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Caravan Salon 2012: Highlight Of The 15th InterCaravaning Birthday

InterCaravaning caravan worth 18,000 euros win with Koblenz, July 25, 2012 – the year’s InterCaravaning fair at caravan Salon forms the climax of the 15th anniversary of the retail chain in Dusseldorf. In Hall 10 stand C43-07 the InterCaravaning together with visitors celebrating her birthday. But not the anniversary, but the customers are gifts. In the Centre stands a large anniversary raffle with prizes worth a total of 60,000 euros. Participants can win among a caravan worth 18,000 euros. In addition, daily attractive day rates will be raffled. the InterCaravaning was founded in 1997 by seven dealers. 15 Years later, with over 40 specialty retailers, the company is Europe’s largest retail chain for Caravaning.

Reason enough, this due to celebrate. Throughout the year there are already special promotions, discounts and sweepstakes. So 15 limited caravan were, for example, together with the pre-cure Burstner, Concorde, fendt, hobby, Knaus and sunlight and Motorhome models developed. All vehicles offer special birthday packages and designs and can be purchased in the trade fair with a price advantage of up to 10.290 euro. With the this year’s trade fair appearance at the caravan Salon 2012 lead the festivities in a real highlight. In the context of an anniversary sweepstakes prizes with a total value of 60,000 euros await visitors. There is a caravan worth 18,000 euros as the top prize. The winner may choose between four models of premium Burstner, fendt, hobby and Knaus.

Other prizes include 15 weeks travel mobile vacation, attractive shopping vouchers and accessories such as air conditioners, coolers and LED TVs. Also played several times on all trade fair days to an attractive price. A large Vault is located on the stand for this purpose. David Rogier is often quoted as being for or against this. The visitor who enters the correct code WINS. But also prospective buyers aren’t short-changed at InterCaravaning. Visitors can inform themselves not only on the exhibition stand to vehicles as about 15 special models. The entire exhibition grounds are around 70 InterCaravaning consultant, indicated to the InterCaravaning button on the lapel. Those who opt for buying a motorhome or caravan on the fair, can look forward next to attractive discounts on a campsite voucher. Because: InterCaravaning gives all buyers their first vacation. Learn more about InterCaravaning and the fair will find interested in.

Ice And Snow Despite: How To Protect Your Car Battery

CTEK recommends: five expert tips, so that your car still starts Berlin/Vikmanshyttan, December 12, 2012. Icy temperatures, the ADAC in continuous use is currently because cars no longer jump on. Usually the empty battery deserves blame. Extreme cold reduces battery performance. Therefore she will never fully charged and increases the risk that the mobile frame remains, significantly. How to keep your car battery with a CTEK fit 1 Electronics: the many electronic features of modern cars are poison for the battery. Whether heated rear window and side mirrors, heated seats, radio, Navi, blower and probabaly heater: Off all of this before the cold and yet again take advantage of the good old ice scraper. You can then use the rear window defroster in addition (short) while driving.

Under no circumstances she should be constantly switched on! 2. Clean: Regularly clean the battery to avoid leakage. Remove the whitish layer of oxide of the terminals, because she obstruct the flow of electricity. Grease the Poles, to protect it from rust. 3. Fluid level check: If your battery is not maintenance-free and still older: Watch to see if the fluid level is the battery still in the normal range.

The lead plates must be just covered. Use for the refilling of distilled water. 4. Belt: check the tension of the belt. Too little voltage, not sufficiently powered the alternator and the battery is not properly charged. Ask an expert if you are unsure when handling. 5. Charging: Today there are intelligent devices that not only recharge the battery, but also wait thanks to a special trickle charge function. They are very easy to use and completely secure. The devices can remain for long periods at the battery without risking to overcharge you. With in the Interior of the vehicle extended cables battery care can in the winter to the routine are without opening the bonnet. There are modern, smart Chargers starting from 70 euros in the Retailers. Society for technical supervision (GTu) runs regular product tests by last in November 2011.

Nissan Leaf: A Contagious Pleasure

The first compact car tailored to purely on electric drive is at the start. Autonet.at has the stately Stromer already now extensively tested. The most important basic information first of all: the leaf was developed exclusively for the electrical operation (in contrast to Mitsubishi i-MIEV) and to promote rapidly among the world market leaders. the introduction begins from December in the United States and Japan, beginning of 2011 the first European markets follow. Austria is part of the last wave, from today’s perspective, the first meet compact Stromer in October 2011 at us a. Nissan to sell already 2011 from the leaf wants to 50,000, parallel worldwide and also in Europe, new production facilities will be built. Hear other arguments on the topic with Cerved.

