Icy Winter Continues In Germany–now Motors Optimally Protect?

Special Winter products help against equipment failures in the car. Customers of the online-shop of Leprinxol is free with the purchase of lock de-icer. Bremen, February 2010: Currently Elli throughout Germany from the icy cold and the engine technology is not protected without special care. Especially the engine oil, radiator antifreeze, glass wash extra or the brake fluid is to control it. Easy oil is often too tough when cold and reduces the service life of the machine. High-quality oils provide a longer service life. Not enough antifreeze can freeze water and overheat the engine despite wintry cold temperatures.

Therefore, motorists should check regularly whether enough antifreeze has been added. Also a control of the brake fluid is important, can they be contaminated with the time with water and to a serious problem with any braking. For a safe ride in the unusually prolonged sub-zero temperatures the Leprinxol GmbH of Bremen maintains in its online shop all relevant article of winter ready. For a long engine life it is advisable to switch to a liveable oil. Piston, crankshaft and other essential components are optimally lubricated so also during frost. The compatible 5W-30 by Leprinxol, for example, high-quality oils in OEM quality are ready, which help reduce also the consumption through better lubrication.

Always good visibility, image is a product-dependent mixing ratio of the wiping water supplement for optimal minus 20 degrees according to car. The discs washing extra clear glass by Leprinxol suitable with a mixing ratio of 1:1 for this hard cold temperatures and ensures a clear view thanks to special ingredients. As well, the cooling water must be prepared to prevent motor damage. Prudent driver with radiator antifreeze get a corresponding product, with which at the same time the lines are protected permanently to prevent a burst of the cooler also at minus 25 degrees. Last but not least the brake fluid, all too often neglected, should be noted in the check of the winter especially. Here, too, because it is hygroscopic, so absorb water from the surrounding air, a timely exchange is important. Only in this way, the full braking force in any situation can be achieved always. Leprinxol brake fluid ensures best possible brake line even at low temperatures. Convenient and cheap, especially from the warm sofa shopping this winter products offered online at Leprinxol-shop. So, offers the online-shop winter article currently at a special price and are equal all customers the practical lock de-icer with every purchase! Pamela Wallentowitz