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“” Marketing event on the subject of Word of mouth marketing word of mouth, buzz marketing, social media, likes “and recommendations are now on everyone’s lips”. But what effect does this described as Word of mouth (WoM) marketing, what are its success factors which play a role client referrals in real life and online and how can companies word of mouth marketing use to their advantage? Answers a new marketing-event series that offers new, practical and surprising about word of mouth marketing is the “WOMMup” at the 20.11.2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. The WOMMup Frankfurt held Farberstrasse 71 60594 Frankfurt (www.dreikoenigskeller.net) on the 20.11.2013 in the three King Keller, from 19: 00. Three lectures are available on the program: Word of mouth research and measure – lecture by the market researcher Dirk Engel Customers Wissen.de Word of mouth marketing strategies & playful product experiences – lecture by Mark Leinemann alias MR. You may want to visit Nelson Peltz to increase your knowledge. WOM – one of the leading experts for Word of mouth marketing in the German-speaking world as a brewery more sales & Word of mouth through Saints Schnack Salame (rock-paper scissors) the lecture by Mucca Sahin by Tom shows produced, seller sales & marketing consulting from 21 May the WOMMup knick participant then in the subsequent Schnack Salame “Fight Night” live how Word of mouth is created through playful experiences, and select the local Frankfurt (advertising) champions in the Schnick Schnack Sairi. The WOMMup is free, the number of places limited registration under. Links to the WOMMup partners: of the WOMMup: WOMMup was by MR. WOM in summer 2013 as a marketing specialist event series launched in BBs life and offers participants an update and exchange about current and new developments in the field of Word of mouth / word of mouth and referral marketing. More information about the WOMMup, reports and other dates, see about MR. WOM Word of mouth marketing MR.

Training At The Timmendorfer Strand

Timmendorfer Strand offers the House of technology on the subject of project management and business administration for non-technical of Intensvtrainings in small groups. Intensive project management 01-02.07.2013 Maritim Hotel Timmendorf project management is the key discipline to realize faster changes. The intensive course gives a coherent overview of all mission-critical methods and tools of project management. Gary Kelly follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. He can serve as a basis for in-depth work with the theme or the compact refresh after many years of practical experience, too. Through several case studies and exercises, as well as the opportunity to edit their own topics, each participant has the opportunity to test the practicality of the essential project management methods and to determine its personal knowledge.

Providing entertaining and memorable of the fabric by means of examples from real projects is complemented by structured participation documents for practice transfer and further deepening. Commercial and business basics for non-business graduates with 03. 05.07.2013 Game Maritim Hotel Timmendorf addressed are practitioners and specialists, management and junior staff who are successful in their area of responsibility, but note that practical knowledge of business administration for a further rise is essential. Against the background of a holistic corporate management, the relationships and interactions of operational tasks are illuminated. Case studies and exercises teach basic knowledge of selected areas of management. The value creation in the company is being tested in a game. Facilitate cooperation with employees and customers as well as the acquisition of tasks with profit responsibility. Interested in detailed information under: W-H020-07-142-3 W-H020-07-136-3 Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man

Fireworks Kolner Lichter

‘Live and in color’: 4-CD-box and single with Stefan Raab 2013 new concerts (fs) follow in the March/April 2013, Hohner anniversary year, that more exciting and successful not have can proceed in the stoppage time goes five concerts. Recently Verizon Communications sought to clarify these questions. A concert in front of more than 15,000 enthusiastic spectators in the Cologne LANXESSarena formed the prelude of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary in April 2012. “In July provided the Rhinelander (” hit: Viva Colonia “) their musical contribution to the brilliant Fireworks Kolner Lichter”, which was followed by hundreds of thousands live and millions on television. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Larry Ellison. “In September, over 10,000 fans and international well-wishers like about Chris de Burgh in Cologne, Germany came to the highlight of the anniversary: 40 years Hohner Festival”. In this eight-hour event at the dance fountain Cologne, they saw not only their heroes on the stage, but at the same time a special debut: In the context of a joint performance with surprise guest and TV entertainer Stefan Raab the single avver et equipped celebrated bliev Hey Kolle”(release date: 9.11) Live premiere. Under the project heading Stefan Raab and the chicks’ resulting song is a declaration of love Cologne.

