Sale And Lease Back As An Alternative To The Credit

A good way for financial difficulties. So, assets can be converted quickly in liquid funds. Current look of lending banks closer. Companies in trouble have almost no chance of getting a loan. But requires a new approach to meet the liabilities. So you can convert among plants in the company capital. Fixed assets represents a major item on the assets side in companies for manufacturing companies. Usually plants cannot be unfortunately in a short time to cash convert.

Exactly this which then attacking sale lease back a, which may flush cash into the coffers. This procedure, the leasing company buy the equipment lease it directly to the company further. Thus, the level of debt remains low and better conditions in the interest rates would be possible. Companies must at the sale and lease back in the future only still pay the leasing rate, which is accounted as an expense can be. This company but an accurate invoice must perform.

Although this possibility of leasing provides short term cash, but in the long run also be distorted. Thus it makes the equipment for sale no sense if any time soon the lease payments can be paid. This variant for depreciated assets is particularly suitable. Because they have only a low book value, well hidden reserves can this be resolved and consumed.