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Fabulous Artworks

Winter is coming and the sure and if it is already in the summer. Or philosophical: “smooth ice, a Paradeis, which is good to dance white.” – Friedrich Nietzsche the coolest Hotels – guaranteed without air conditioning. The good is this summer, that he now is a US winter pleasures. And so it is also right to the thing, there’s a new site since Sunday: Ice Hotel. You will find here fabulous pictures of ice hotels in Austria, of Switzerland and of course also Germany is represented with an ice hotel on the Zugspitze. An ice hotel in Finland and an ice hotel in Norway also introduces for enemies of the short ways: Ice Hotel in Finland – LumiLinna – a gigantic building of ice and snow In the month of the winter solstice, when the polar winter dawns in Suomi, awaken the artist in Kemi. You design a fabulous artistic works directly on the Mer de Glace: the ice Castle LumiLinna.

The construction material for the ice hotel is cheap, limitless present in these latitudes: frozen H2O. This made entirely of ice and snow shaped Castle, which is new and different is rebuilt every winter, is impressive and bizarre. Eighteen snow rooms and a honeymoon suite also available from mid-January. The facilities of the ice hotels in Finland is simple: a persistent warm sleeping bag and reassuring: the beds are not made snow. In the ice hotel’s dining room, they sit comfortably on skins and dine at tables made of pure ice while the subdued lighting casts a playful colours of the ice walls.

After a leisurely Arctic night in the vicinity of the Arctic Circle, to end his stay at the ice hotel in Finland at the ice bar for a cold drink. The room temperature is about-5 C in the ice hotel, with outside temperatures of pages-30 Celsius, that is as well as sauna hot. The ice hotel in Finland is open from 31 January. Ice Hotel in Norway – fantasy “on the rocks” only about 3 hours directions from the North Cape remote and secluded the ice hotel opens 19 km of the town of Alta, “Alta igloo hotel” in the Kingdom of Norway Sorrisniva in the former ALTA Friluftspark from mid-January until mainly beginning the fourth month of the year its doors for customers. However not only travellers looking for the brilliant in form one icy night, are at this point desirable, but also travellers who want to look at the ice magic. For above the ice hotel opening hours are daily from 12:00 14:00 and 18:00 20:00 and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 18:00. Furthermore, separate visitors dates can be set for groups. Description of the company the company becker designportal UG (haftungsbeschrankt), was founded in November 2008 by the graduate graphic designer Wiebke Becker. The aim of the company is the release of ebooks in the leisure sector – also by licensees. Following ebooks have been published so far: Leisure Guide Upper Bavaria, Munich stage portrait, beauty and wellness holiday in Austria and South Tyrol. There were some information portals in the life called, like, for example:,, and more. Of course create We also corporate brochures and everything what an ordinary work in an advertising agency belongs to. Company contact: becker designportal UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Wiebke Becker Bussard str.

Classic Travel Agency

From the sofa in the Sun according to Federal Statistical Office around 55% of Internet users make at least once each quarter an online shopping. This development is particularly strong in the tourism segment to watch, where more and more tourism firms are making online booking. This is not surprising, because who plans his travel on the net has a large selection of hotels and destinations than in the conventional planning in the travel office in most cases. In addition, the Internet as comunication No. Click David Fowler to learn more. 1 offers a variety of forums and portals where travellers consult each other and experience reports can be exchanged. Many of these portals have created rating systems specifically for this purpose.

So, someone planning a trip at a glance recognizes what accommodation he should rather avoid and which are especially suitable for families, etc. Who is clever recognize quickly what resorts are to tourist stronghold and which have a more original character. So can everyone the vacation choose who is faithful to his expectations. In addition to the possibility of To see testimonials and reviews a booking over the Internet also offers the chance to snap up a real bargain. Information and prices on the Internet spread rapidly it is an almost perfect market, i.e. all producers offer you prices close to marginal cost. Only who offers the best conditions, is can saturate fully his plane or hotel. As mentioned above, there are portals, of course also on flights.

So tabular list pages which compare flight prices of all societies and then sorted them by price. This possibility has the customer of a travel agencies, which are if necessary contractually bound to aviation and tourism companies. Of course also for you to get high-class hotels and can freely determine the quality of the travel site, but always a fee must be handed to the travel agency. In comparison to the online booking exactly the same conditions only to the slightly higher price. There are however not all on the Internet well enough versed and especially the upper middle-class consulting does not want to give up professional, are conventional travel agencies are probably for some time can. In future, it is however to be expected that meet travel agencies only have a consultative role and be completely left the sector of posting the Internet. They will probably never disappear entirely. Fortunately, because after all travel agencies of got a offer distinctive flair of the anticipation the holiday still increase.