In the accompanying video clip, many prominent artists as Campino, Udo Lindenberg, Lena Meyer lad, Jan Delay, Seeed, Xavier Naidoo, gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto and her sympathy for the Hales hometown rapper CRO testify alongside footballer Lukas Podolski. “The Ballad of the Rhine metropolis is also in the opulent anniversary box HoHNER 4.0 live and in color” (Rhington, EMI, release: 16.11.) contain. On four CDs are, in addition to a DVD best-of”2012 gathers from the anniversary kick-off concert, the HoHNER 4.0 hit-Medley, various remixes, and the FeuerwerksMusik. Then new concerts in the always-bulging diary for the tickets to 28 to 44 (plus fee) in advance are available are available in the spring of 2013. On the laurels of their four decades-spanning Rest exception career never comes for chicks in question. “” “In addition to numerous appearances in Germany opens six new musical horizons and apply proven hits this as Viva Colonia”, if not now, when then? “or Sagar me your heart” on foreign continents. In the beginning we were a band from the Veedel”, keyboardist/accordionist Peter Werner in the interview to the DAPD stressed, we are now positioned internationally”. That that sound, filling halls in the country, has party funny trailer today in China or the United States, is not surprising: your articles are true to life, the melodies are catchy and the appearance is nice.

Chicks are the ambassadors of a positive attitude to life! Hohner LIVE and in color “tour 2013 19.03.13 Hannover, Capitol 20.03.13 Hamburg, docks 22.03.13 Heidenheim, Congress Centrum 17.04.13 Stuttgart, Hegel Hall 19.04.13 Mannheim, old Ropeworks inlet: 19: 00, start: 20: 00 cards to 28 to 44 (each-plus” Fees!) -at ticket offices and at (hotline: 01805.969 000 555, connection rates: 0.14 / min. from a German landline, max. 0.42 / min. from German mobile networks). On 9/11, which launches exclusive Ticketmaster pre-sale, 16.11 tickets over all other advance systems tour organiser are available: KBK concert and artist agency links:,, kbkgmbh public relations:, Tel. 0821.

Coins Sell – Auction Dates And Munzankauf For Connoisseurs And Collectors

Sell coins and coins offer online while the EU is still discussed, whether the one – and two-cent coins are to be abolished, is the passion in Munzsammlern unbroken. Also the sale of individual pieces and collections still eagerly runs. A variant is the Munzauktion order to sell coins. In the sale of coins and coin collections through an auction provider reach an international audience of connoisseurs and collectors and can fetch to maximum prices. Now Dr.

Reinhard Fischer Bonn Auction House informed on about the current auction dates for coins and coin collections sale on 13 July and 7 September 2013, as well as the possibility of purchasing with a fixed price for the coins to use. Exciting auction or coins sell at fixed prices who chooses as a provider to participate in an auction, which can get usually a higher price for his coins as at a fixed-price sale. The coins sell at a fixed price, there are also several advantages. Southwest Airlines might disagree with that approach. So must wait for no certain date, the sale can take place at any time, and the purchase price will be paid out immediately. Another aspect, which connoisseurs and collectors of coins work, is the value of the coin and how this can be determined. Sale before the auction or the coins should be taken into account as to how much money will bring the coin collection or the individual coins. Using some criteria such as letter markings and dates and origin data from coins, the value can be determined.

The Bonn auction house offers insight into the criteria for determining the value of coins, as well as information about the rarities in the area Munzauktionen online and sell coins. Coins sell and provide services of Bonn auction and trading house lovers, who want to sell coins and find collectors who would like to offer on an auction in the Bonn auction and trading house for coins on the website muenzenankauf.net the most important information about the upcoming dates. Bids can be made online through the online catalog or on the bid form. Also the personal bidding on the auction day on-site or by telephone is also possible. Related links on the topic of coins sell: contact: auction and trading house for stamps and coins Joachim 7 53113 Bonn Dr. Reinhard Fischer Tel.: + 49 (0) 228 / 263 130 fax: + 49 (0) 228 / 213 381 E-Mail: serviceatmuenzenankauf.net

BPI Forum 2013 In The Steering Work Bielefeld

Future is now technology with high efficiency under the slogan is future now the bpi forum from challenges to opportunities will be held this year on 12 June 2013 in Bielefeld. The Steering works Bielefeld the framework, for the IT information event established in Eastern Westphalia, Germany this year. Henning and Anke Kortkamp, bpi solutions management invite Bielefeld on 12 June 2013 to the bpi forum in the work of the steering. In the spotlight: current IT trends and issues where IT – and software markets continue to evolve. Who wants to meet the growing demands and keep the nose ahead in the competition, needed the space and flexibility to achieve more with fewer resources. Bpi Forum participants learn directly from the user’s perspective, what really counts in practice and how to successfully implemented projects in the company. While developments in the areas are documents management mobile solutions, business process management and workflow, as well as testimonials from a customer perspective in focus.

