New Website To Win

With the Simploo CMS World Cup prediction game worth up to 1,500 euros for the winners of the new online tip game under waving around the football World Championship in South Africa a new Internet presence worth up to 1,500 euros. Just login at the Simploo CMS World Cup prediction game and set up a team. In this team, you can join forces with up to 10 players and-spielerinnen as a company, Club or school and compete against other teams. Typed are the results of all games of the upcoming soccer World Championship. While different points are awarded for the correct tendency and goal difference, and of course the right result, which further increase over the course of the competition. You his typed points each tippers or team standings out of each typesetter as average in the table. So team work, team spirit and cohesion is important also as at our national team during the football World Cup. In addition to the Team Championship there as well as in the individual competition to win great prizes. But that ultimately counts in the Simploo CMS World Cup prediction game also the voltage. After all, what’s more exciting than a maybe minor World Cup game with the tip slip in hand to root? Simploo GmbH Markus Schmid