PVC High

Tamper tamper-resistant self-adhesive labels have a wide range of applications, for indicating property (inventory labels) as well as to prevent unauthorized use (seals, seals), they are indispensable. We deliver you tamper-proof labels in two qualities. Checkerboard film once glued will be destroyed this film when attempting to transfer. Oracle pursues this goal as well. A special adhesive with high liability leaves a checkerboard pattern on the surface when attempting to transfer. Ideal for property identification.

Safety film / document film this film is extremely fragile, they can be loosened up after the glue no longer in one piece. The label is destroyed. Seals are used primarily for example to prevent the opening of a device. Polyimidetiketten – high heat resistant polyimide film labels are a highly heat-resistant material for the marking of assemblies, printed circuit boards and other electronic items. The material is soldering bath solid and resistant to oils, fats, fuels, weak acids, salts, and a variety of chemicals. In the short term these materials can be exposed to temperatures of up to approx.

370 C. Wire and cable identification, even laminierend on role self laminating ends cable markers made of transparent PVC film are perfectly suitable for the marking of cables or electrical conductors. The labels are equipped at the top with a printable white or colored font box and can easily be removed after printing from the backing paper. An unprinted and transparent area on the label is used to wrap around the printed text against Abrasion, dirt, oils, solvents or water to protect. The transparent special film is extremely flexible and supple and prevents to a set of Kabelmarkierers in the label printer / applicator. The high transparency of the laminate gives a perfect legibility of print. Heat shrink tubing, wire marking hoses a shrink hose is a plastic tube that contracts strongly under the influence of heat (usually through allocation of hot air).