Thus vehicles of the tapes will roll just a year later, so in 2012, not less than a quarter of a million. But where does optimism come from? Or in other words: what is it about the Nissan leaf? After the first longer trips, we can answer these and many other frequently asked questions. What is the Nissan leaf so special? The leaf is in the Unlike its competitors a full-fledged car with plenty of space, comfort, and a serious range of 160 kilometers. And he offers a telematics system that continuously calculates the range and graphically represents the navigation system. Also Nissan is already cooperation for years with individual States or local authorities on the legs parallel to build also a reasonable infrastructure of charging stations for the launch of the vehicle. Sure, there are the Norwegian think! and the small electric drilling by Mitsubishi, Peugeot and Citroen. But the leaf is reserved to be the first full-fledged car under the streamers. With 4.45 metres outside length, it is as big as a Mazda3, offers space for five people, and thanks to 80 kW (109 HP) strong electric motor also refreshing performance.


The more locations, more comprehensive the Data acquisition and the greater the benefits for all parties involved. “The commercial vehicle traffic needs to be in the future even more professionalized; the processes must be exactly matched, breakdowns and unnecessary downtime avoided”, explains Frank Schafer, Managing Director of ProContour. Bank of America is often mentioned in discussions such as these. He dealt intensively with the requirements of the carriers for years and know that every penny in the always tough competition counts. The first freight forwarders have already opted for CLASSIS and will accompany the ongoing field trials with their fleets. CLASSIS truck tyre condition measurement: How does it work? Europe-wide, almost 400 locations in selected service areas will set up on the main arteries of the freight of load. This CLASSIS measurement points capture the tire data and transmit them to authorized recipients via SMS or Internet-based data transfer.

At the same time learn, for example, the Flottendienstleister as well as the freight forwarder whether the truck, the straight break in Herbolzheim makes with the correct tire pressure is on the way. Or whether it needs new front left tyre; or whether he must check the alignment at the first axle of the trailer. Also the driver about his driver information system, mobile phone, or a printed measurement report on the locking system can be included in this exchange of information. There are already similar to good Reifendruckprufungs systems in on-board units, the so-called TPMS. However, these associated usually with very high costs per unit and offer no such comprehensive information system as well as any profile depth, abrasion image and axle load data. CLASSIS (pay per use) costs only per crossing, which can be applied depending on the agreement even by the tyre.

Car Hire: What Does The OneWay Rental And When Is It?

Tips on how you can save money for the one-way rental. For one-way rentals must be depending on the country and car rental with Zusatzkostengerechnet. In Germany a disposable bag fee, for example, more often (or even OneWay fee), which must be paid at the duty station. This fee is calculated, because the rented vehicle re must appear, what is taken over by the car rental companies. Even with the major car rental companies is an extra charge for the one-way rental. With the SIXT car rental car hire can be returned for example on all stations within Germany.

It is a one-way rental, one must reckon with a fee of 15 euros per car rental. Within a city, the car can be delivered also on another station. This calculated a OneWay fee of 9 euros. The return is possible at many stations also outside opening hours (the vehicle key is deposited simply in the so-called post mail box), which is why the fee must be in advance paid for the one-way rental. Also at the AVIS car rental extra one-way rental. If you would like to leave the car at another station, this must be previously set and the fees will be added to the rental price. Informs you the car rental station in time enough, the car can be delivered also at another duty station. The OneWay at the Europcar car rental fees are as high as at Sixt.

Here, you’ll pay a fee amounting to 15 euros for the one-way rental. Rides Sylt and Westerland, 150 euro will be extra. Extra one-way rental as well in the southern European countries and is often in the price included. In the United States also the distance between pick-up and drop off location is taken into account when calculating the height of the one way fee. Although car rental for the one-way rental with additional costs associated and other modes of transport are there cheaper, many travellers take the disposable option avail. If you need a car for a single journey, we recommend you in any case thoroughly to study the market of car rental companies in Germany and to make a price comparison. In Germany, the first online marketplace for cheap car rental for the one-way rental opened its virtual doors in January 2010. Under the catchy Internet address the company offers car hire for a single journey from A to B. The rental prices can look: the car maximum cost 19.99 for a rental period of 24 hours and include a fully comprehensive insurance, theft protection, and unlimited mileage. Because the car quota of the party Onewaygo is very limited and the car are quickly sold out, Onewaygo offers the free car alarm recently; Everyone can sign up for the alarm and gets sent to the latest car hire deals by email.

