Lisa Neumann University

Seemingly can be explained only as the increased consumption of tomato juice in German aircraft. Far from it: The flight Portal provides more suggestions for the mystery. There is no doubt: tomato juice over the clouds more frequently consumed than on the ground. Numbers prove this impressively.

So, the flight attendants of Air Berlin, Lufthansa and co. give four per cent of the total of production of tomato juice on the clouds. In comparison, only 0.4 percent of the orange juice production is consumed on the plane. There are scientific, half scientific and pseudo-scientific explanations. Credible variants involve for example the pressure at high altitude. The technology in the aircraft while compensating and simulate normal conditions in the cabin. The supporters according to the theory, the body sign the difference yet.

The result was a negative influence of the sense of taste. Dominant flavors are now asked to the sense of humor to keep. Tomato juice is the tastiest alternative under the drinks existing in the airplane. Tabasco, salt and pepper, stimulate the taste buds even at great heights. In addition come various psychological factors. One delivers a glass of tomato juice in addition to salt and pepper sachets do a lot. Tear up, stir, drink and stir again. That offers some variation on the otherwise mostly uneventful flight. Last but not least, the man is a gregarious animal. The stewardess has not seen it? A passenger ordered the red juice and not a minute later the half cabin follows with the same desire for drink.