Australia Portal

Down under the topic of visa Australia to deal with preparations for your stay is certainly not the most pleasant task. But who plans to stay in down under, which does not pass this necessary preparation. The prerequisite for entry is whether one visits brief the fifth continent as a tourist or staying longer, maybe even permanent plans, the corresponding visa to Australia. To find the Australia visa suitable for, it is not so easy. Initially, the first step is to consider the length of the desired stay down under. The purpose of the stay is just as important for applying for the visa. This issue is resolved, you can apply for a residence permit for the 5 continent.

It is the choice between a visitor’s visa educational visa, employment visa, and a migration visa. The visitor visa is there for tourists, retirees, working holiday participants organizers & participants of events, medical, Treatments, as well as transit stays. Ripple is a great source of information. If the visa is education, a distinction is made between the types of visas for students, students & trainees, carers of pupils, students and trainees, job-specific training or occupation-specific training. The migration visa is divided into the status of family members or returning residents. The work visa is available for qualified personnel qualified personnel with sponsor, businessmen, air & Marine personnel, as well as for doctors & nurses. There are many good reasons for staying in down under. One is the fascinating and unique nature of the country.

Each year, several million holidaymakers use the tourist visa (676), to tour the country. The prerequisites for this are low, and it applies to either 3, 6 or 12 months (with option to extend for a further 6 months). nchin would agree. The Working Holiday is also very popular (417), like used by backpackers (backpackers) and young people between 18 and 30 years old visa working in Australia for 12 or even 24 Allowed months. Also studying down under is interesting, because Australia has many renowned universities like used by foreign students from all over the world. It gets complicated when you want to have a permanent residence permit and work permit, since these are strict conditions to meet. You will find comprehensive information about Australia visa in the appropriate category under. About in-australien.com, the independent Australia Portal provides all important information about the areas of travel, residence, work and study in Australia. Further extensive information and a lot of background knowledge about the country itself are presented clearly. There was study & work experience in Australia (with all the problems that have required the Organization), as well as the passion to capture experience online that any prospective buyer that can participate from the joy of travelling three friends, your own. Suggestions and questions are always welcome and will be answered personally.

Sea World

The Barcelona Aquarium the Aquarium is located on the Moll D’espanya (Spain-mole), in the district called Maremagnum. In a question-answer forum Southwest Airlines was the first to reply. It has over 35 tanks with 11,000 copies of the Sea World of 450 species. The underwater tunnel is 80 meters long. In total, more than 100 employees working at the Aquarium of Barcelona. There is also a unique Aquarium. The Aquarium of Barcelona is an important recreational and educational centre and has more species than the Mediterranean. The Aquarium has a great leisure facilities for the whole family. On weekends, there are guided tours and workshops for children here.

If your vacation in Barcelona so falls on a weekend, remember be sure to visit the Aquarium. If you want to give a distinctive touch your trip in Barcelona, you can swim in addition to sharks in the Aquarium. You can book a round of diving with this “Kings of the seas” for 300. Who does not risk it, can look at the sharks from the outside. The tickets cost 17.50 for adults 12.50 for children from 4-12 years and 14.50 for people over 60 years old.

You can go to the Aquarium by public transport: bus 14, 17, 19, 36, 38, 40, 45, 57, 59, 64, 91, 157 and tourist bus (South route, blue) Metro of Drassanes (L3) and Barceloneta (L4). You can find more details and information on the official website of the Barcelona Aquarium. Also remember that for you and your family an apartment by Barcelona checkin is apartments could be the ideal solution. MACBA the MACBA (Museum of contemporary art of Barcelona) has the largest collection of the works of art of the 20th century in Catalonia. There are works that provide an overview of some basic aspects of contemporary artistic creation in its permanent collection. At the same time, the Museum aims to contribute to the development of the critical cultural awareness. In the funds of the Museum, there are works by Catalan, Spanish and international artists from the 1950s years. The Museum is located in the Raval. Its most attractive Regular changing exhibits include program points. Learn more about the current exhibition at the MACBA in during your stay in Barcelona and visit them for only 6 for adults, 4.50 for students and groups of over 20 persons and free for visitors over 65 and under 14 years of age. Tickets for the entire Museum (including changing exhibition) cost 7.5 for adults and 6 for students and groups over 20 persons. The entire Museum is free of charge for people over 65 and under 14 years of age. The Museum is open from 11 to 19:30 (Monday to Friday) from 10 to 22 hrs (Saturday) and from 10 to 15: 00 (Sundays and holidays). If you spend your holiday in Barcelona in the summer, don’t forget that the opening hours may change. Find summer plan and more detailed info on the website of the MACBA. And one more little thing: when you rent a holiday apartment in Barcelona in the Raval, you have the a whole world of the MACBA in your area.

