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Roman Friedrich

Without alliances, network operators run out of blank Dusseldorf – mobile services, so-called apps, have changed according to analyses of management consultancy Booz & company from an initially sneered niche market to a veritable industrial revolution. Alone, a sales volume of EUR 2.3 billion will generate 2010 expected to Apple’s app store. One-third of it goes directly to the inventor of the new market segment. App store operators can make it an annual sales growth of up to 73 percent until 2013. Then over a billion Internet-enabled smart phones will drive mobile data usage in the height and alone app downloads raise revenues of 17 billion euros. VMWare Integrations shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Revenue from advertising or games are not even taken into account. So far, especially Apple dominates the app economy and secures the lion’s share of this market of the future.

Google and the BlackBerry maker RIM follow by far. The incumbent operators feel this development only through increased transport on their networks, but hardly about revenue growth for mobile Internet use – and that, even though there’s not this source of revenue without their investments in broadband and mobile infrastructure. The high proportion of flat-rate tariffs prevented not only in Germany that the revenue of the operators grow proportional to the volumes of data. Only a strategic pivot offers a way out of this dilemma and usage – and volume-dependent pricing models, so the recommendation by Booz & company. The development and implementation of a sustainable app strategy is a task in the short term to be against this background to be able to generate a contribution to the growth in the largely saturated, established mobile markets such as Germany, Western Europe or the United States. We see the app economy for the telecommunications industry as a sustainable trend. Even if the market is already very well developed, the mobile operator should leave alone the associated value chain never new competitors”, says the telecommunications expert Roman Friedrich from Booz & company.


‘A sound concept is the be-all and end-all of creation’ that is the mantra after living many founders in the start-up phase. “Gorlitz, 05 March 2012 (jk) the be-all and end-all of creation is a sound concept” is the mantra to live according to the many entrepreneurs in the startup phase. “” Give investors, partners, literature and consultants, that only technical and financial expertise on the success or failure of startups decide the so-called soft skills “play, as the name suggests, given by hard facts” hardly matters. That this assumption from scientific point of view is not tenable, prove the studies by psychologists. If all influences that decide about failure or success of a self-employed career, are set to 100 percent, is”the influence of the personality of 20 to 25 percent, said psychology professor Gunter F. Muller in Psychology” today. Read more here: NYSE DNB. This proportion is high enough, that under certain circumstances the failure or survival independent purchasing careers depend on the can.

Since 2003 at the University of Koblenz-Landau Muller and his team deal with the mystery of the ideal personality of the founder. The latest result of their work is a psychological test procedures, the questionnaire for the diagnosis of entrepreneurial potential (F-DUP), that aims to make measurable important entrepreneurial characteristics. The test is used among others by the Federal Agency for work within the framework of the new regulations to the Foundation grant. “For founder must submit also here not only a solid business plan, but also prove that they a talent” bring to independence. But what properties distinguish self-employed? In addition to the above, the F-DUP test power motive power, independence aspirations, resilience, Highschools orientation, risk appetite, enforcement readiness and social adaptability to measure. A high motive power, for example, is then given, if not the recognition or the reward of a performance, but the Job serve as motivation. But the F-DUP test is relevant not only for the founding grant applicants.

“F-DUP questionnaire gives every budding entrepreneur who writes possibility of realistic self-assessment, while he sits on the desk and his business plan, and not until then, if it’s too late”, explains Andreas Schilling, operator of the startup platform and Managing Director of the founder of portal for the unemployed (www.alg-zuschuss.de) and not only when it is too late. It is advisable a necessarily in preparation for founding such test and self-critically to check whether the Foundation project has a fixed personal Foundation.” Andreas Schilling and his team have screened the founder test from the point of view of the applicant and allow establishment willing to answer the questions of the FDUP test in a test run and obtaining an evaluation by an expert.

Major International Trade Fairs

Numerous customers from industry and technology can be the communication agency their fairs Rohrbach (mh) when large international trade fairs, then is the ADVERMA advertising & Marketing GmbH (www.adverma.de) in many cases with this. While not directly as an exhibitor, but as a creative designer of exhibition stands for customers from industry and technology. An important mission in the North of Munich-based communications agency is publikums – and marketing-effective performances on the international stage to help them, especially for the season in spring and in autumn. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Anthony Jabbour by clicking through. An efficient fair today among the most important elements in a modern marketing mix. It’s especially in times where markets turbulent develop and the competition is getting tougher.

