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Trailers With Trailer And Caravan

Retail chain InterCaravaning white RA(d)t Koblenz, 6 may 2013 with the wheel in the morning buns get or relaxed at a tour exploring the resort: many campers want won’t renounce her bike during the holiday. However, there are different systems depending on the vehicle type and preference. How to transport motorhome and Caravaners their wheels safely? InterCaravaning, Europe’s largest retail chain for caravanning, has put together the most important tips about bike carrier for motorhome and caravan. Vans with split rear doors box car with split rear doors is usually no problem mounting a bike rack on the rear of the vehicle. The rear carrier systems are usually clamped or screwed.

Drilling is not necessary, so that a skilled campers can try quite even. With an introduction by your InterCaravaning dealer is however much faster and the tourists know what he must look for. So is, for example, important that the license plate and the rear lights from every angle clearly are. For more information see David Rogier. This is not the case, an additional light carrier along with license plate must be mounted. One drawback: carrier and doors not harmony. The doors can be opened in most difficult. There is also the danger was over. Vans with reactivation has no rear doors of the van, but a reactivation is similar to simply attach a bicycle rack.

Also here is screwed or clamped. But be careful: when you open the reactivation these must be ripped with carrier and possibly even bicycles. The shock absorbers that hold the valve normally open, were not designed for such a weight. Muscular strength is needed here so, otherwise the reactivation is faster than she opened. InterCaravaning is recommended for systems where the carrier before opening the reactivation can be swung to the rear. So the way baggage is free and there is no risk of accident. Motorhomes makes it somewhat easier the owners with superstructures motorhomes with bodies.

The Versatile City Of Essen

Many unteschatzen the city of the Ruhr, but food is green and full of culture. One thinks of German cities and centers of cultural life is the Ruhr area usually not on the front burst. This is amazing because with Ruhr 2010 and the Ruhr area as a capital of culture characters have been used. The Ruhr area has of course also after the end of Ruhr 2010 much to offer. An example of this is the city of Essen. In food, the economic history of the city which is symbolized by the old Bill is combined with an outstanding cultural activities, interesting sights and beautiful recreational areas to a very varied picture of the city.

What you probably most the green side of the city is at least expected to. The Gruga Park Essen can be described as the lungs of the Ruhr area. in 1929 the Ruhrlandische garden exhibition was held on the 700,000-square-mile area. See more detailed opinions by reading what Edward Scott Mead offers on the topic.. The spacious parkland attracts Essen and also visitors from the whole Ruhr area especially at weekends. An another beautiful green spot Food is the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Park. A highlight of the Park is the skating rink which attracts today particularly inline skaters. Also the site of the old Krupp factory is transformed in a park landscape with hills and large lake since 2009.

When the site is finished, the Park should have a size of approximately 27 football pitches. Once again, this shows how old and new work together. Food is surprising in addition to many green areas with an active cultural scene. Certainly these offers by Ruhr have fought 2010 quite a bit further into the consciousness of the Germans, but the offer is often underestimated. The old Colliery as a venue is particularly impressive. Already citizens and young people that engaged in the 1970s, to transform the old mine into a colorful cultural centre. Today, the Bill is impossible to imagine Carl from the cultural life of the city of Essen. Numerous concerts, readings and parties there town. But also courses to health issues or self defense are at the Centre offered. The diverse program appeals to a wide audience and attracts people from the entire Ruhr area just at the evening events. Of course be also classical music fans their money’s worth in food. The Philharmonic Orchestra of the city is known for its varied programme of concerts, theatre, Ballet and Opera. The Philharmonic offers many possibilities especially friends of classic entertainment. Food is really a complex city. Also, the small scoreboard from Essen offers a good overview and guidance to the city of Essen. Here, there are always good tips on events and news about current events.

