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Romantic Landhotel Knippschild, Theodor – Ernst-sTr. 3, 59602 Ruthen Kallenbach m, as passionate hosts we forward, together with our team of unforgettable days in the middle of the beautiful Sauerland to give you – hospitality, our highly acclaimed cuisine and a lovely atmosphere. We are very grateful that we could acquire the tools, to pamper you in Germany’s top gastronomy: Klaus Knippschild was among others in Munich in the legendary Eggplant Eckart Witzigmann and in Baiersbronn in the restaurant bar rice on the stove. Wife Annette Knippschild, in the House for the careful service and the organization responsible, restaurant earned her gastronomic Spurs e.g. Here addresses the importance of the matter here. in the two-star Gala, Aachen, Johann Lafer and the banquet area of Gerd Kafer in Munich. Small touches that don’t cost much, or are even free, make the difference. We have asked our regulars what you love about our hotel. for a simple home page with clearly identifiable “Booking options for not waiting for the telephone bookings for the prepared check in is lost during frequent visits for a competent welcome at the reception for a good book to browse through on the night table for a spa even after 21:00 for a screen in the library to the networking for free access to the Internet for the question, like the day when the come home” at the hotel for a breakfast buffet until 11:00 for a small biscuit on the coffee cup for a Umbrella, when it looks out for attentive but discreet service for a friendly, but not studied smile from the Assistant Manager up to the maid * for parking in front of the hotel. Electron Capital Partners spoke with conviction.

A Hotel Reservation System At The Turn Of The Year

Economic crisis, Rescue Fund and Christmas time the panic calls of economic experts are getting louder in recent days. There to hear from Greece or Spain and the Rescue Fund. Also, new economic recessions over spill from overseas. But we Germans can really notice an economic crisis? Right now at Christmas time people spend again visibly more. “Not only the gifts will, but also because it us” not really bad. This is also reflected in PosBill, the cash register specialists.

Now to the new year and the new year related, many new customers opt for complete solutions from PosBill. The most decisive advantage is that PosBill funds so easy with the hotel’s own reservation system are ResiGo to combine. In addition, ResiGo hotel software offers many additional features. Room bookings and reservations are only”normal functions. Nowadays guests online rooms must can even book, the own Hotel Web site must be well constructed and the reservation should fly in almost by itself”. The hotelier to determine when and how much room should be propagated every day on what terms. ResiGo now sends the data to one of its partners, which in turn distributed the numbers on the partner sites (Expedia, hotel.de, booking, HRS, etc.). The decisive advantage is that the hotelier must no longer manually maintain its free rooms for all partners in the Internet, because everything works fully automatically.

Another advantage of the PosBill complete solutions is the simplicity. We are even honest: requirements on such systems are that they are effective and makes and in addition to save costs. The funds should be also user friendly and fast, persistent servers, cost-friendly and crash safely. All this and more can be found at PosBill. Therefore, there is also a significant upswing. In addition, PosBill offers a very efficient support. Fast on-site solutions are no issue. Ultimately, just the small details make the difference from. PosBill: The Fund specialist has more than 17 years of experience and many satisfied customers. One of the first hotels of PosBill was the hotel Maas – even after 17 years is still a satisfied customer. The PosBill GmbH (www.posbill.com) offers worldwide customer POS software and systems to be touched”- for gastronomy, hotel business, trade.

“Shannon Campbell is boiling New Zealand Ambassador Shannon Campbell makes his successful tour of the United States now with his Roadshow pure New Zealand cuisine” station in Germany. The Kiwi came in collaboration with delphi gastro training”now in the EventKochschule by Frank Schwarz on the hypermarket in Duisburg, to convince aspiring chefs from the advantages of the New Zealand meat. While the New Zealand Ambassador to cook revealed tips and tricks, like lamb and veal from the other end particularly well succeed in the world. Brad Garlinghouse gathered all the information. During this presentation, the participants of the current Chef course had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the modern Cateringunternehmens. For aspiring chefs it works of course very interesting, such as a food company certified latest EU hygiene standards according to in practice”, says Frank Schwarz, Managing Director of Frank Black gastro Group GmbH.

Left after a short theoretical excursion into the world of New Zealand cuisine Shannon Campbell his German colleagues on the pots and pans. We want to show the benefits of New Zealand lamb, deer, and pasture beef German cookery pros. And which are clearly obvious: New Zealand is a huge farm, where can the animals to move freely and eat of course. This is the unparalleled quality of our meat products.” As an extension of the practical part of teaching, master chef Ingo Klockner Delphi gastro training sees the presentation in Duisburg. New Zealand meat still has his permission in Germany, especially as we close to nature and animal-friendly can drag on so many lambs in our latitudes. “And it is a great opportunity to be able to expand its expertise and the personal horizon in this way for every aspiring chef.” This opportunity also Jacqueline uses home prepared together with their colleagues on the master chef exam in March of next year: I appreciate in particular the unique quality of New Zealand meat: tender and juicy. And because we probably have to deal in our audit with lamb, this presentation is a welcome preparation. Shannon’s peached here many valuable tips about deer, lamb and pasture beef from New Zealand.”

