants to learn from others. The IGKT is an educational, non-profit organization and our mission is to promote art, craft and science of nodes whose studies and practical application, the exploration of all aspects of the node making as well as the establishment of a relevant institution for consultation purposes. We participate in public events to the Guild and their work known to make and organize appointment with interested groups, panel discussions and presentations. We maintain contact with each other through correspondence and through regular meetings and exhibitions at regional and international level. The Guild’s knotting matters”out a quarterly magazine in the English language. The international Guild of the node maker German section was founded in 2009 by the German-speaking members of the IGKT as an independent association and is recognized as charitable.

Hubbard Scientology

The Hubbard learning methodology includes successfully used and above all working solutions, which allow to learn the basics of the study technology any any subject”(learning methodology) by L. Ron Hubbard, England, were first described in a series of lectures from 1964 to the Scientology training facility at Saint Hill Manor, Sussex,. L. Ron Hubbard said in a speech as a minor study on photography served as a research model for this learning methodology. While studying photography, L. Ron Hubbard examined its own learning progress and what obstacles he faced here.

As for example, he found he bit woozy himself”felt when he dealt with lessons about developer solutions, he attributed finally the problem to a misprint on a previous passage. “” The term stood there number “rather than complementary”, which did not fit into the context. But there is a much broader perspective, for the development of effective learning methodology came. “If L. Ron Hubbard Scientology in the broadest sense of the word than know how to know” defined, then it must inevitably contain the solution as it appropriates knowledge. A further presentation, he explained that a real learning methodology had never existed. There is a training method”, as Hubbard called it, which included such things as the design of curricula and planning of lessons. Also, there was a lot of theory about how to teach, what educational psychologists had openly described as a means, how it arises ideas to children.

However, learning or studying as a way to understand ideas and master skills, is unfortunately very neglected in our and other cultures. Therefore L. Ron Hubbard said not only by a decline in the formation, but also as a result of the decay of entire cultures. He found out that only simple reading, without having any physical object or a drawing for the object of an essay on, already an obstacle in learning represents.

Olf Stoiber Josephsohn Burgstrasse

Hypnosis is not magic but, still you can simply wipe out problems. This represents one of the most advanced, most elegant interventions for therapy and coaching.” In addition to the coach and Hypnotherapist, even a third group celebrates World hypnosis day: the show hypnotists. In professional circles, the theme show hypnosis is quite controversial, as she is referred to often as degrading and frivolous. Stage hypnotist and DVH member Alexander Seel believes to know the reason for this: “the level of a hypnosis of show stands or falls with the skill of the performer’s. In the past some show hypnotists have riveted unfortunately the bad reputation of the show hypnosis, in which participants have presented and clearly abused her art. I understand the criticism of show hypnosis in this respect quite. Official site: Gary Kelly. However, times have changed and many show hypnotists show tasteful contemporary stage shows, that a really fun, enlighten on the other but also about the possibilities of hypnosis – and thus Interest in therapeutic hypnosis.” No matter whether interested layman, stage hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and coach, on January 4, 2011 the wonderful tool, hypnosis may are celebrated by all.

The German Association for hypnosis e.V. has an open ear for all questions about the hypnosis of the Info Hotline: 089-444-569-44 and emails gladly answered. Via the German Federation for hypnosis e.V. The German Association for hypnosis e.V. (DVH) is a trade association for coaches, therapists, and hypnotists.

It was founded in 2008 as a joint project of several therapists and trainers. The DVH provides information around the topic of hypnosis and organises regional and interregional workshops, lectures and Super vision group. Press contact like we give you appropriate interview partner on the subject of hypnosis and the world hypnosis day on January 4, 2011.

DRK Station Service Leipzig

First aid at the Leipzig Hauptbahnhof by the DRC for nursing mothers, sick people, people locate people in emergency and first aid the DRC station service is an important focal point in the Leipzig Central station also sick people, people with disabilities take advantage of the train service of the DRC at the Leipzig Central station promenades since late 2009 in addition to mothers with children and travelers, the questions and problems. In addition, they provide first aid and take time to listen to people in family difficulties. (Including Saturdays and Sundays) the helper of the DRC to the site are daily in the period from 7 to 22. Set up the station they have is on the Concourse in the 3rd floor promenades to the service point. Bernard Golden understands that this is vital information. Here can babies wrapped, are associations changed or simply discussions. The nine DRC people Leipzig Central station working on way for first year until October 2010 within the framework of so-called AGHs (employment opportunities) with payment option. See… find current Information..