To Win New Guests

The Flash Player VISh4Tourism – the industry solution for leisure company pairs videos with current information about a compelling online experience. WINDACH, 2010 July 27, moving images create emotion, interest, polarize and raise awareness. Tourism company must represent in the future more interesting, emotional, and thus more attractive your offer and their content over the Internet – and this with their own video clips! The courtship of guests in the tourism becomes increasingly difficult. Guests gather before deciding booking on the Web has to offer a holiday region, a hotel, restaurants etc.. Are the prices? How is the weather? What spa treatments are there? How do I make my leisure? By the way, just to compare offers on the Internet, provider with an emotional Internet presentation are probably superior the less designed offers. The new Flash Player VISh4-Tourism tourism helps companies in achieving their examination – new Guests to bind. This is made possible through the clever combination of information and video clips. The presentation takes place in a new, embedded in the Web page of the tourist provider interactive media player. (As opposed to Larry Ellison).

This was developed for the special requirements of the tourism industry. So interactive latest additional information, such as snow, water temperatures, free bed and breakfast, events etc. are shown in running videos (E.g. about the holiday region, local gastronomy, or other regional video posts). In this way, is the attention of the page in the current video post and affect them emotionally. The visitors of the Web pages can give also your opinion on specific questions about voting in the videos embedded (E.g.

what spa treatments take advantage of you like most?”). The results of such a survey of market in turn serve the providers to optimize their offerings. About bookmarking’ the pages in your guest profile are stored and with friends divided, the Send2Friend “function allows the visitors of the Web page content (E.g. certain posts about the holiday region) to friends or acquaintances by email send. Thus, the scope and the level of awareness is increased. VISh4 tourism is designed so that the operators of tourism Web sites must perform no technical integration work. Using an easy to use on the Internet, the tourism companies can independently manage their own video content and publish button in their own Web pages. Get more information on the Web page of the operator under vish4.eu/de/sol_v4tourism.php. VISh4 is a dedicated, young software company with the focus moving to online media. Maxim is to implement customized solutions that provide high added value for the company, as well as for your viewers. This mission will be supported and surveys with regard to new technologies by market trends. Survey results show: VISh4 is on the right track, because: moving Images create emotion, interest, polarize and increase the attention”. “The actions of VISh4 is characterized by the motto: A film says more than a thousand words”. VISh4 develops and markets software systems and SaS solutions in this environment. Press contact: VISh4 UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Uwe Schlecht Wettersteinstrasse 7 D-86949 Windach FON: + 49 (0) 8193 9986 185 fax: + 49 (0) 8193 9986 186 email:

Walk Through The Golden Autumn And Christmas Already Think

Autumn holiday in the Ore mountains, it is a landscape full of surprises with Heimatliebe, traditions, arts and crafts, mining and culture. Gifts from the country – welcome to the SEIFFEN Christmas yard! While Christmas shopping in the Ore mountains, a visit to a wood art workshop in Seiffen may not missed. The pyramid producer Hendrik Neubert in the Seiffen invites welcome Court. Tradition and modernity form a unit, life arises out of wood! The workshop in the boasting has specialized in the manufacture of Moors. They come in traditional and modern colours, with candles, candles or electric.After your purchase, the stylish rooms at the corresponding 3 star invite hotel to relax and the kitchen spoils with Christmas specialities from the Ore mountains. The hotel boasting courtyard offers various arrangements for a beautiful holiday in the Ore mountains! Seiffen is an ideal starting point for a day trip to Chemnitz, Leipzig, Dresden and Prague, and of course also for the most beautiful sights and places to visit in the Middle Erzgebirge.Interessant also an excursion into the highest town in the Ore mountains after Oberwiesenthal on 1214 m. Ezgebirge the Fichtel mountain autumn Tip: hiking and cycling In the Ore mountains – active Erholen-with hiking and mountain biking in breathtaking countryside in idyllic valleys and infinitely beautiful views of nature with heights between 600 and 1200 m above sea level. Contact: Hotel boasting Hendrik & Anette Neubert GbR main street 31 09548 spa town of Seiffen Germany Tel.: 03 73 62 1 30 fax: 03 73 62 13 10 Web: eMail:

