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Middle Ages Design

It was in those days were born and major principles of drapery fabrics, which are still used in production of modern curtains. In addition, in the homes of the ancient Greeks were extended canopies and fabric upholstery. A fabric for the interior began to be decorated with embroidered motifs, which carried not so much aesthetic as magical significance. In the Middle Ages design curtains became more complex. First, heavy curtains that protected the lock chambers from the draft, started to decorate with embroidered emblems and other heraldic items owners. Beyond that, with increased trade, in the design of curtains, a large variety of tissues, and thus the possibility of combining them. I must say that in this period, the blinds were the exclusive privilege nobles and wealthy citizens and the ruling elite. For even more opinions, read materials from Steven Spielberg. By the seventeenth century, the curtains are one of the main decorative elements of interior design, but also, more widely available have begun to acquire canopies, fabric wall coverings, bedspreads, all kinds of furniture covers, table cloths.

And the design itself has changed the curtains. In vogue curvy fancy curtain, tassels, cords, multi-layered drapery. Next splendor of textile design is becoming more modest. First, neo-classical dictates modesty and lack of frills, focusing on the corner screaming no diversity and quirkiness of rococo, and refinement of line and beauty tissues. And for those at all appears minimalism with its denial of decorations and curtains again transformed into simple linen cloth.

The development of science and technology provided by today's designers curtains wide variety of fabrics with different decorative properties. This is an imitation of natural fabrics – linen, cotton, brocade, velvet, silk – that seemingly indistinguishable from real ones, but their shortcomings natural canvas: do not burn and do not shrink.


that would select the most appropriate point of view, because being an artist in the open air can not change the landscape of the area, to swap trees, houses, etc. At the same time is not always the opportunity to take a position, as desired. How can that be? First of all, you need to carefully to see what prevents review. Sometimes it comes in sight, what the subject matter, which spoils the overall appearance of the composition. This may be an example of a transmission line or a nice bush. These items can be 'missed', then there is simply not to depict the composition, not handsome shrub can be changed making it more beautiful contours, because the artist depicts not so much a reality, as their attitude to it and their perception of reality, the emotions caused by some form or another. Often, young artists so addicted to the image detail that, in general, not a bad song into a set of objects that are 'thrown in his eyes', do not give to see the principal.

When working in the open air, it must be remembered that the lighting (especially in sunny weather) is changing rapidly, respectively, changing the direction of the shadows, their intensity, color in objects, etc. on the need to work in the open air if possible quickly, which means that many of the details just are not worth wasting time. Of course, you can go to the same place over and over again that would write a detailed and thorough.

First Blood

But all was not to study: the Germans were marching on Russian march. In the schools we were taught not mathematics, but as bandage the wounded, to extinguish incendiary bombs, handle weapons. In the first months of the war with a direct hit almost in half cut the huge battleship "Marat ', standing in Peter's harbor. Bank of America Corp. contributes greatly to this topic. When we rushed there, we saw a terrible sight: hundreds of sailors in some vests, including mass casualties, get to swim to shore, exhausted and fall to the ground … Here they provide first aid.

The water in the harbor, all red with blood. First Blood … So what a war! .. From the earliest days they fought, no lowered hand, the day my dad left for work, and my mother too, she dug trenches … In all my life, I carried the memory of every detail of those times. I will never forget the voice of the announcer, who reported on loudspeaker: "Air alert!" – and the soul ledenela, creepy horror and fear covered the whole body, and only one thought arose in my head at this point: "Run!" In one of these days, when they announced the alarm and began to shoot anti-aircraft guns – especially for warning people, I leaned out the window and looked directly at us was a dogfight. Then ran into a neighbor, grabbed us and dragged him into the basement. When the shelling was over, they all went out into the street. What fire was huge! My father found us in the crowd, people were crying, I still do not understand why.

The Process

Almost all of them are working on – the same principle, “stuffed” track, for example, “barrel” (who does not know – boo-o-olshoy a drum, which beat the foot), replaced the MIDI to Wave, retained. Or put in the editor window for the subsequent assembly. Try to avoid the temptation to write down immediately all the drums in one track. This is the theme for the lazy. In the process of assembling all the tracks in one sample, you may need, such as: pause the game to “work” drum, four bars.

