Service Employees

Disc seminar training by Voss + partner quickly to assess seller and customer service representative, other people to find a wire to them. How is my opposite ticking? Seller must gather often quickly that, if they are new customers. Because only then they manage to attract the customers properly and to build a trusting relationship with them. Goes like this, companies can communicate their vendors using a seminar the the Voss + Partner GmbH, Hamburg, offers. “His title: disc sales”. In the one-day seminar is the sellers illustrated first, how different are the customers, their needs and value systems, which is why different things are important to them. Then them that there are certain basic types despite all differences among customers, the certain ways of thinking and behavior styles prefer explains.

To illustrate this the participants, personality profiles are created in the frame of the seminar by the sellers of disc the them Provide information about their own thinking and behavioural preferences. So sensitized the seller deal then with the question: How can I tell in customer contact, whether a dominant or proactive, a conscientious or continuous type face is more me? For example due to the clothes. Or on the basis of the language and of the selected vocabulary. This building, the participants deal with the question of how they should respond to the various types of customers, so that they feel as individuals perceived and appreciated value and build trust to them. If desired sales executives can also a license after this basic seminar, in their management work as an instrument of personal and team development to insert the disc personality profile.