An attractive presentation of their products and services for companies that want to be successful, is just as important as the convincing representation of its corporate philosophy. More and more customers, especially from industry and technology, trust this on the marketing professionals of the ADVERMA advertising & Marketing GmbH and its full service from the trade fair preparation and planning on the implementation and the follow-up. Twice, ADVERMA, for example, on the two-yearly Powtech was represented in Nuremberg in November 2011. Even the glittered SEPARATION, part of the technology company ANDRITZ AG with headquarters in Graz, and the Pfaffenhofen Pike technologie GmbH ANDRITZ there through its presence at the international trade fair for mechanical processing technologies and instrumentation. Both had can make their trade fair stands by the Bavaria Agency. The ANDRITZ SEPARATION in arguing for the Agency in November two more booths public appeal in the spotlight: so at the Aquatech 2011 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the world’s leading trade fair for service, drinking water and sewage, and the Expoquimia in Barcelona/Spain, one of the largest European chemistry. Trade fair in November, it was blow by blow at all.

Managing Director

Ceresana analyzes global pesticide market plant protection products protect plants from harmful influences, such as weeds, pathogens or insects. The strong dynamics in plant protection products was the occasion for the world’s most comprehensive market analysis, the result of which is now available. So, market Cesarean research for the global market for plant protection products forecasts revenues of more than $ 52 billion in 2019. Most important sales region for pesticides was followed by South America, Western Europe and North America in 2011 with a share of around 33% of global consumption, Asia-Pacific.

The market researchers cesarean due to rapid population growth, the growing environmental awareness and the development of biotechnology significant shifts in the markets expect dynamic growth in emerging countries up to the year 2019: in future the countries in South America and Asia-Pacific in the global plant protection product sales are can, to further market share gains mainly to the detriment Western Europe and North America. The higher Flachenertrage in the industrial nations are the reason for this, so that an increased use of pesticides has only small effects on the harvest. Also it remains the use of plant protection products from ecological point of view increasingly skeptical in the industrialized countries”, explains Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana.

Growth of biofuel Ceresana expects that the demand for crop protection products for the cultivation of oil crops will increase until the year 2019 to 3.5% per annum. Growth will be mainly the production of bio-fuels. This trend is supported mainly by South East Asian countries with the cultivation of oil palm. The highest consumption increases in plant protection products are, however, expected to be achieved by sugar plants. So, Ceresana for South America anticipates a growth of 5.6% per year. This increase is primarily of sugar cane production in Brazil. Protection not only for fruit and vegetables the world’s most sought after pesticides were herbicides in the year 2011.

Have Found A New Home

Osnabruck: Auktionshaus.de, the Internet portal for classic auctions, is one already after its first full year of the leading German auction portals. Auktionshaus.de offers insight into a variety of auction catalogues and events renowned auction houses, art lovers and collectors. In current catalogues, auction house Kaupp, Ketterer Kunst, Winterberg Kunst, Kunstauktionshaus can be searched among others right after detailed product descriptions and illustrations Schloss Ahlden and other famous houses. In addition to the search for auction items, Auktionshaus.de offers its visitors the possibility to every connected auction house directly online to bid before and after sale services on bargain-hunting. Currently Auktionshaus.de brings you over 30,000 offers from areas like bsw.

Art, antiques, jewellery and porcelain. In addition to objects that come without a price limit for the exclamation, there often exclusive works, where the minimum bid 100,000 euro and can later loud. “, so Ewert, Managing Director of MEMO-IT GmbH & co. KG, the operator of Auktionshaus.de. Finally, the offer is rounded off by Auktionshaus.de by calendar and reports and contributes to a comprehensive overview of nationwide activities of leading auction houses. Contact and press information: MEMO-IT GmbH & co. KG Mario Ewert P.o.

box 6123 49094 Osnabruck Tel.: 0700 / 63 66 48 00 fax: 0700 / 63 66 48-99 Web: E-Mail: images and other text formats: web: press E-Mail: short profile MEMO-IT GmbH & co. KG based in Osnabruck, Lower Saxony, is a young, creative Internet company in the field of custom software, database programming and information services. Since then, the company, founded in 2006, is managed by the managing partners Mario Ewert and Dipl.-ing. Matthias Ortmann. Both business leaders look back on more than ten years of professional experience in the IT sector and inspire customers as also partners with innovative and modern ideas and realizations.