Or make a fraction longer than the transition to “the fact – viola.” If you every “Tambourine” is written on a separate track, it’s simple: he measured – cut or added a couple of punches. This is usually done with a metronome, there is almost any program. It is better to get when you go to next track bass: bass and drums – this is a classic rhythm – section. After repeated listening, and separate pieces of track as a whole, or normalize the volume of each set the volume manually, if you like, what, eg plates sounded louder than other instruments. “Stuff” can be an entire song as a whole, or separately verse – chorus alone. Frequently Jay Lovenheim has said that publicly. (Does not apply to the “acid” music direction) and there is a rhythm only change color depending on the arrangements. For the current trends in the “prog FL Studio already have a bunch of ready-made rhythms: selected, set the pace to continue. In the various collections of samples of this stuff, too short, by the way, Wave – format, mode of operation is the same.

The programs of Band-in-a-Box, GP – is the “voice” that is, real drums practically “live” performance. True, it may not always coincide with your requirements to the sound of drums in a particular song. In the process of your creation work with format Wave. Despite the great “weight.” Sound better and more realistic. Convert to MP-3 always have time. If your demands to the sound of the drums are quite high. Have to be patient and almost by hand, “put” on place every hit. If you are on – drum, feel free to take the rhythm and make ready for him, the other instruments. If you’ve never held in their hands, “the stick” is also not a problem, modern tools allow you not to bother on this about. The main thing is not to be afraid to try. Suddenly happen. Well, if you want to know more details and little secrets, and get ready to track: a look at: Tell us what you are interested and concerned.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Many wonder what really is the music? By definition – is an art form, along with poetry and art, which uses special combinations of sounds. When there was music to learn quite difficult. Probably, she appeared in ancient times. However, it came out in masses only a few centuries ago. Now we return to the past. One of the 'fathers' of the world of classical music can be called such great composers as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Niccolo Paganini, Franz Schubert, Antonio Vivaldi, as well as Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach.

The list is endless, but these great men everyone should know. Thanks to them we are listening to music, as they were able to prove that it is necessary to society. Beethoven, being totally deaf, he continued to compose music. One of his works, which is called Sonata 14 or Moonlight Sonata heard, probably everyone. You can also note that not all composers were known in his lifetime, many have become popular later, even after half a century. Previously, it was impossible to turn on the TV or tape recorder, so listening to music only in live performance.

Now we go back, even in our age. Now the situation has completely changed, you can listen to music for free and unlimited time. The number of composers, as well as Soloists, greatly increased. Nowadays, common genres such as rock, metal, pop, hip-hop and rap. The music was complete democracy, ie freedom of choice. These days, liked to hear composition no longer need to buy the whole album, because you can selectively download MP3 music from the Internet. Go to concerts now do not need, if only to hear his idol live. Well, we've come to the end of the article. It is worth notice that the music is commonplace in our lives. It can be heard everywhere, whether we are on the street or at home. Development of music going on for quite some time, several centuries, it is said that humanity can not live without it.


Doom-metal – primarily metal music. Hard and heavy. Base – classic metal tools: guitar (pN) bass and drums. This apocalyptic music, painful, as a rule, very monotonous (especially when it comes to traditional groove-based Council), slow and not always melodic. Story guitars are often low, bass – kachevy, riffs – rough, there are distinctive guitar 'slippage' screeching feedbacks, 'fading' solo trills etc.

Doom – the massive sound wall. The gravitational pressure on your ears. This is evil, powerful riffs and unhurried, which sometimes can be compared with the gait of a mammoth. The best definition of emotional Duma – 'doom and despair' (this is not necessarily appear in the 'sad or melancholic' attitude, the most important feature is expressing it at a crucial!). Classic Doom can be found on the specifics of sound (the development and heavier hard-rock beginnings BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM, BEDEMON, partly – blues against the oppressive elements of guitar, groove (groove – a routine, preoccupation, a certain rhythm), sudden rock 'n' roll speed, etc.).