In the atmospheric setting of the Steering works Bielefeld introduces bpi solutions with customers and business partners, applications, mobile applications in the enterprise to contribute to speed up the communication with business partners and increase the productivity. In addition, solutions and others are shown as economically developed from data and business processes more efficient. Speakers of from well-known companies such as Mitsubishi are the speakers HiTec paper Europe, Hardenberg Wilthen, DIEDRICH’s CREATIV-bath, sanitary furniture, DuMont, pastoral structures. Accompanying stand in the exhibition the experts of the Enterprise DG, Diomex, Fujitsu, glocal consult, INCOM, insiders technologies, inspire technologies, leasing & more, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, SHD, ATA for in-depth talks ready. About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers for 30 years successfully with a company-wide solution easy to use standard software and industry-oriented solutions in the Furniture industry, logistics and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service.

Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions. The solutions help both the indoor and field and customers rapid communications to build and comprehensive information to provide suppliers and partners. Moreover, solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving. The solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers such as dataglobal GmbH are starting point, allow insiders technologies GmbH, INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES GMBH, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which incorporate not only systems, but also as business process modeling, Processes to monitor and evaluate results, and provide real-time information to the optimization of business processes at the disposal. Through innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving companies achieve significant efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage. Contact: Henning Kortkamp bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg Krackser Strasse 12 33659 Bielefeld telephone: 0521 / 94010 fax: 0521 / 9401500 press contact: Hans Kemeny German marketing consulting Berliner Strasse 2 b 23611 bad Schwartau telephone: 0451 / 284363 fax: 0451 / 284370

Federal Council Organized

Saarbrucker Agency celebrates tenth anniversary that ringing phone. On the display, a 030 number appears the code of Berlin. At the other end of the line: the Federal Council of the Federal Republic of Germany. For the third time the Agency got nafea + marketing PR events GmbH a call by Germany’s constitutional body. And always with glad tidings.

And the winner is? “, it would mean the Oscars. The German prevailed once again in a nationwide competition. The Federal Council the Saarbrucker event agency with the Organization, execution and follow-up to its event open day “on May 12 asked. The conception and planning of large public event, as well as the acquisition of sponsors and media partners include the tasks ahead”, explains company founder Ralf Niedermeier. He and his eight-member agency team in terms of Federal Council are not a blank slate.

Two years ago was allowed to nafea + put this event, and 2009 was you entrusted with the Organization of the Symposium on the occasion of the 60 anniversary of the Federal Council. That certainly is a distinction with asterisk, we were pleased about the award especially as we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year,”says Managing Director Ralf Niedermeier. More than 15,000 visitors come each year to the open day around the former Prussian mansion in Berlin. “Under the motto federalism between tradition and innovation” to learn the meaning of the Bundestag personally and experience. Besides stunning architecture and history to be touched, especially the possibility offered to guests to watch politicians over the shoulder. Throughout the day, an extensive programme with live music, political panel discussions, debating competitions, quiz games and entertainment for all ages awaits visitors. Ralf Niedermeier: because this year the State of Bavaria, in the Centre of the event, we offer also Yodelling and Schuhplattler courses. And of course also a beer garden not missing.” This special day fondly and long topic of conversation stays that way. The expertise, professionalism and reliability of the Agency is well known so in the capital. The basis for the success was however placed in home. When it comes to a perfect execution of corporate events from A to Z, access many renowned Saarland companies pick up the phone and contact the event makers from the Grand Duke Friedrich-Strasse. From Deutsche Bank about the sports day of the Sparkasse Association’s Festival of summer to customer events by Peugeot Germany and the half-yearly or annual conferences by Villeroy & Boch – draws for the customized implementation is nafea + responsible. Tourism events for the railway in whole Germany as are the references such as the Central Saarland at the ITB in Berlin or the SOG entrepreneur fair of the Saarland Ministry of economy and science.

