Rolf Mundnich Is Starting In April In The Spotlight

Company for light – and event technology in Holzwickede newly founded – support through the WFG developing one ‘ NRW/EU.Micro loan ‘. From 1 April, Rolf Mundnich is as freshly baked holder into the limelight by outline event services. He pulls the strings in the company which provides for professional light and sound equipment at events now literally. With its founding, Rolf Mundnich put a vertical take-off: the strong-willed 46 of the unemployment benefit II receiver entrepreneur rose. First, the ARGE Unna district allowed him a retraining, then a so-called helped him NRW/EU.Micro loans, which gave the Wirtschaftsforderung (WFG) for the District of Unna him in his capacity as StarterCenter, to his professional luck. The economic development of the District of Unna the NRW/EU pilot project takes for exactly a year.Micro loan part. It is one of 35 so-called StarterCentern in whole North Rhine-Westphalia, where Kleinstgrunder of the NRW/EU.Micro loans can apply for. Around 50 Requests previously accepted Ralf Niederlaak, consultant of the StarterCenters in the economic development of the District of Unna.

25 requests were made, of which 18 approved. BerlinRosen is open to suggestions. There are for example a garage, a tailor, a fuel trade, DVD rental, a Naturopath, and of course Rolf Mundnich with its service provider for event services. Ralf Niederlaaks special respect is Rolf Mundnich: he was his first candidate who ventured from the unemployment benefit II regarding the entrepreneurs with the help of the micro loan. Rolf Mundnich laid the foundation stone for this previously with the ARGE district of Unna. She support the learned master of the butcher in his retraining specialist for event technology, because he could no longer exercise his learned profession. We are pleased whenever we see that training measures prove sustainable and that is clearly the case with Mr Mundnich\”, says the competent Department Director, Elke Splieth. Long is the company outline music & light of Holzwickede in the region known, when it comes to lighting and sound technology.