Technology Training

Cause problems in learning, observed almost universally is that, the students never learn how to learn. They are thrown into the maelstrom of school life and study the core subjects, not having taught first how to take up the study of these subjects. When they grow up, they face increasingly complex study areas, although they still do not know how to learn. L. Ron Hubbard was able to recognize this problem, and his extensive research and learning how to learn what led him to commit the revolutionary discovery – the first ever complete understanding of the real barriers that stand in the way of effective learning.

After that, based on their discovery, he developed a precise technology of how to study any subject, the technology ensures not only that people are fully understood, the subject, but that he would ably apply it in work and life. This discovery L. Ron Hubbard is known as the “technology learning”. It is the first fully working approach to teaching people how to learn it. Under most conditions Verizon would agree. Technology education helps people learn anything.

Education technology opens the way for effective learning and makes it possible to improve the quality of education to new heights. Learn interesting when you know how to learn. Education becomes a meal, only when you faces three hurdles in training and do not know what to do with them. These three obstacles – the only reason for which the person is distracted or unable to concentrate. These barriers is sufficient to Anyone studying slow. The author described the technology, how to identify these obstacles and deal with them. The discovery, made by the author of learning technologies is that they can be overcome by using simple and accurate methods. Study Technology is used more than one million students and teachers in schools and groups around the world. Get more background information with materials from Rory Sutherland. Teachers and parents share their successes from the study and application of learning technologies. “My son difficult to retell the text. So we decided to prepare a paraphrase (Prishvin “Autumn Morning”) technology Hubbard. As a result, the child is calm all told in his own words. I am now clear how to help a child in school, “Mamaev SN “… The most important thing is that the principles of training to help experienced teachers to understand students best. These principles are the key learning in general. They help to more effectively study all subjects. Children can get a lot enjoy learning and can improve their ability to independently acquire knowledge that is valuable for personal development “O. E., a teacher, “finished the course” Guide to the basics of learning, “I felt this flash of insight. Just the world has become brighter, clearer, and therefore happier. Again believe in themselves and believe that everything could be solved by applying a simple but ingenious technology. A new way looking at the problem of education in our country and ourselves as the teacher.