True teamwork learners are those who put into practice the dialogue and discussion in order to boost through the involvement of others, therefore, true teamwork involves unite knowledge, skills and values in favour of everyone and therefore members, each individual learns of the other and with the other to correct errorsstrengthen weaknesses and discover strengths involving the growth of the team. Learn the discipline of teamwork means for each person take the availability of transform linkages of competition by ties of cooperation that intensify in people values such as solidarity, companionship, reflection, availability, kindly, but they all require first of humility. At this point made clear that values serve not in words but in action, therefore, those who know teamwork evidenced by his behavior (. efficient equipments present a series of properties, which are presented to continuacion:mutua interaction or Commonwealth with a comprehensive mutual recognition: goals and common reasons that allows joint efforts; Formation of rules of behavior that establishes limits of interaction for their personal and working relationships that contribute to the achievement of the objectives; Establishment of roles which enables different patterns of leadership among its members according to the professional and personal characteristics of each one. (Holmes peace Quinonez) Other characteristics of efficient equipment according to Rudolph F. Verderger in his book communicate! they are: ambient. good work that begins with the seating arrangement which encourages full participation, where members can obtain integration full;An optimal number of members, which depends on the nature of the task and the need to ensure a good interaction; Stamped on hold together the group cohesion in regards the up-to-date communication, the similarity of interests and needs (homogeneity), the interpersonal needs of affection, inclusion and control; The commitment to the task and with the Group; An effective team is normally composed of a number of people ranging from a minimum of 2, maximum of 25, with a 10 fashion. .