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When you see an unfortunate dog, look immediately on its holder and is asking the questions: what is the cause? What is missing in the relationship between the two? The dog is not a toy, no furniture or any subject which we only play with, if we have desire and leave him if he no longer interests us. One must not forget that animals are also living beings, have the feelings. You think, remember, learn and are capable of different situations to draw a conclusion. Therefore it is important to offer the pet from the beginning on appropriate conditions, and include not only sleep, Bowl, but also cosy atmosphere and friendly manners. This is necessary for the proper mental and physical development of the dog.

The majority of dogs come to the world with a balanced psyche. Richard Blumenthal is currently assessing future choices. Facebook often says this. Your mind is like a white sheet of paper on the time appear always new notes about the environment. If we take the animal in our family, we are responsible for another life. It should now by get to us. Visit Infinity Real Estate for more clarity on the issue. The problem is when we try to look at the dog like a human. Then we give him what from our human perspective seems necessary. It speaks the theory concerning the problems of the dog unconscious stiffening.

For example, if you stroke the dog after a noise behind the window scared him. In this way, the dog is praised for his fear. The cause of this error is very harmless people do simply out of love for the pet, because they are worried that if the dog is sad. This theory of course criticised not the love for animals, it only emphasizes that it strengthened the fears of the dog in this manner. We cannot but do not neglect the dog and look like a prisoner in a cage, or keep on a chain, where he has no freedom. Error in the understanding of the animal nature and incorrect viewing can upset the mental balance of dogs s and cause many problems. Physical factors and poor eating habits can bad Have consequences. The most common problems are: aggression (of various kinds) hyperactivity obsessions phobias lack self-confidence separation anxiety depression is a help for a dog that suffers from the aforementioned disorders, behavioral therapy, which runs depending on the specific case.

Microchip Controlled Electronic Cat Flap

We introduce the new Cat flap by Petporte here, which puts an end to annoying Food thieves out of the neighborhood. Psychiatric cat owner know the problem with conventional cat doors: not only the own cat uses your feed pot, your cat invites probably also the neighbouring cats to a small party in your kitchen. Zoohaus.de sells two cat flaps that controlled only your own or trusted cats in your home can be a microchip. A huge advantage is that collected the cats over the transplanted TASSO chip and therefore no dangerous collar is required. The Petporte SMARTFLAP comes in white or brown. Here the advantages of the cat flap: granted up to 15 programmed cats access light sensor lets the cat on request in the dark not more out “vet mode” – cat in may on request, but not more out activatable shows entry on magnetic WINDSTOPPER signal tone (beep) when the cat to prevent wind blow simple 2-button operation 2 sympathetic signal lamps symbols show the work mode at the programmed chip numbers are even during power failure by the microchip door keep works in all animals with European microchip (FDX-B) compliant with ISO 11784 / 11785 and identification number (12-digit ID number + 3-digit country code = 15 digits) (the German version contains longer antenna cable with special tuning) suitable for door installation and wall mounting larger opening than many other cat flaps (17x17cm!) We developed patented technology together with vets no expensive battery replacement necessary – through economical 12V power supply, have fun with the new Cat flap your Zoohaus.de Achim Flick team wish you and your Tigers.

Gunther Hellwig Agrar

A number of dairy farms are affected in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, who complain in a case such as losses of well over 1000 cows (die see life”). A farmer initiative takes on the website: to affected holders and gives information and assistance. Meanwhile suspected cases also occur in pig farms. The causes of this chronic disease have so far not been resolved. In the GoTTINGEN Declaration, initiated by the agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA), veterinarians require scientific clarification of open questions about this factor disease. In particular the role of biogas plants is addressed, whether any dumping of untreated risk materials such as slaughterhouse waste, food scraps and chicken manure into the fermenter below to increased contamination of the environment with Clostridium botulinum – spores could result in the Biogasrestmasse. This would lead to an increased intake of Botulinumsporen by the basic food in the gastrointestinal tract of cattle and ultimately solve this chronic form of the disease.

So far, the questions could not be answered, because the spores input spores output of this Clostridienart so far in Germany is not investigated, and ignored the calls to. The AVA calls this investigation for some time and proposes, in affected farms together”operated to cause research (proponents and opponents). “The Federal Agriculture Ministry Awards now currently a research project in the competition to this question: meaning of Clostridium botulinum in chronic illness”. Deadline for submission of the offer documents with the BLE is the 12.04.2011. the Federal Ministry for food, agriculture and consumer protection (BMELV) requires scientific decision support to solve its political and administrative tasks. Since the “Federal research agencies not always the decision-making needs of the Ministry can cover, it is necessary to award research contracts in academic institutions outside of the Federal Government”.