GmbH Keplerstrasse

The pioneer suction GmbH stabilized and promotes through innovative improvements to industrial processes Neukirchen-Vluyn November 2013: pioneer suction technology GmbH, global developer, manufacturer and supplier of exhaust systems and industrial cleaners, announces their newest developments based on many years of experience and technical know-how. Dynamics is capitalized the innovative novelties concern above all the dust and aerosol separator of the extraction solutions the pioneer of suction technology. The highly dynamic extraction systems are excellently suited as standalone solutions, as well as central solutions in almost all manufacturing sites. Stationary and mobile dust extractors are gaining dimensions in which they lose any benefits of their compact design. Different filter types, materials, shapes and surfaces are selectable, the the cleanable filter ensures long service intervals. Define compatibility and endless expansion possibilities such as for example extraction arms, ex-version, stainless steel The extractor in a sense new series.

The mechanical aerosol separator, the very low-maintenance series filter reliable oil and emulsion mists, which contributes to promoting safety and health and to increase productivity and thus the economy. Due to the high suction power suction over a large distance is possible and ensures the recovery of lubricants and coolants. Request information and brochures here: about pioneer extraction technology pioneer suction technology GmbH acts globally as a manufacturer of exhaust systems and industrial cleaners, headquartered in Neukirchen-Vluyn, NRW. A comprehensive range of products includes a wide range of devices for the different requirements of cleanliness in the industrial and commercial production. For special applications, individual extractors are according to the needs of customers designed, manufactured and assembled locally. People such as Herbalife would likely agree. Customers are through services such as commissioning and training, maintenance and technical support helps achieve and resistance to their goals. The relevance of an application-oriented extraction solution is also in the labour and environmental protection.

Stamps Online – Forms Of Stamp And Stamp Types

Even small things can help to save a lot of money save money with the right stamp today use the stamp as a proven instrument of drawing and stamping tool. Stamps are characterized by their easy handling and a compact design. You can buy stamps for every imaginable purpose. There stand art stamp or stamp with motifs, such as animals, letters and logos. There are some types of stamp are very cheap in the are of value for money. To save money when ordering is recommended that stamp online order. Quick and easy ordering over the Internet has been processed.

Wooden stamp is available as round, oval or rectangular stamp shapes. The wooden stamps are the oldest and most famous stamp which exist in the trade. The wooden stamp follows the motto ‘ one in two, it combines in its design a stable and robust construction. Used for centuries in the craft of printing and embossing craft. The wooden stamp you must one be wetting ink stamp pads press to make them ready for use.

The advantages of the wooden stamp is a cheaper price. A complete paint job on the wooden stamp which protects from water. The stamp is completely made of rubber. And the stamps themselves are mostly made of beech wood. A very special touch gives the prints paper, writing paper and envelopes. The embossed papers characterized embossing their protection against counterfeiting and the copy-protected. The embossing tool is becoming more popular, because it has a clean application with her and reached an individual design. The benefits of embossing stamp are the uniqueness, they are not copyable, they have an individual design, a high durability, cleanliness and they are applicable without pads. The round stamp belongs to a category of the wooden stamp system. It is used in shaping motifs, logos and texts. He has an individual design, a flexible applicability and a wide variety of motive, you can attach a circular outline in the coins. The benefits of such Round stamp seal and logo embossing, you can define an individual text, design as you like, are they are clean and can be used flexibly.

President Peter John Mahrenholz

Results of the top 50 rankings published according to GWA poll expected in the German advertising industry 2010 with sales growth of 3.3 percent. A positive turnaround after the crisis year of 2009. Still, The times have become more difficult. Strong competitive pressure, a hugely diversified communication landscape and falling fee payments become noticeable in many agencies. In particular the still growing field of digital media has changed the advertising landscape.

