In those cases I think it takes two, one that makes the times psychiatrist, another analyst who keep his empty spot of desire. Desire of the analyst who found an empty place. We know that, but what I want to? What desire leads us to make from Secretaries, witnesses, similar or, why not, of landfills?. Desire of the psychotic, through his work, will invent a place, invents a knowing, that enable it to make social tie. With his delusional it to do something, to make up something. To live with his delirium, as we try to live with our unconscious, and not for his delirium, as the neurotic lives for his unconscious.

It’s not an automaton of the signifier, that live within a social bond that does not exhaust the life, but which is essential to make this possible. For this it is necessary that the psychotic acquiesces to the experience that we propose you. To conclude I wanted to refer to certain terms that I’ve used a bit joyfully in this exhibition: If the psychotic subject is not, nor can be, because it is not subject of desire, is not barred; We need to invent other writing to designate their subjectivity and not reduce it to the place of object. As it says in the Sem Lacan. III insofar as it speaks to the other exists as a subject. (AND how they talk to each other! With what irony!).

If there is no unconscious in psychosis, at least if we think as the neurotic unconscious; Yes there is something there, something that Freud called unconscious opencast, something that allows to the psychotic dream. Yes to that, according to our model, we can not call it unconscious, we will have to invent a signifier to the unconscious. If there is no Ghost in psychosis, (at least if we accept that the Ghost is answer subjective to the desire of the other), there is something there that looks like a ghost: a series of fantasies that the psychotic attempts to cope with what there is. And, in some cases, we can help you, as symbolic agents, to make a construction phantasmatic that allows certain social tie. If there is no symbolic transfer in psychosis, there is something that will allow our work and which, somehow, will have to appoint. With regard to patients who have contributed to this presentation, I will not say that they are stabilised, but that Jose has abandoned its body rigidity, studying English and will gradually returning true social bonds. While he tells me his delirium, invented to tell me about it:-Aunt – tell me – do I have to explain it all?. Yes, and while he explains me, systematizes a delirium, invents a world that he can inhabit. Thus builds a history of re-encarnaciones and re-crea at the same time, a children’s story. It is my ignorance, because yes I crossed, barred, which allows me to locate, in the place of the analyst, a demand for labour that incites the psychotic to the production. As for Nicholas, he continues trying to build an object woman for use. For my part, only thing I’ve done has been to encourage them to work. Theirs will be the fruits of that labour.