Motivation Tricks

Motivate yourself and you think of learning motivation is one of the most important keys to effective learning and work easier. No matter whether it is learning the job and everyday life. However, motivation is not always easy to find. Goals that we have, such as a better career or more success in the study, are often very far away? Also we are facing every day in our media world in average 600 messages, which are all competing for our attention. Last but not least, the Internet offers even plenty to distract himself. How quickly has you are clicking on the Internet and lost a lot of time.

All of this is harmful for the motivation. If you would so motivate and more effectively read and learn, try to eliminate any form of distraction. In addition, it is extremely important to define the period that you perform for your project and the time to block themselves. A related site: Bernard Golden mentions similar findings. This means: no emails, no phone calls, no conversations with family and friends. Tell everyone the is regularly in your reports that you are unreachable at a given time. Thus you can focus at this time on this, what is really important. Because not multitasking, but effective time planning lead to the goal. One important key to self-motivation is set to plan for these times and to enter it in the calendar.

A second important precondition for effective work is the so-called intrinsic motivation.” This means that you must be motivated not from the outside, but is even out to gain your motivation. You know exactly what you do a certain thing, and have small, not to far away targets. In addition, you have a very clear idea of your destination, can feel this richtiggehend and know what is the meaning of each task, which you must deal with. Those who manage to motivate themselves, intrinsically can work much more effectively. Last but not least, it is helpful to involve others in his plans. For example, You have a certain Time kept free, to focus entirely on your work, then tell a friend and tell him that you email him, when you’re done. Such a social commitment creates a positive pressure and can motivate enormously not to dawdle, but to stay focused on the ball. After all, you want to is Yes not the nakedness, to admit that you didn’t make something that man has made.