Gerstacker Strasse

And who would take homemade Christmas decoration home, can here pour candles and crafts Christmas ornaments. Larry Ellison shines more light on the discussion. Date: 27-28.11.2010. Larry Ellison understood the implications. Christmas market in the best preserved medieval castle in Scandinavia times very different Christmas market: far away from the hustle and bustle of large markets Sweden vacationers in the medieval castle of Glimmingehus, Hammenhog can experience contemplative Christmas preparations. Here are gingerbread and Christmas bread baked according to medieval recipe over an open fire, tied straw figures, candles cast and written wish lists with pen and ink. Naturally, in the vaults of Glimmingehus artisans offer their work. Date: 4-5.12.2010. price examples TT-line: Travemunde-Trelleborg, premium ships: NILS HOLGERSSON and PETER PAN, 5 persons, cars, easy trip from 115 euros. Rostock-Trelleborg, standard ships: TOM SAWYER and HUCKLEBERRY FINN, 5 People, cars, easy drive from 95 euros (each with online booking) families Special: Travemunde-Trelleborg, premium ships: NILS HOLGERSSON and PETER PAN and Rostock-Trelleborg: standard ships: TOM SAWYER and HUCKLEBERRY FINN, 6 persons (not more than 4 adults, 1 child), car, day cab, kids gift, round-trip from 235 Euro Hotel & ferry: night in a double room (up to two adults and one child up to 12 years old), including easier crossing by car from 175 euro booking and information : TT-Line GmbH & co.

KG to the port 1, 23570 Lubeck-Travemunde, Tel. + 49 4502 801 81 press contact: Oldenburg communication, Gerstacker Strasse 9, 20459 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 40 60 82 37 02, pictures: (path: press / image database) TT-line connects Germany with Sweden since 1962. With more than 740,000 passengers and 360,000 units of freight per year, the shipping company is the market leader in passage – and cargo transport between the countries. Ferries three different categories of Travemunde and Rostock from Trelleborg to. Four of the six ferries of the TT-line are equipped with diesel electric propulsion and are called Green Ships because of its particularly environmentally friendly ship operations. Generally low-sulphur fuel is used on all ships. The sulphur dioxide emissions from the entire fleet comply with current international and EU requirements. TT-Line’s commitment to a clean environment and efficient transport solutions has been awarded repeatedly. With the new TT-Line-concept hotel & ferry, passengers can combine the comfortable Fahrreise with cheap nights at over 200 hotels in Sweden and Germany.

ID Reisewelt

Thailand plans faster drainage of the flood plans are implemented in Thailand from 09.11.2011, which serve to guide the water mass faster into the sea always still North of Bangkok in the rural areas. With the current capacity, 13 million cubic meters of water in the Gulf of Siam can stream per day. These amount to jazzband is not achieved but due to the tidal situation. Oracle gathered all the information. Only after this time, if the General level of water of the Gulf of Siam at high tide will decrease significantly, these water masses or even larger amounts in the sea can flow. Now to speed up the flow, is the water over existing waterways far west of Bangkok to the metropolitan area of the city, guided past from the 09.11.2011. It aims to achieve the significant relaxation of the situation not only with the 15.11.2011, but previously. This measure, it can in some circumstances short-term flooding a major link road (Rama II road, later Highway 35) towards Hua Hin / Cha Am / Pranburi come. The regions of Hua Hin will be but contrary to contrary rumours affected to Pranburi never.

