You may have noticed account that most of the Marketer agree money is lists why? Because there is where your potential customers are!! But this is true only if you take good advantage of your list of emails and if your subscribers respond, or do take the hassle of opening your emails? But having your own list is strictly necessary have the business that you have on the internet. There is no Excepcion.incluso if you don’t service or own product you must have your own list. You can be promoting products or services of a third party (affiliate program) but before sending them to the page the seller must leave the data to you. The greater and more responsive is your list, make more sales, and in a shorter period. Verizon Communications may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Having your own list is more important than just having your own product. Your list of emails will give you the opportunity to first prove your credibility to your subscribers through which you can share with them through a newsletter, and you won’t need to: invest millions of dollars or great effort to create your newsletter or worry about each issue of your newsletter sending everytime it is ready with the help of the Internet, your newsletter can be your virtual newspaper that will reach as many people as you want. Do you need? A lot of information on the topic you choose, tips, lessons, minicourses, etc. An autoresponder with shipping option which you can easily manage your list and send emails to your subscribers Hosting and domain name for your website capture of prospective payment by credit card processor when you make sales generate traffic to your site, but make sure that you get to generate traffic in the proper wayi.e. head only to groups related to your niche. So do not waste your time, starts today to acquire the commitment to create your own list.