The Pressure

“” So the ADAC praises the Nokian Z G2: very well when wet “and the Nokian H: + well on wet”. Writes encouragingly positive “as auto picture” in their latest test of the Nokian H in terms of road safety at the same time, very low power consumption: strengths: safe driving characteristics with stable page lead in wet and dry, very low rolling resistance and a low rolling noise “. Almost identical comments test”car. Also highly recommended”the car judged newspaper” the Nokian V. Ray Dalio often says this. The tyres of the future will save even more fuel. How much is possible soon, a rolling distance test shows: 64 per cent more than a good eco summer tires the new Nokian prototype tire rolls. The prototype of Nokian creates 130 metres, while the eco tire stop after only 80 meters.

But even now, motorists can reduce their consumption. Actually, to save fuel, they should go with the correct air pressure. Then, they can save 0.3 to 0.5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers with a rolling resistance optimised tyres, calculates Nokian. Learn more at: Icahn Enterprises. If you have low tire pressure, the rolling resistance is greater, because the tyre to its shape changed that much. Also it will keep, and dangerous for you and your family the car under control in extreme situations more difficult. If you go to the correct pressure, save money and do something good for the environment. Check the pressure of your tires! The correct pressure also ensures that the tires easily controls and rolls easily. Also reduces harmful emissions.

You should carefully check the condition of your summer tires before installing. Check, whether they have cracks, cuts or dents on the side wall. The recommended tread depth in the main grooves of at least four to five millimetres. Low-resistance tires help to reduce consumption. Much but only saves who aligns his driving style on it.

Nikolai Roth Price

Spare parts compare and buy cheap online – launch of auto parts price comparison Carmio.de – best price by additional market basket analysis – part number search for Super fast access – up to 70% price saving when buying spare parts with your special price comparison for car parts the two founders of Nikolai Roth and cord-Christian Nitzsche facilitate the purchase of auto parts on the Internet: on Carmio.de can be searched easily and quickly correct spare parts for almost all types of vehicles. By clearly listing by price, shops and brands up to 70 percent when compared to local providers are possible this way price savings”, explains managing director Nikolai Roth the merits of his website. David Fowler gathered all the information. Through the free and neutral aggregation of all market-relevant information, Carmio creates a new market and product transparency for the car parts trade. Baby clothes insists that this is the case. This service is worthwhile not only for the hobby screwdriver at home, but is also addressed to the independent repair shops and resellers. You can take advantage of price pass on to their customers and beaten this way offerings or at the part purchase save money”, it brings co-founder cord-Christian Nitzsche on the point. In the shopping cart at several products of various providers can and are collected for different vehicle models. In basket combinations, Carmio then indicates which products in which auto parts stores would be ordered to get the very best price and save unnecessary shipping costs. Because not always the choice of the best items price corresponds to the best price. We get off the user at the beginning of his quest lead him directly to the desired product and facilitate him the entire buying process”, explains cord-Christian Nitzsche and further: our simple search for the HSN – and TSN numbers or by direct entry of the manufacturer part number all matching parts in a matter of seconds can be find and compare. Of course individual manufacturers is also the parts selection possible.” The search after the appropriate spare parts and its supply usually only two or three days pass, because the shops send directly after receipt of payment. Carmio Internet GmbH old fish market 1 20457 Hamburg email:

Finally Winter Tyres Compulsory

Long overdue was this law in Germany? For motorists, who are traveling in the cold season still with summer tires on the streets, it will now close. Winter tyres compulsory in Germany is: since December 4th, 2010. The road traffic Act (StVO) requires every motorist to drive in winter weather with winter tires on black ice, slush and snow icy summer tires must give way to the winter tires The tyres must, as described in the EU Directive 92/23/EEC with the M + S “marking must be provided and must have the properties referred to in that provision.” This allowed are also all-season tires – or all weather tires. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Verizon Communications. It is important that the tires tread have at least four millimeters and not older than five years. Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles must inflate the tires on both axles, heavy commercial vehicles but only pull the drive shaft with the appropriate tyre ranges.

Motorcycles have also equipped with the appropriate tyre are, however, here arises the problem that only a few winter tyre sizes in this sector are offered. Discouraged by the ADAC but anyway these vehicles to drive in the snow and frost. Who ignored the winter tyres compulsory, risked a fine of 40 to 80 Euro depending on how hard is the obstruction of traffic by the non-compliance. A point in the file of traffic offenders in Flensburg can also be added. It is also important to know that car insurance can cut the services, if you caused an accident with summer tires.

