Thoughts About The World

be. “” If that BRING (REF. thoughts about the world, part 1 “”) families “and that BRING kindergartens” their tasks do well, then there will be more and more humble, respectful, initiative, curious and friendly people. New to more people with the desire to learn and particularly hidden to meet – with interest in the facts, with curiosity and quest for understanding (according to the why?”), not hang at the first available solution to stay. Eliminate the real causes of the problems. And this knowledge will be increasingly necessary to the effectiveness, increasing the efficiency of machines, equipment and systems in agriculture, industry, cities and municipalities and households, to allow good living conditions with the limited resources of our planet a growing population. And modesty and respect make this knowledge significantly more valuable. Knowledge with this framework (education) is the basis to be in a complex world to be able to find your way and thus a way to more justice.

And it needs it urgently, in our (often intractable human) unjust world. And we need people with initiative and dedication, to make our world always and always a bit better for individuals, in the family, in the municipalities, in the world of work, the economy, on the offices and authorities, in politics and on all places in this world. All that will be necessary. But it not the solution to the enormous problems of our day: there must be much more be done to the destruction of nature, the pollution of the environment and the overexploitation of resources, terror and the political unrest, the animal cruelty, corruption in business and in politics, the unfairness and injustice and the inefficiency of the bureaucracy more effectively to combat poverty and hunger in the world, now. It must be done more to meet the responsibility for the following generation, the nonsensical transports of a misguided Globalization to curb, to prevent the huge dimensions of the financial speculation, making the necessary adjustments to the demographic changes in society, to put effective measures against the diseases of civilization and effectively carry out disaster preparedness and disaster management. All these problems are mainly man-made and it is in the minds and in the hands of the people to solve these problems. Leaders, values they fix their priorities. Tackle it.