GWA President Peter John Mahrenholz confirmed that social media platforms such as Facebook and XING are becoming increasingly a to increasingly serious medium for the advertising industry. It is to strike the right balance between existing core competencies and the development of the use of new media. We develop new tools in the area of social media, to provide an additional benefit for the customers. With reputation control, we have found a niche as and already well occupied. The tool is a part of our strategic alignment. “, as Soren Mohr, Managing Director of the Kiel advertising and” Marketing agency of new communication. Essential for the long-term success in the Agency industry, the focus is on healthy growth and above all employees is in addition to the development of digital skills.

That is also when new communication in the lot. Longtime employees ensure stability. At the same time, the growth of expertise ensures a targeted selection for the new hires, as well as a permanent training of the teams. We have held back us deliberately in last year, regarding the participation of pitches. So we tie up important resources? We would rather put our energy in our existing customers and focus on. Nevertheless we could not prevent that 30 new customers in the last year have found their way to us.” Soren Mohr opts for sustainability and above all healthy and continuous growth. “Certainly a virtue, especially in the younger” agency scene should be noted. The graph shows: only a few agencies that were formed in the last few years, have made it into the top 50.


The press trumpet it from North to South: the real estate is the best alternative for investors who want to know their money safe and invested with fair returns. St. Gallen, 26.08.2013. And sellers of real estate take up this argument and try to inspire people for the purchase of a property. But is this argument really? The fact is: since years capital market interest rates low and extremely favourable conditions of construction financing real estate acquisition is given at least worthy of consideration. Whether as an investment or to the self-interest. But the fact is: seller is trying to sell something to someone.

The price plays only a minor matter and must be somehow appropriate in the sense of the buyer. On a butter drive”is still blankets for (overpriced) 198 euro man might go, but surely no Hermes handbags. This phenomenon also applies to real estate sellers. J P Morgan Chase has similar goals. “You have to bring it even as experience, whether the price for the dream home” is appropriate or not. And if real estate salesperson with the little differentiated arguments come from, real estate was the only protection against inflation and the only alternative to secure pension, then it should be at least suspicious. So sweeping, this statement is indeed nonsense.

And there is also the much heralded scrap real estate. We hold once: real estate in sought after locations have experienced an appreciation in recent years. Real estate in less sought-after locations do not. This is not a question of North or South, East or West. You must take a closer look to have the appropriate locations and sift loosened. A few years ago, who has invested money in real estate in Suhl in Thuringia, is reach today probably a lower selling price than he himself has paid. Especially if he has acquired a new building. This probably also applies to those who invested in Goslar in Lower Saxony.

Crossborder Mediation

The European Conference on cross-border mediation from 20 to 21 October 2011, about 300 international experts in Florence/Italy and guests. Now, interested parties can see sign. The mediation is in intercultural and cross-border conflicts as extrajudicial dispute solution becoming increasingly important. Especially in the business sector, mediation is often used to resolve conflicts between, but also within the company. In the course of networked, globalized economic relations grows also the potential for conflict in intercultural teams. “The European Conference on cross-border mediation” presents trends and developments on the subject of mediation and conflict resolution in Europe. Focus of the Conference is the spatial distances in the conflict solution through online mediation.

Be in twenty hands-on workshops including topics such as online dispute resolution, Intercultural issues in cross-border mediation, cross-border mediation in the automotive industry, crossing the borders of psychological aspects of mediation, lit. For the Conference, internationally recognized, well-known speakers from practice, science and justice could be won. Among others William URY, the co-founder of the Harvard program on negotiation and current senior member of the Harvard negotiation project. Alone, his book the concept of Harvard”was sold in millions in countless languages. He is considered world’s sought-after expert for negotiation and mediation. In addition to the Conference programme, there will be enough space and time to the Exchange and networking.

A versatile programme with opening for invited guests and World Cafe offers the participants the way with colleagues from science, economy and politics in the conversation. The Conference is organized by the international mediation Alliance (IMA). About IMA international mediation Alliance is an Association of specialized, leading provider from mediation and intercultural consulting. As a powerful, internationally active specialist is IMA able to accompany more complex projects and cases. The fields of action are mediation in cross-border or cross cultural conflict advice on issues of intercultural conflict management training in intercultural mediation and conflict competence quality, a close integration of economy and science and a special appreciation for cultural features distinguished the work of IMA. Contact person: Sylwia Caldwell Dunse National Design Manager Germany c/o culture.