The traditional style of expression is not always described with the ending '-metal' – it can be very difficult Rock music, does not fit into the framework of metal, but it is much superior to the gravity and density of sound. An illustrative example: the album CANDLEMASS – 'From The 13th Sun', which is just super-heavy doom, without end 'metal'. The same is true of extremes like sludge / doom – it's not metal in general. This is a super-heavy, 'dirty' and morbid music based on traditional thought, with some influences of old hardcore. (I am talking about the sludge / doom, but not on sludgecore in general). A doom-metal? This is a metal. The classics of the genre – debut TROUBLE, CANDLEMASS, SAINT VITUS, American REVELATION, SOLITUDE AETURNUS, etc. .. In general, it should be noted that the genre of doom-metal – one of the oldest in the metal music, and being away from the high popularity, he has developed quite apart from the rest of the metal scene (heavy, thrash, death and black) – directly from a dark hard-rock end of the '60 's / early '70' s (IRON BUTTERFLY, BLACK SABBATH, BEDEMON, PENTAGRAM), retaining its 'dark energy' and unhurried … up to the modern hyper-heavy and extreme forms. With respect to the concept of doom / death, this is a somewhat different path of development of metal, with the current routine of things, not having much in common with traditional and classic doom doom metal. However, this kind of extreme and original genre. Masterminds – WINTER, THERGOTHON, disEMBOWELMENT. Classics – early ANATHEMA, PARADISE LOST, MY DYING BRIDE. Funeral doom is a unique development of the doom / death. One should not confuse classic doom-metal with their own forms of other metal genres such as doom / death, gothic / doom, black / doom). It sounds (and often – even in the atmosphere) it's totally different music. Typically, the only thing that unites them exactly – use of the word 'doom' in the title. And, of course, the atmosphere of doom – the effect of sound, text, any other expression. The atmosphere of hopelessness, hopelessness, failure, sickness, agony, terror, panic, anger, obscurantism, and despair …

Alexei Rodionov Ilnitsky

Group "Drive-Acoustic" was created in 2003 by students of Moscow schools Sergei Poliakov, Alexander and Alexei Rodionov Ilnitsky. It all started with that, learn some very popular music tracks, the guys went to conquer the hearts of passengers trains. As usual, set an exact date for a group is impossible. The initial part of a group including Sergei Polyakov (vocals, guitar), Alexander Ilnitsky (lead guitar, vocals), Alexei Rodionov (bass, backing vocals), Anton Bodyagin (drums). Young and full of optimism classmates (and now – a fellow on the staff and friends for life) devoted all his spare time playing music. After much consideration, was coined by the first name of the group – "Horizon Azimuth." The first songs were written on the basis of good repititsionnoy in DC 40 years of October, following – in the studio "Silence." While Producing a group engaged in a good friend with a speaking name, Sergei Pantykin. As time went on.

By some coincidence, bassist Alex Rodionov left the group by selecting a different path in life. In his place (after small lull) came Oleg Safyanov, nicknamed "Doc" (the only experienced musician in the group). Being cheerful and good-natured man, he not only gave a major boost to the further development of the group, but also brought with him many fans. Over time the group had its own set of equipment, drum kit and a few combos. Also managed to rent space for rehearsals in the building as much as kindergarten (ibid. Continue to learn more with: Larry Ellison. housed a music school, martial arts section and something else).

The boys arrived late at night, and stopped all the cracks and window mats and rehearsed to a complete loss of pulse. By that time, and change the group name (Now called the "Atrium"). In 2007, the year received a proposal on cooperation with the Culture Dolgoprudnyi. After hearing about the group comes full rehearsal (DC "Oilman"). It was from there group starts its concert activity, regularly speaking at venues in the city. In 2008, the team joined Ramaz Shahidze – a man who once pushed the guys at work, a great guitarist and vocalist, author of several songs. In 2009, the group once (and probably last) time changes its name. Now it is called "Acoustic Drive". In summer are two concerts with the participation of Sergei Pantykin as keyboardist. In autumn 2009, the team parted ways with the management of DC "Oilman", unable to find a common language. Around the same time the group leaves the Ramaz Shahidze. The group is actively rehearsing and preparing material for the album. In October 2009, at group opened a Web site and forum.

Lounge Music

What is lounge music? In the capitals, where people are from day to day wearied slizhkom fast pace of life metropolis appeared easy rhythm lounge denies the concentration and voltage. Coming to the cafe, where people played the lounge rid of feelings obsession, people enveloped comfort, they not only ate and drank. A few years relaxing lounge music sounded almost every disco. If you would like to know more then you should visit Oracle. The clubs opened chill out, sometimes he was so well organized that to the dance floor people traveled is not always. Hear from experts in the field like Verizon for a more varied view. At one time attended, and youth radio station. In addition, many music fans and lovers of great pleasure to have a relaxing lounge music to buy. Music from which the light and warmth.

