Robert Schneider Manager

Automatically. But always applies: the graphic designer can already views the images, select, and use for its layout, while the shooting is still running thanks to digital workflow. Is an image required free, just use the graphic design the integrated cut workflow by w & co. Advantage: the graphic designer can fully on the creative realization of his layouts concentrate. So the first layouts can be presented in the case of SportScheck two days after the photo shoot.

And begins the production of the print data. The imported fine data connect automatically with the selected pictures in the double-sided layout and can be edited. At the end of print-PDF available for rotogravure or offset. Important: Images that are not used in the catalog, stay for a definable period of time the digiflow portal and form an online archive at the same time: for the catalog, the Web shop, the shops and many other applications. Digital workflow against internal Friction loss: Temporal processes are matched each Department sees exactly what when planning the other Department and implement. Conclusion: The process of the recording to the layout, offers the digiflow, has shortened the time it takes from one week to three days for SportScheck.