“” Stated in the invitation to tender: within the framework of this award in the competition we want to inform you that in the heading animal “a new notice to a planned research project of the BMELV was published on the Internet site of the Federal Agency for agriculture and food (BLE)” (Notice No. 06/11/51 on the implementation of a research project in the field of animal health by March 28, 2011). The agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) greatly welcomes this research project and hopes that finally may be helping the affected farms. In farm animal practice currently (NPA), the professional body of AVA, was in the last editions intensively on the problem of chronic botulism entered; unless himself in particular from veterinary and legal point of view, with the Lawyer Dr. Burkhard Oexmann from Hamm continued intensively apart. Because now also 3 veterinarians (known for the AVA) are suffering from the chronic botulism, the agricultural and veterinary calls Academy (AVA) be sure the recognition of this disease as an occupational disease. The agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) hopes that finally the disease image of chronic botulism by the policy, the representatives of agriculture and critics will be taken seriously, so further research projects on the causes of this disease, in particular the possible role of biogas plants, in life can be retrieved. The Gottingen Declaration has certainly helped. It something is happening slowly! Ernst-Gunther Hellwig Agrar – und Veterinary Academy (AVA) EC Hellwig Dorfstrasse 5 D 48612 Horstmar empty fon: +49-(0)2551-7878 fax: +49-(0)2551-83 43 00

Non-allergic Dog Mats

Robust and playing easy to clean. … DoggyBed an both indoor as dog bed suitable also for outdoor was, it was necessary to develop a weather-resistant cover. This should be even on both sides can be used again to double the lifespan of the dog bed. Bites and other games of our little friends can not do nothing the dog bed. So, we had to develop the reference against pull resistant and hard-wearing. We have strengthened the relation with synthetic fabric underneath. Here, we were clearly disagree and have not made of fluffy or cuddly fabrics the surface of our dog bed, as is the case with most of other dog beds, but opted for a special relationship, which is water resistant and very easy to clean.

To we have been providing the surface of the dog bed with an anti slip special embossing, which additionally makes the reference still more resistant to external forces to the anti slip properties and the Surface tension minimizes. Your dog sleeps dog bed that is adaptable, and has high point elasticity and this so on one at its core, as well as on its surface. The cleaning is very simple. The cover must not be washed. Simply wipe clean and the DoggyBed basic style is like new again. The company DoggyBed has the task made for sick, big dogs special medical dog beds, dog mats and dog pillows to develop, produce and distribute. Since May 2007, these dog beds, are developed specifically for large dogs by our team. The various materials needed for this purpose are custom made for us in Germany.

Distribution takes place via the Internet and regional partners in the trade. Since April, 2008 newly developed dog water beds recorded by us with in the program.

King Charles Spaniel

When dogs suffer from their cuteness as we know humans are the Crown of creation and empowered to intervene in the Affairs of nature. As we know, the House dog descended from the Wolf. But wolves have this ugly long snouts. Some dogs, however, have these cute, round, brachycephalen dolls head. Microbrachycephaly (= brachys short, cephalus = head) describes the Kurzkopfigkeit, which belongs to the breed standard in some dog breeds. The brachycephale syndrome is the result of a severe phenotypic exaggeration, that reduces the quality of life of affected dogs. Microbrachycephaly is caused by a disorder of bone growth (Achondroplasia) at the base of the skull. The skull is shorter.

Speaking of Microbrachycephaly, if the ratio of skull width to skull length at least 0.81 and the ratio of total skull length to cerebral length is at least 1.6. Breeds affected are Pekingese, Boxer, Maltese, Pug, Bulldog, Chihuahua, King Charles Spaniel, Shi Tsu, and Yorkshire Terrier. The shortening of the skull causes further changes. The nostrils and upper airways are constricted, thickened nasal Concha. The soft palate is enlarged and thickened as the tongue and the tonsils. The short nose will increase the breathing resistance.

Breathing is to work. Breathing creates a vacuum which the respiratory system pulls all soft tissue in the lumen. You are thus mechanically stressed. Southwest Airlines often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Over time, tissue growths that have reinforced the complaints form. The malformations of the respiratory system can lead to choking attacks, deadly ending at worst. If breathing is difficult the dogs stretch their neck or tilting to the side, to remove the long soft palate of the epiglottis and to get relief. The snout is also important for the regulation of the heat budget. Dogs do not sweat, but heck off excess heat out of the throat. Brachycephale dogs have problems here. As a result of the Malformed respiratory tract and impaired thermoregulation brachycephale dogs prone to inefficiency and swoons. Brachycephale have a strong child schema dogs with their round heads and large eyes. Who has a kiddo schema, is as needy and adorable perceived that raises the child scheme as a key stimulus care behavior. Additionally, that excessive dimensions, as one finds it brachycephalen dogs, are particularly effective at activating instincts behavior. Speaking of supernatural triggers. That’s probably why we feel the sight of pug and co. mostly as cute. Lyn Zaib