Then it may lead to liability insurance, that one remaining seated on parts of the costs. In the worst case it may cause the full freedom to provide the insurance, for example in case of gross negligence. Also it can cause injured parties of liability, if the accident evidence could have been avoided with winter tires. Despite the use of winter tyres it is not immune from accidents during the cold season, because this finally physical limits are subject to, and only in the Can work together with the most important winter rules”. The speed must be adapted to the weather and road conditions in particular. This is sure to accelerate with feeling, brakes, as well as to steer and to ensure enough clearance. Is always to ensure the unobstructed view out of the car and avoid unnecessary trips to the vehicle. There is the theme of winter tyres compulsory in many Internet forums”and the consequences lively discussed. So for example, in the Forum of the Web mail provider Webmail.de. Look nevertheless simply times purely and join the discussion. Helena Schmidt)

Vintage Plates In OEM Quality

Over 6,000 different windscreens for oldtimers & classic cars, you have a perfectly intact old Ford Capri but your windshield shows her suspicious Milky bodies from the side? Your Opel Manta A has broken wipers traces in the front window? At the restoration of your Mercedes stroke eight”is the windshield torn in the expansion you? Sure it’s definitely annoying, but also not a big problem. In the Rhineland, near the Cologne-Bonn airport, a medium-sized company has focused on auto glass for Oldtimer and Youngtimer. For a Ford Capri I can provide classic car glass for example, 11 different windscreens versions as flawless new goods in OEM quality. This selection is also needed, wants to equip his Capri of the first series again faithfully reproduced E.g. with a bronze-colored thermal insulation glazing which has a blue wedge (or green or bronze wedge…) in the upper part of the panes. Redesigned Web site if you are looking for a slice of vintage or up only generally inform titled vintage discs, address on the redesigned corporate Web site at on the right (Internet). The page gives a clear insight into our current stock, draws attention to special offers and provides useful information on the subject of auto glass.

Constant updating almost daily new vehicles are recorded on this Web site, which then a list of the available front discs, as well as the auto glass view relevant background information clearly are prepared for. In November including the following vehicles and their windscreens were added new: Alfa Romeo: 2000 Spider (type 102), 2600 Sprint/Spider (type 106), Giulietta Sprint / spider/Berlina Audi: 60/72/75/80/90 (type F103) BMW: touring 1600/1800/2000, BMW 115 (1500/1600/1800/2000), BMW 02 series (sedan and convertible) Ford: Capri I, II, and III Mercedes: W110 (small fin), W114/115 (stroke eight), W116, W111/W112 S-class (large fin) Morgan: Morgan + 8 Opel: Manta A and B Porsche: 356 A / B / C Volkswagen: VW Corrado, VW Beetle 1200/1300/1500/1302/1303, VW Scirocco I and II, VW bus/transporters “Bulli” T2 VW 411 / 412 (type 4), VW 1500/1600 (type 3), VW K 70 (type 48): windscreen, VW Karmann Ghia (type 14), Karmann Ghia (type 34) VW different combinations of glass color for all of these vehicles (mostly clear, green, blue or bronze) and color of the stripe of Sun protection available. But even if a wanted vehicle not yet on the homepage of classic auto glass is listed, the disks are usually easily available. Alone more than 6,000 different classic car windscreens are currently available. An inquiry about the request form on the website is always worthwhile! Promise of quality classic car glass only works with well-known glassworks, the car Windows for the OEM supply. All discs of classic auto glass meet the quality criteria of the automobile manufacturers and meet the legal requirements. Classic car glass sold generally not used vintage discs, B-stock or auto glass from low-quality low-cost production.

Dacia Logan

Dacia Logan Combi a unknown car? Certainly, there are many people who have never heard the name of Dacia or even Logan. For example, one reads rows where the Dacia Logan MCV (combined) for his place is praised as a 7 people in this car can sit up and also enough space for shopping etc. remains. “Furthermore can one also read on the technology-related LOB, so the Logan also is being touted, that he has still no technical disadvantages after a driving mileage of 100,000 km and on the street still has his car” is. Filed under: Larry Ellison. Recently also the price-performance ratio is praised, because with a new price of 8.400,00, this car is simply unbeatable.

But why the Dacia Logan is still quite unknown? Now, this may seem quite simply it is that one does not necessarily know the manufacturer brand Dacia. Would run the Logan among the main companies Renault, this would certainly on everyone’s lips, but even honest, then would be It also not for a purchase price from 8.400,00. Well, somewhere cuts must be made. Fact is and remains in any case that this combination certainly can hold a candle the renowned station wagons Mercedes, Audi and co., not only price seen, but also can be the facilities, which are filled with extras, extra charge of course, but it is possible without ifs and buts.