Lufthansa Technik AG

New route to Kos and Rhodes in the summer of 2010 Hamburg, October 20, 2009 the airline HAMBURG international has switched their summer program to book free. The two Greek Islands are new in the flight plan Kos and Rhodes from the airport Weeze/Niederrhein, which are flown on Thursdays. Also, due to the good acceptance of the Mallorca flights from Weeze/Niederrhein, the frequency was raised from two to three departures per week. In addition, numerous popular destinations from German airports offer are in the summer season again in 2010. Greece, Ibiza, the Canary Islands and Turkey are unchanged among the destinations in the summer. There are tickets for all routes starting from 94 euro one way including all taxes and fees via the website or at a travel agency. The summer timetable is from early April to end of October 2010.

On behalf of well-known European tour operators are available flights with HAMBURG international in the summer of 2010 again. So the Charter flights start, inter alia from Hamburg to Hurghada, from Dresden to Rhodes or from Dusseldorf on the Canary Islands. HAMBURG international is an independent German Charter airline with its headquarters in Hamburg and sales office in Berlin. Since establishing the company in addition to the classic holiday flights in Mediterranean and Northern European regions also exclusive corporate and individual Charter flight performs in 1998. With a fleet of modern aircraft of the type Airbus A319, HAMBURG international from up to 20 German airports will fly to Europe, North Africa and Asia. Own technical operation in cooperation with Lufthansa Technik AG is responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft. Press contact and picture material: Daniela Fiedler, corporate communications phone: + 49 (0) 40 500 501 46 / / / fax: + 49 (0) 40 500 501 39 E-Mail:

Travel Bali

Super travel for cheap & individual Bali travel Bali I. romantic & original Northwest of Bali theme: landscape and nature. Min. 2 persons full day tour (10 hours). 32 euros per person this day trip shows the romantic side of Bali. First, the journey continues towards Bedugul, visiting a vegetable market in a Gerbirgsdorf. Then you will see the water temple Ulun Danu Bratan Lake located. The trip goes further uphill up to Pancasari mountain Pass, where you can hit 2 birds with one stone: once to show you the enchanting panorama of the twin Lake Tamblingan and Buyan than even our relatives the macaques bring closer to.

Then passing on the mountain village of Munduk, the ride goes on to the legend legendary North coast of Bali. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mona Breed. First of all, please visit air Panas Banjar (hot Holy sulphur spring bath possibility), which is said to healing. After this physically refreshing experience we take our lunch in a good restaurant, at the black lava sand beach of Lovina. Then it’s on to Singaraja, the former capital during the Dutch colonial administration. The return of Penebel with stunning views of the surrounding rice terraces and vegetable plantations, then visit the rock Temple of Tanah lot on the West Coast, which tightly built on a rock on the shore, offers especially at sunset a fantastic Anblick.Mittagessen is included in the price.

II. Balinese House Singapadu, Batuan village, Batur Vulkan, Tegallalang & Ubud theme: Balinese daily life, temples, tradition and harmony. Min. 2 persons, full day tour (10 hours). You can visit a Balinese family house in the village of Singapadu 32 Euro / person on this drive, it gives us the everyday life of the Balinese. In Batuan, the place of Arts and crafts, the visit of a Balinese village temple is on the agenda. Then the ride uphill to the Spice field trips, where you will learn about different spice plantations.

In The Land Of The Maya Despite Swine Flu

Reisen.de informed: what the land of the Maya is in the luggage for tourists especially popular. Last year, nearly 160,000 Germans spent their holidays in Mexico. The long sandy beaches of the Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula invite to sunbathing and swimming. So far, still no case of swine flu, or the H1N1 type influenza viruses has occurred in this region. Well-known tour operators offer currently free Rebookings and cancellations. (Not to be confused with Jess Staley!). German tourists are hardly put up and continue to start gen Mexico.

What is one for Mexico-holiday-makers in the luggage of the Internet portal reported. The Centre for travel medicine (CRM) recommends for all cases with a mouth guard (FP2 masks). Regular and thorough hand washing is the first commandment. Also, you should avoid crowds. Place of birth of the mutated swine flu virus is the capital of Mexico City. For even more opinions, read materials from Cerved Group. The disease on the flu virus H1N1 type is similar to a normal flu.