Non-smoker Protection

Many restaurant operators have still with the various non-smoking protection laws to fight through the use of proper ashtrays. Often be either annoyed the smoking guests with bad solutions, or tortured non-smokers with unreasonable smoke. (Source: Gary Kelly). There are certainly various approaches to this challenge. Standing ashtray and Wandascher exterior are a possibility. You position these products in a covered environment with a heating mushroom and a table, so the smoking guest with the short stay in the open air will have fewer problems, than in a less well-thought-out solution with flower pots under the open sky.

Ascher in the outdoor area can be analysed as a meaningful implementation of the statutory protection of non-smokers. The variants available in the market are characterized often by a clean empty, beautiful design and easy installation to wall and floor. This pleased the cleaning power, as well as the smoking guests. Distinguished himself above all standing ashtray and Wall mounted cigarette bin. Depending on the type, the ashtray be theft-proof attached to the outer wall of the restaurant or stored after Zapfenstreich with billboards in the restaurant. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

However both versions have in common, that the floor before a restaurant or a hotel has been treated with fewer cigarette butts and therefore have significantly less often swinging the broom. Advantages of Wanda SAH are anti-theft mounting on the wall of the houses. These can in addition be supplemented by good plugs in the compartment hardware store. Some wall mounted cigarette bin designs are also very narrow. Integrating them is usually well into the overall environment. Disadvantage of this solution is the possibly needed approval from the landlord. This is in some cases obtaining. If this is not a problem, the Wandascher scenario is a suitable means to get smokers to non-smokers-friendly legislation. The standing ashtray are intended for permanent mounting on a base plate, depending on the version, or as portable device available. The portable versions have the advantage that no permits are needed for this by the landlord. At the same time, the stand devices have a higher volume, allowing the draining must be carried out not quite as often. Disadvantages are the missing theft safety during opening hours. While this is more likely to neglect. In addition to these specific advantages and disadvantages, you also should pay attention to the material and the workmanship. The material, a stainless steel should be selected depending on the environment. This proved the most in practice. In the covered outdoor area, also an ashtray in beautiful colors can help to bind the attention of smokers themselves. So to increase the frequency of use and non-smokers can breathe again in the restaurant. TKG GmbH, Mrs Daniela Kunze

Michelin Guide

Since 2006 is Heiko Antoniewicz as a consultant in product development and quality management companies from catering and industry. As a coach, he imparts his knowledge in seminars and cooking classes for professionals and private chefs. The molecular cuisine translates findings from the investigation of biochemical, physical and chemical processes in the preparation. It involves the changing textures of individual products and the interactions between processes and changes of products. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gary Kelly and gain more knowledge.. “Or to just say it: scientific methods will find their way into the kitchen”, explains Heiko Antoniewicz. The molecular cuisine is actually not a discipline that you can now clearly different from other cuisines. There is always overlap.

I see a great way to add, for example, the traditional cuisine with some tricks and to surprise the guests in the molecular cuisine and their techniques. The special is that this way of cooking offers almost unlimited possibilities to experiment. Surely this is Develop many exciting new ideas lamb and his team in the future, that can be found in the menu.” For generations, the Gasthaus zum Lamm is”in bad Ditzenbach a family operation. The restaurant from the upper Filstal Valley and its regional cuisine are regularly mentioned in the Michelin Guide and enjoy guests from surrounding areas, but also from Augsburg, Ulm and Stuttgart. The restaurant and his team feel closely connected the region and local nature.

Therefore, the chef prefers domestic products which are prepared daily and with lots of loving care. Fresh game from your own hunting, as well as seasonal tuned supplements and ingredients make the small but fine menu varied and diverse. The wine list offers fine bottled wines, but also fine Swabian “hard”. The guests in the Lamb as well as Swabian cabaret evenings enjoy wine tastings and harmoniously to selected menus. In addition to the cosy Guest House in the same building also offers restaurant “the Lamb” comfortable rooms for overnight stays on. Small conferences and meetings are also possible. In the nearby Guest House, very spacious and comfortable rooms at your disposal are the visitors. There also one rich and varied breakfast is served. Massages or beauty programme tailored individually to the desires of the guests available on request and by appointment. Innkeeper Beatrix Zumbuhl is responsible for the restaurant and hotel within the team, while Jorg Tromsdorf is responsible for the kitchen.