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Madhumallika Shiatsu

Create public feedback of a student to the Madhumallika Shiatsu links classical orthodox medicine with the knowledge of TCM institutions after my schooling at the worms physiotherapist and massage therapist school I went in my trainee period in 1991. My goal was to work, so that I may obtain the title of medical life guard in a health clinic. In the health clinic in bad Rothenfelde, an orthopedic clinic, I could really apply my whole knowledge from school. We had many departments that we went through constantly changing and thus remained the work more varied and has a lot of fun. Sobering, I experienced my field of activity, when I ended up in a small practice in Darmstadt. For assistance, try visiting Brad Garlinghouse. There, my work is limited to massage therapy in combination with red light or with mud.

Sometimes even an underwater massage has been prescribed, but I had very little room for manoeuvre, which concerned the individual applications. (As opposed to Bernard Golden). We had 12 minutes time per patient and we hasteten from cabin to cabin, that was not my understanding of treatment a people. So I decided to pull me out of this system, to make first of all other, lighter experience. I met people who gave me another, brand new for me massages and was equally enthusiastic. Soon approached the time that I looked around after a school of Shiatsu. Get to know first the work of the people in this special way I did school in Dusseldorf with a few day courses of Madhumallika Shiatsu, and then was quickly clear to me that I wanted to learn much more about this massage.

This time I should get soon, to a complete training in the training facility perky the Madhumallika school to attend West region. in 2003 I passed the examination and could henceforth combine acupressure and the Madhumallika Shiatsu techniques with my knowledge of Orthodox. In the meantime I practitioner and masseuse in my small practice eight years as Madhumallika Shiatsu. Increasingly, I have the feeling that my work is perfect. I have participated in many additional seminars already and the course of each day or each Seminar brought together new puzzle pieces. We collect knowledge and we can also implement it in the own massage is immediately a new wind “in applications to feel. And especially is constantly aware that continuing the learning process will never end. However, we remain vital, mentally agile as well, dealing again with ourselves and the people entrusted to us. To give Shiatsu keeps me young and to get Madhumallika Shiatsu keeps me young. The Exchange with my colleagues is important to me and the good contact among us is important to me that we should nourish the Earth together with our capabilities and our knowledge.