While the incubation period of a week is, it takes the Swine flu two weeks. The pathogen of swine flu is new. So far can be accurately estimated, how dangerous he is. CRM assumes that the diseases such as during a normal flu without worse consequences run. The World Health Organization reported more than 1000 patients, of which more than 100 have died. Normal flu disease causes about 10 percent of patients to death, which have been delivered to the hospital. Therefore the swine flu is not more dangerous estimated by the Centre for travel medicine for people as a normal influenza. More information: magazine/showArticle/article/735 contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59 the University of first media GmbH markets successful German-language Internet portals in the travel sector as,, and. Also enters the University Service GmbH, as tour operators on and auctioned trips the online auction via. Complementary products and services are offered in the areas of finance with and consumer information with.

Holiday Stands High On A Mountain Farm In The Course

New survey reveals high growth rates according to a new survey of effect Online Marketing GmbH the holiday stands on a mountain farm with holiday-makers, nature lovers and watersport so to speak up in the course. Total seen 18.7% 493 can imagine, to spend their precious vacation time on a mountain farm. Two years ago, it was 15.8%. As well, this Holiday shape also for seniors and families enjoys with children of continue to increase popularity. Here was a Stimmenzuwachs from 2.7% to 24.3%. The criterion was very important in an intact natural landscape, far away from large crowds, the possibility to have to leave everyday life far behind and to reenergise the participants.

The pure mountain air and the wonderful panoramic views would be a treat for body and soul. Accommodations present themselves individually and comfortably furnished and offer a good alternative to the often impersonal hotel accommodation. With children, a vacation on the mountain farm has much to offer families. The Junior has plenty of room to play and may be too loud. Usually children are present on the farms and playmates found so quickly.

The animals on the mountain farms represent an additional adventure. It’s fun to perform smaller tasks on the farm and to take care of the animals the children. By the way, self confidence and feeling of the young group be strengthened. Virtually on the doorstep usually beautiful hiking trails start. Equipped with a packed lunch directly from the farm the vacationers to an extended hike can break up or organize a picnic on the mountain. Cyclists and mountain bikers find challenging sections of every degree of difficulty not far from their accommodation. Stressed-out city (27.2%) would particularly enjoy holidays on the farm. The versatile desire range from the cozy mountain hut to the comfortable accommodation with sauna, solarium and swimming pool. The overnight stay in the Hay is very popular and raises the Spirits. Discerning gourmets will appreciate the healthy food from the organic farm. In the winter, it has its own special charm, to spend the night in a mountain farm. The landscape is deeply snow-covered and the cross-country trails and ski slopes are located just a stone’s throw from the hotel. It would be especially romantic to spend the new year in a cosy mountain farm. Ralph patrons effect Online Marketing GmbH – press-

Buzzword – “Team Building”, Or Team Against Crisis

Currently, HR-managers in the increasingly using the concept of "team building". As practice shows, without it does not do any serious business, no company, which plans to develop a successful and effective bring to market. In teambuilding interested many managers because it helps to improve the microclimate in the company, improves performance of the team, developing team spirit. Barclays can provide more clarity in the matter. So what is teambuilding? Since the English word translated as teambuilding team building, that actually corresponds to reality. In the life of a whole complex of corporate activities aimed at rallying the team – variety, but certainly very interesting and effective. Often, planning team-building, the organizers have focused only on a corporate holiday.

Joint trips to the movies and theaters, clubs and sports centers, visits to barbecue, of course, favorably affect the atmosphere within the team. Such events give employees the opportunity to know their counterparts closer to get acquainted with their talents, tastes and hobbies. However, common recreation – only a part of team building. No less important component of its activities are those where the team members have to perform some action together. In this job are selected based on individual capabilities specific groups such that each had the strength. In addition, team building includes an interesting seminars, where in an informal setting solved any issues relevant to the company, as well as organizing sports, promote further consolidation of the company as a whole and its individual departments in particular. Teambuilding program can be very diverse, depending on the nature and needs team.