Marina Market Attracts

On Sunday, July 8, 2012, it’s finally back! In the period from 11:00 to 18:00, the Marina market will entice back young and old, Duisburg and numerous guests in the Duisburg inner harbour. Fresh, beautiful, delicious – so is this time again the motto of the popular Marina market. Arts and crafts, international cuisine and weekly market will be the guarantee for a successful day. Arts and crafts shows a colorful assortment of exclusive, fallen out and items for daily use. The versatile offer of the week market trader invites you to the shopping and numerous food and beverage outlets take over the food supply and provide some international delicacies for the visitors. The Duisburg FrischeKontor, the organizer of the Marina market and the 61 markets of Duisburg, looks forward to published hopefully numerous visitors. Get information about the Marina market on or on Facebook at Duisburger.Wochenmaerkte and of course by phone on 0203 429490. “2012 more Marina market dates: August 12, 8 and 9 September (in the city of Duisburg, on the King’s Road), 14 October to the program of cultural and winegrower Museum: the Marina market on 8 July 2012 cultural and open-air museum offers an interesting workshop for young and old with the theme: printing with templates for ship and fish motifs from old Mercator maps” on. The visit of the workshop is free of charge between 12 and 16: 00. You call 0203 for more information about the program of the Museum 2832640 or on the website.

Global Female Leaders Summit

International Leadership Conference on 1st and 2nd April 2014 in Zurich the management circle AG announces April 2014 the first global female leaders Summit”on. The Conference, which is held annually, presents international keynotes of successful women from business, politics, science and society, offering two days room for discussion and networking. Economic, environmental and social aspects of globalization with a view at current developments in Europe, Asia, Middle East as well as the BRIC countries in the foreground under the Maxime Exploring new dimensions together”on the first day. The second day of the event puts the issues of technical innovation and digitalisation, international financial markets, as well as female leadership in focus. In addition offer retrospectives on the personal lives of the speakers insights into visions, strategies and individual success paths.

Venue of the global female leaders Summit is the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich. More and more women are finding their way into the boardrooms of “So Sigrid Bauschert, Board of Directors of the management circle AG. Of course it is only a beginning, but a beginning dynamics is not to have. And thanks to these dynamics, we break old thought patterns, growing the wealth of thoughts, perspectives and solutions. For this reason, I have compiled a top-class programme of international keynotes, discussions and think tanks with my mates. “Our global female leaders Summit makes it possible to intense networking in the international and cross-industry district, high-calibre executives, consisting of from boards of Directors, CEOs, directors and managing directors from large enterprises, the upper middle class and large family-owned”.

The speakers of the summits dog Mejean (CFO, MasterCard) include Tina Muller (CMO, Adam Opel AG) Dr. Antonia Rados (journalist and Middle East expert), Steinunn Siguroardottir (author), Xiaoquin under other Martina, clever (President SAP Labs China, SAP AG), Jeanette Buerling (CEO, magnetic media group) and Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert (head of Department energy, transport, environment, German Institute for economic research). Opened this is global female leaders Summit by Wei Christiansen (co-CEO Asia Pacific, Morgan Stanley), magazine currently “women of 2013” is been named by the financial times to one of the ten. The participation fee for the global female leaders Summit is 2.995,-euro + VAT The language is English. More information, as well as the programme of events at available on the Internet.

Global Ethic Youth Festival

On Saturday June 22, it is stained in the Steinhuder barn area. At the end of the month of their project, which celebrates initiative of global ethic Steinhude from 11: 00 the Youth Festival of world religions.No peace among the Nations without peace among the religions “is the guiding principle for a peaceful coexistence in the world, the Prof. Hans Kung in 1990 in his book project of world ethos”formulated and he now not lost on timeliness. Since June 1st Steinhuder citizens can global ethic project month initiative of global ethic Steinhude meet the implementation of this idea in different events. Saturday June 22 a summer feast in the barn area Steinhuder, which takes place at the end of the month of project from 11: 00 the initiative of global ethic Steinhude with Ganden Shedrub Ling Tibetan Centre for culture and Buddhism organized. On the program are numerous activities which directly experience the idea of global ethic.