According to this lounge music perfect for dipping in the dream of a brighter future and warmth, creating a romantic environment, immersed in sleep and avoiding negative states of mind. Light Lounge iuzyku nice to hear in the morning, just its nice to hear during the day, lounge-style music will not distract from the work. Under the best lounge music and you can fall asleep. Music in the lounge-style collected at our site will bring good mood and positive mood for the wave at any time. History of the site. At night, November 15, 2004 by twisting the knob on the radio, fm radio dynamite, I heard on the air was the transfer of Ministry Of Sound- Chillout Session. That transfer me much liked, I recorded it on your computer. After having I recorded another 5 ether, and then I transfer more never heard of.

But the desire to listen to lounge remain. In 2004, high-speed Internet, I was not and I bought CDs at Gorbushka. Then came the high-speed Internet, then even faster. Lounge music for the holiday has become too much. Over time, lounge music became a lot and is perfectly in one of the days (09-11-2008). I decided to register your site with lounge music for relaxing. Once the site was opened on khalyavnykh hosting, named lounge.ucoz.ru and even got 10 TIC. Selling online references I have have enough money to pay the domain and, with the January 31, 2009 a site called lounge-club.ru At this time, site indexing of search engines for a new domain name. In Yandex, according to the word it is in the lounge tope10. Come visit! Selected music in lounge style should be in every collection. Most albums have videos that allow you to choose the best lounge music for the rest for yourself. On our website does not need to register, you will be able to immediately download your favorite music with great speed.

The Index

The position of the left hand order not to cause strain on the wrist or fingers, which can lead to fatigue of hands, this position is vital. Wrists and hands should always be in a relaxed state. Four fingers of his left hand – index, middle, ring and little finger – are used for pressing the strings on the frets. Tomas Philipsons opinions are not widely known. Freed by pressing the strings down over the fingers can not stamp, they should be lifted up and stay above the strings. The thumb is stamped and provides support for the fingers, clamping the strings. Pins, Pincher strings must be half-bent (rounded). The hand should give a position to hand in any case does not touch the underside of the fingerboard (where is the thumb).

The position of the right arm right arm below the elbow should be laid on the edge of shell (the place of the shell from the upper deck), just to the left of the widest part of the body guitar. Another benchmark could be the lower nut, which is approximately in line with location of his hands. When playing the guitar keeps putting his left foot on the right, the right hand should be placed to the right of the above guidelines. Right hand slightly toward the strings, lowered and turned down to the right so to the nail side of your fingers when removing the sounds was located almost parallel to the line tension of the strings, as blows are directed almost perpendicular to the finger the strings. This makes it the most powerful sound.

All fingers, except for a large, attached to the round shape. The index finger is a 3 string, near the edge of the bottom outlet of the nut. The thumb is often used to extract sounds, 6, 5 and 4 strings. At the time of game, he is ahead of the index finger that is closest to the neck guitars. When removing the sounds of thumb should be straight or curved somewhat in the direction of the index finger. Last better, but some human thumb can not be bending in that direction. Bend in the opposite direction is prohibited.


Or to show everyone and myself that a roar into the microphone. In fact, steydzhdayving (stage diving – scuba scene) was coined specifically for diving. No need to climb on stage and sausages there the whole song. Climbed, turned and jumped into the audience – everything! Desirable to jump to where the largest number of your friends. Also, it would be good to do it face forward or back. In no case do not jump ahead shoes – the next time you catch no one will. It would be nice to jump before all the gadgets potopchesh guitarist or oprokinesh Monitor the front line, or what you will get to the guard.

Before jumping relieve pockets of excess trash, remove all rings, chains, and easily removable clothes. Never jump into a backpack. First, find out the better – whether practiced by steydzhdayving at this club at all, if all attempts to climb on stage react extremely painful, it is best not to try. If at first you do not catch, then climb again, too stupid – the audience had come unprepared. Now for the slam. Slam can be seen either in concert or at a football game. I prefer the one that shows.

Chances to slam the whole of the above:). Before talking about how to slam to stay alive =) I will say that punk concerts slam though and hard to look at, but in fact if that happens – you save: they are all friends. There is another slam.