Dacia Logan

Dacia Logan Combi a unknown car? Certainly, there are many people who have never heard the name of Dacia or even Logan. For example, one reads rows where the Dacia Logan MCV (combined) for his place is praised as a 7 people in this car can sit up and also enough space for shopping etc. remains. “Furthermore can one also read on the technology-related LOB, so the Logan also is being touted, that he has still no technical disadvantages after a driving mileage of 100,000 km and on the street still has his car” is. Filed under: Larry Ellison. Recently also the price-performance ratio is praised, because with a new price of 8.400,00, this car is simply unbeatable.

But why the Dacia Logan is still quite unknown? Now, this may seem quite simply it is that one does not necessarily know the manufacturer brand Dacia. Would run the Logan among the main companies Renault, this would certainly on everyone’s lips, but even honest, then would be It also not for a purchase price from 8.400,00. Well, somewhere cuts must be made. Fact is and remains in any case that this combination certainly can hold a candle the renowned station wagons Mercedes, Audi and co., not only price seen, but also can be the facilities, which are filled with extras, extra charge of course, but it is possible without ifs and buts.