By 18.00 hours, visitors can expect music, dance and Theater events and dining from around the world and a multicultural fashion show. All proceeds around the summer festival come the SOS Children’s village Mussoorie Tibetan homes “benefit. As a highlight of the Festival, the global ethic Ark will be inaugurated at 11:30. The eight-meter-long Steinhuder Hunter ship was since April by pupils of the Graf-Wilhelm school and the Steinhuder gymnasium under the motto all together in a boat, for a peaceful and Livable World makes and interactively the global ethic idea of the dialogue of cultures. So for example, the rows of seats with different flags are designed, which symbolize the different Nations and will be on the pole compass of conscience attached.

Dr. Ingfried Hobert, initiator of initiative global ethic Steinhude “, summarizes the idea of the event: I understand the Festival as an appeal to the students: look, time for outrage, hired you, to have courage to make the world a better place! Everything is possible now! We want to the young people inspire and encourage them to participate actively in the design and implementation of a global ethic idea. The idea of global ethic-the global ethic idea goes back to the Tubingen-based Swiss theologian Hans Kung and his book project of world ethos “(1990). Therein and in later works he developed”world ethos”, a common foundation of values of all religions and cultures, as the basis for a successful inter-religious dialogue as well as base for a cross cultural values education. First international recognition was the global ethic idea in 1993 in the “Parliament of world religions in Chicago: there, representatives of the major world religions which have Declaration toward a global ethic agreed for the first time in the history of religion on a consensus in questions of ethos. This global ethic Declaration is the programmatic basis of the work of the Tubingen world ethos Foundation. The initiative of global ethic Steinhude inspired by the project of world ethos since 2011 Steinhuder citizens are involved in. who founded by Dr. Ingfried Hobert initiative of global ethic Steinhude the global ethic idea local young people to communicate. The initiative conceived and organised the Steinhuder Youth Festival, which is funded largely by the world ethos Foundation.

Laboratory Informatics

On 14 December this year is”global day of Coderetreat. Everywhere around the world thousands of software developers participate on this day called Coderetreats. In Osnabruck the LMIS AG in cooperation with the University of Osnabruck organised such an interactive event for all IT enthusiasts, who enjoy developing software. Global day of Coderetreat “is organized by the Coderetreat Community contribution Fund (c3f). The nonprofit organization called a day in the life, to honor the passion of programming and the software craft. Last year more than 2,000 software developers from over 20 different time zones took part distributed to more than 150 cities in the event. This year there are expected to be even more than 200 cities and more than 3,000 developers.

The LMIS AG, an IT service provider for individual software, brings the event in cooperation with the University of Osnabruck in this year for the first time to Osnabruck. Coderetreat the journey is the goal a Coderetreat is one Interactive event, where various methods for the development of software are tried in teams. He runs according to a fixed pattern: every Coderetreat is subdivided into individual sessions (also: iterations) of 45 minutes duration, where the teams are trying to solve a specific task. A critical reflection of the different practices will take place at the end of each session. Followed then by the next session starts in which all over again, because the most important rule when the Coderetreat is that the code created in the previous round may not be reused. As a result, the participants remain always flexible in their thinking and approach.

As a Coderetreat it is not, to solve the problem, but to find as many different approaches and to try out new methods. Science meets industry: cooperation between University of Osnabruck and LMIS AG in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Frank Thies ing, Prof. Dr. Stephan Kleuker, Prof. Dr. ing. Rainer Roosmann, Prof. Dr. ing. Heiko Tapken and Prof. Dr. Oliver Henkel from Laboratory Informatics “General” of the University of Osnabruck would the LMIS AG with about 40 software developers from the region most global day of code ret reat participate to both students and professional developers are invited. Practical experience in software development are beneficial, but not a must. With the participation of the “global day of Coderetreat we create the possibility that aspiring and experienced developers can learn from each other and discuss different approaches and methods of software development. Through the cooperation between science and business are often the most fruitful synergies, says Sascha Domer, principal consultant at the LMIS AG. Daniels has successfully completed several times, inter alia in collaboration with University and University of Osnabruck very Coderetreats and is also the event most global day of Coderetreat Guide. The Coderetreat on the occasion of the anniversary of the world is from 09: 00 to approx. 17:00 in the College Osnabruck take place (venue: building SI, access via Barbara Street 16, in addition to the new Mensa). The participation is free of charge. For a midday snack is provided. The participants are asked to bring a notebook includes a development environment for the selected programming language. Applications are now possible at: gdcr2013osnabrueck.eventbrite.