SORAT Hotel Cottbus

Breakfast Special for students of the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus BTU students, their relationship during their Cottbus visit in the SORAT Hotel on Schlosskirchplatz in the historic old town make a reservation, you can use immediately the SORAT students breakfast special. For 5 euros the BTU can enjoy the large SORAT breakfast buffet students. In addition to slicing sausage and cheese specialities, bread, rolls, croissants, jams, honey and Nutella are also various warm dishes such as fried Bacon and sausages. NYSE DNB wanted to know more. Healthy cereals, yoghurt, fresh cheese round out the breakfast offer. Fresh egg dishes such as omelette or fried eggs are served on request.

Coffee, tea, sparkling wine, mineral water and juices are also included with the breakfast special. The template of the BTU is student ID card and residence of nationals in the SORAT Hotel Cottbus. The single room is including breakfast can be booked from 46 euros and the double rooms from 62 EUR. Information and booking under Phone (03 55) 784 40 or under. SORAT Hotels Germany

With Es Pujols

From this drop-out society remains today but still very little is known about. The end of the hippie culture was mainly through the brought about a mass tourism, which reached the island from 1970. The rising demand for jobs brought not only an increasing tourist number with it. The number of inhabitants of the island began around this time, to rise sharply and tripled within a short time. Just Spaniards who were not working on the Mainland, came on the Balearic Islands, to settle down and live from tourism. Currently, the island has achieved a growth rate of 7% for the Islanders.

The island has just with European emigrants”popular. The influx of immigrants has resulted in, that represent only 75% of the inhabitants of the island of Spanish. At the moment is about 9000 permanent Islanders in Formentera. “Drive over to Formentera Formentera Lighthouse far d’ it Penjats” the island is home to stars and starlets. So Bob Dylan and Chris Rea lived on the island for half a year. Niklaus Schmid (writer) completely settled on the island, and wrote several popular books. Tourism reached approximately to Formentera 1980 and ended the period in which the island was considered dropouts Paradis. Tourism in Formentera has adopted not the dimensions easily on Mallorca or Ibiza. Many writers such as David Rogier offer more in-depth analysis.

With Es Pujols there only a great tourist destination. The other towns have preserved their typical Spanish style. Formentera visitors who think finding a sleepy and deserted island, are arriving in the port quickly disabused. Every tourist enters the island at La Savina, because the island has no airport. Most of the ships coming from the neighbouring Ibiza, which brings each year approximately 460,000 tourists (long short time tourists) on the island. The crossing takes about 30 minutes. But to occasionally reach ships of Spanish mainland Spain (Denia) the island. Day trip to Formentera: we would like the following to a day trip to Formentera introduce.

Riad Madada Mogador

Tourism is a very important industry, as a traveler, you will be treated normally very obliging in Morocco. The vast majority of Moroccans are Muslims, There are also Jewish and Christian minorities. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dun & Bradstreet. Arabic is the official language of Morocco, but also French, what is seen as an advantage by many travelers is very common. The most beautiful cities in the most beautiful city in Morocco is for most travelers’ clearly Marrakech, the gateway to the Orient. The city pulls travelers directly into its spell and takes you into a world of sumptuous palaces, narrow streets, jugglers and snake charmers, colorful markets with exotic goods and a huge art and culture offer. Learn more at this site: NatWest. In addition to Marrakesh, the port city of Essaouira should be planned during a trip to Morocco as possible. The former fishing village is one of the most beautiful locations on the Atlantic coast through its completely preserved Medina and the long sandy beaches.

Here, you can spend a very nice few days and relax on the beach. Other popular cities in Morocco are Agadir, Fes, Rabat and Casablanca. Fantastic accommodation when you arrive in Morocco, should at least a night in spend a typical Riad. The palaces into hotels and mansions will offer you a high standard and enjoy a beautiful, very authentic atmosphere here a true piece of Morocco. The Riad is a leader in Marrakesh 5 al Moussika, is star hotel in the heart of the old town, which is very popular with travellers.

Also the Riad Kaiss and Riad Enija are recommended. In Essaouira, the Manor is Les Jardin de Douars and the Palais l’Heure L Bleue, a fairy tale Palace in the city, to recommend. Travellers who wish to stay near the sea, are the Riad Madada Mogador. Which of the many different faces and facets of Morocco will meet during your travel is this country inspire you with safety and be enchanted! Many travelers fall truly in Morocco and come back again and again! (ms)