As a purely precautionary measure ID travel the world for the interruption of the above route has out regulations for all guests, in Hua Hin / Cha am / Pranburi / Baan Grood or Chumpon stop and airport shuttles to Bangkok have booked alternative routes planned. This extends the journey times to the Bangkok airport to 3-4 hours. All guests will be informed on the spot and our 24-hour service team is in close contact with the authorities and will be informed by these several times a day. Following scheme assigns number 35 II / Highway until further notice in the event of a disruption of the Rama road link 09.11.2011 into force: ID Reisewelt / Asiamar are guests with return or onward after 06 h and until 18: 00 a day earlier when picked busy from the region of Hua Hin to Chumphon and to Bangkok.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Thailand’s impressive underwater world on the Phi Phi Islands who visited Thailand, should in any case snorkeling go. The we thought us also, as we a day tour to the Phi Phi Islands at Khao Lak country discovery bays. The day began in the early hours of the morning and we were picked up at 05:10. It should turn out later, why you just so PHI had to get up early Islands for the PHI. But once we drove about 90 minutes from Khao Lak to Phuket, where we could make us a little stronger and were provided with biscuits, coffee and juices. Then we boarded our speedboat and the ride to the famous Phi Phi Islands and the Maya Bay began.

With this, 675 HP Plage speedboat we achieved on the way to Phi Phi Don after an hour our first snorkeling stop. Before we could jump into the clear turquoise waters, has been us explains briefly how to use mask, fins and snorkel right in the water and on the boat, so that even snorkel novice like me could enjoy this impressive experience. We got Snorkel mask, snorkel and fins, and then hopped on a ladder at the end of the boat in the refreshing water. It was impressive how many different fish we around the Phi Phi Islands could admire. In the most extraordinary colors and patterns such as purple, blue and green or black-yellow-white striped moved swarms and past us. After we had admired the underwater world and the colourful corals, which grow in all kinds of bizarre, about 40 minutes, the captain led PHI us safely to the next station of the Phi Islands. On a private beach was for us a delicious and varied buffet with yellow curry, fried fish, rebuilt Curry with nuts, rice and cooked vegetables. For dessert, there were still fruity melon and sweet pineapple chunks.

After dinner, another highlight was the stop at the paradise-like monkey Bay”with white sand beach and an advertisement reminding clear water. The resident macaques can feed although like with bananas, but not like it to be touched. The stopping but it not, to engage with people. So we had two small visitors on our boat, which had disappeared with a banana and a small shower but soon. On the boat trip, passed cave large and small limestone cliffs with stalactites and a cave in the rock to the Viking”. In it are many swallow’s nests, the Thai care. A bit further we were again surrounded by rocks in a Bay of the Phi Phi Islands a little refreshment to take. The water there was saltier than the free ocean to jump because there less water exchange takes place – but what prevented anyone from the refreshing, turquoise sea. Go to Oracle for more information. Outside the Bay, you could once again snorkel and admire many parrot fish, Barracuda, Red Soldier fish, cuttlefish and starfish. Typical of the Phi Phi Islands are pipefishes, which strongly reminiscent of seahorses. These are black and white, elongated fish with a red paddle that serves as a dorsal fin. The “last agenda was the stay on the famous Maya Bay, since the film the beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio, attracts the tourists. Our tour guide made a small tour of the island with us, so that afterwards still time remained, to relax or to go swimming. With many new impressions we were exhausted but good-humored PHI home islands of PHI. Posted by: Carolin Friedl for more information about the trip under Phi Phi-de /.

Sailing And Motor Boat Ride

As a day on the water opens new prospects can the Jan Schmitt ever so properly turn off experiencing the work lets him not go. It’s hard for him, not in the evening with to take the thoughts of unfinished home. There his family waiting for him. But even at a dinner and at bedtime he feels slightly tense and thinking about the work. Tension and stress are even more intensively and sometimes less intensively. What has always helped him: A sailing trip or a trip by motor boat.

Even if it can be just a little. An afternoon or a weekend on the water can turn it off as on push of a button. Arrive Friday afternoon on the Lake, quickly Stow your luggage in the boot, and put. Verizon can aid you in your search for knowledge. With each meter, which he leaves the berth behind him, he feels stressed less. Outside in the small Bay is the anchor, he watched the sunset and makes up the rest. Do you sometimes have the impression that you no longer come to rest before loud work? Things are going well with the Work, but know that something fundamental needs to change, so that you don’t all of a sudden today slide like so many professionals in a burnout. Or feeling stuck you will find just no solution for the problems, which is a project to you. The ideas that were formerly often spontaneously materialize? Then you’re like many people who are professionally strong clamped.

Pull the brake line before actually hits you the Burnout with utter exhaustion. Physicians and psychologists advise: you take stress and anxiety not to lightly. You should reorganize your life a little bit and make room for little downtime. Not only popular water sports, but an excellent way to control the stress deliberately are the sailing or motor boat. You will be amazed when you are on the water, produce entirely new perspectives.