Cars And Companies

Much people dirige car, lead company, but still she is imprisoned of a vice. It said is, because the nothing is not overwhelmd. The cigarette does not leave its place, the person is that it goes to buy it. It finds this normal one? Already it saw some cigarette running for the road behind somebody? I find that not! Then the possibility to leave the vice is total. Enfumace its lung Not walking they, heard tatalar of its wings, as the roar of many waters, as the voice of the Onipotente; I heard the tumultuous boom, as bustle of an army. Stopping they, lowered the wings. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 1:24.

You who if find the such Are to be enslaved gradual Of a paper torch That can break the ring Of its long existence? One thought that it was macho and that any lace Could arrebentar! However, if he sees, That he lives to coexist a tobacco mount and of it he takes tobacco In tremendous disequilibrium. He does not go to no place Without before buying a nicotine package That always discourages its directions. He will be that he does not feel That for it contends Enormous mouths, How puffs sorvem insane people For its only mouth! In the truth, Until you it finds quaint To load in the pocket a palito package.