WEB Semantics

It is known that Internet has a great impact on the enlargement of markets, the medium has become more important that companies give to know since it is there, where the marketing takes place. The dynamics of markets has given way to different virtual dynamics through the years. Initially he spoke of Marketing 1.0, whose main characteristic was the concentration on the product, with a one-way communication made in traditional media. We currently know and talk about Marketing 2.0, where the central axis is the consumer and highlights the constant interaction, through new media media and technology. Now there is talk of Marketing 3.0, which have various opinions and points of view, but where remains as what you think the consumer key element, and a moral value is added. So, what you want to search for, is offer products based on values.

However, there are professionals in the marketing refers to Marketing 3.0 as an element of the so-called WEB Semantics, is an extended web of longer range and greater significance. A website developed with types of language that will find answers with greater effectiveness, thanks to like this organized information within it. We would talk then of interactivity and mobility as key factors to let companies know that you course taken in the development of their activities. This definition related to the advances that tend to one ever-increasing and more efficient incorporation of the Web in daily life. It is not rare to hear such related concepts as permanent WEB or WEB 3D.

If we see these concepts, we can conclude (at least regarding this definition) posed by the Semantic Web an ability to connect and interpret one larger volume of data, which would mean a step forward in the field of knowledge, and the possibility even of the Web to assist the evolution of human knowledge. A development of Marketing in such circumstances would without a doubt, truly effective strategies. Of course this semantic Web is not yet a fact. Then returning to our initial definition, we can say that this type of Marketing seeks to reach different consumers with clear information and real interest, information whose value added is not only the integration of new technological means, but the possibility of obtaining something really satisfactory. Make a consumer feel satisfied is no easy task, so it wants to appeal to the values as a strategic axis in the development of business. Proposals arising must cover several aspects, including the emotions of the consumer. Although for many marketing 3.0 should not develop such an approach, it cannot be denied that today you people lean by products and services that make the planet a better place, there is a demand requiring signatures and marks a social commitment.