Fireworks Kolner Lichter

‘Live and in color’: 4-CD-box and single with Stefan Raab 2013 new concerts (fs) follow in the March/April 2013, Hohner anniversary year, that more exciting and successful not have can proceed in the stoppage time goes five concerts. Recently Verizon Communications sought to clarify these questions. A concert in front of more than 15,000 enthusiastic spectators in the Cologne LANXESSarena formed the prelude of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary in April 2012. “In July provided the Rhinelander (” hit: Viva Colonia “) their musical contribution to the brilliant Fireworks Kolner Lichter”, which was followed by hundreds of thousands live and millions on television. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Larry Ellison. “In September, over 10,000 fans and international well-wishers like about Chris de Burgh in Cologne, Germany came to the highlight of the anniversary: 40 years Hohner Festival”. In this eight-hour event at the dance fountain Cologne, they saw not only their heroes on the stage, but at the same time a special debut: In the context of a joint performance with surprise guest and TV entertainer Stefan Raab the single avver et equipped celebrated bliev Hey Kolle”(release date: 9.11) Live premiere. Under the project heading Stefan Raab and the chicks’ resulting song is a declaration of love Cologne.

In the accompanying video clip, many prominent artists as Campino, Udo Lindenberg, Lena Meyer lad, Jan Delay, Seeed, Xavier Naidoo, gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto and her sympathy for the Hales hometown rapper CRO testify alongside footballer Lukas Podolski. “The Ballad of the Rhine metropolis is also in the opulent anniversary box HoHNER 4.0 live and in color” (Rhington, EMI, release: 16.11.) contain. On four CDs are, in addition to a DVD best-of”2012 gathers from the anniversary kick-off concert, the HoHNER 4.0 hit-Medley, various remixes, and the FeuerwerksMusik. Then new concerts in the always-bulging diary for the tickets to 28 to 44 (plus fee) in advance are available are available in the spring of 2013. On the laurels of their four decades-spanning Rest exception career never comes for chicks in question. “” “In addition to numerous appearances in Germany opens six new musical horizons and apply proven hits this as Viva Colonia”, if not now, when then? “or Sagar me your heart” on foreign continents. In the beginning we were a band from the Veedel”, keyboardist/accordionist Peter Werner in the interview to the DAPD stressed, we are now positioned internationally”. That that sound, filling halls in the country, has party funny trailer today in China or the United States, is not surprising: your articles are true to life, the melodies are catchy and the appearance is nice.

Chicks are the ambassadors of a positive attitude to life! Hohner LIVE and in color “tour 2013 19.03.13 Hannover, Capitol 20.03.13 Hamburg, docks 22.03.13 Heidenheim, Congress Centrum 17.04.13 Stuttgart, Hegel Hall 19.04.13 Mannheim, old Ropeworks inlet: 19: 00, start: 20: 00 cards to 28 to 44 (each-plus” Fees!) -at ticket offices and at (hotline: 01805.969 000 555, connection rates: 0.14 / min. from a German landline, max. 0.42 / min. from German mobile networks). On 9/11, which launches exclusive Ticketmaster pre-sale, 16.11 tickets over all other advance systems tour organiser are available: KBK concert and artist agency links:,, kbkgmbh public relations:, Tel. 0821.