Tilt Tricycle Liberta: Stable Cornering Like On Two Wheels

Develop innovative technology for tricycles Peacock-TEC GmbH Peacock-TEC GmbH, FH Bielefeld and FH Bielefeld develop innovative technology for tricycles arise which innovations in research and industry combine their know-how, reflected “Liberta” and its stability in all driving situations. A rigid tricycle is while stationary on the ground, especially when cornering or on steep paths, this stability is however greatly reduced. The reason: The tipping forces can not be offset by inclination. Quite differently when the tilt tricycle from the whistle range. His front frame leans analog to the body movement of the driver’s left or right. The rear two wheels stand still while firmly and avoid tipping over. The degree of tilt depends on the speed and acceleration. The maximum slope is 20 degrees.

Whether vertical or inclined to help a servo motor at high speed two spindles release the front building. As a result the driver as in the two-wheeler in the curve can lie down and Centrifugal forces balance. At idle and slow rides the actuators will return the frame in the rigid, vertical position. The driver can safely up and descend. The trike with tilting technology is suitable for all those who can not take a rigid tricycle. In addition, it is the ideal bike for older and slightly disabled people who want to train their sense of balance in the rehabilitation.

It is approved for a maximum 100 kg body weight. The tilt option can be customized or turned off. The students of the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld worked four semester long with Peacock TEC’s experts on mechanics, electronics, and control the tilting technology. The result convincing. A first prize for generation products “the prototype was in the way countries innovation award for generation products and services awarded with the first place,” forward Martin Schroedter, Managing Director of whistle. His company will distribute the tilt tricycle at the beginning of the year 2010. The price of the “Liberta” There are about 1,000 euros over a rigid Trike. Press contact: Martin Schroedter CEO PFIFF Vertriebs GmbH Wilhelmstrasse 49 49610 quakenbruck, Germany phone: 05431/902048 eMail: builds the PFIFF Vertriebs GmbH, distributes and markets frames under licence and in close cooperation with the Peacock-TEC GmbH, quakenbruck, Germany, which has made a name for himself with appropriate therapy tricycles for children and adults. Peacock-Tec products be while their development and production on a specially developed after the toughest criteria on their security and reliability test bench tested and despite the unique divisibility of the frame for up to 145 kg load tested and approved.