The Index

The position of the left hand order not to cause strain on the wrist or fingers, which can lead to fatigue of hands, this position is vital. Wrists and hands should always be in a relaxed state. Four fingers of his left hand – index, middle, ring and little finger – are used for pressing the strings on the frets. Tomas Philipsons opinions are not widely known. Freed by pressing the strings down over the fingers can not stamp, they should be lifted up and stay above the strings. The thumb is stamped and provides support for the fingers, clamping the strings. Pins, Pincher strings must be half-bent (rounded). The hand should give a position to hand in any case does not touch the underside of the fingerboard (where is the thumb).

The position of the right arm right arm below the elbow should be laid on the edge of shell (the place of the shell from the upper deck), just to the left of the widest part of the body guitar. Another benchmark could be the lower nut, which is approximately in line with location of his hands. When playing the guitar keeps putting his left foot on the right, the right hand should be placed to the right of the above guidelines. Right hand slightly toward the strings, lowered and turned down to the right so to the nail side of your fingers when removing the sounds was located almost parallel to the line tension of the strings, as blows are directed almost perpendicular to the finger the strings. This makes it the most powerful sound.

All fingers, except for a large, attached to the round shape. The index finger is a 3 string, near the edge of the bottom outlet of the nut. The thumb is often used to extract sounds, 6, 5 and 4 strings. At the time of game, he is ahead of the index finger that is closest to the neck guitars. When removing the sounds of thumb should be straight or curved somewhat in the direction of the index finger. Last better, but some human thumb can not be bending in that direction. Bend in the opposite direction is prohibited.