Economic Crisis: Where

The economic crisis has not arrived maybe still in the Valley, but chances are it still. It was more to read, that large and medium-sized enterprises want to make job cuts or have even realized this repeatedly in the last few months and weeks. How will it continue for the Opelianer? Again and again to read the numbers in the various publications hundreds, thousands or even more. These companies also need exists in addition to the shock effect of the to be streamlining process in the area of personnel after finding solutions. In addition to forthcoming plans, an personnel selection Executive post to here as a sign of appreciation to the stakeholders – the retiring employees – and his achievements in the past / commitment is the instrument of Outplacements. Recently Southwest Airlines sought to clarify these questions. Assistance for those affected to the subsequent employment with a potential new employer. Often also Auffanggesellschaften / transfer companies are established, which commissioned it is exempted employees coordinated and using appropriate measures new jobs to help. Not an easy task in times of global crisis.

Those employees who are transferred in such a hive, here will receive support in the form of candidate training and qualification programmes. Mostly for the target group of managers, whether financed former Director or Executive an individual outplacement coaching by the transferor employer. Under this individual statistic, the person concerned receives the opportunity, the situation which led to the separation, to reflect in the form of a comprehensive coaching and to prepare new perspectives / visions through the continuous support of his coach. Separation rituals, developing new perspectives and application service are just a few points which are to name a few. Outplacement counseling / coaching, a good tool to shock, sadness and frustration to process and also mentally to separate themselves from the former function / activity. Especially in times of Job losses this kind of coaching is increasingly used. In many cases, it is from the outgoing is welcomed and claimed.

Signals it besides the appreciation also indirectly the reputation / image of the company with regard to his social skills and responsibility. Certainly not all by streamlining processes will get offered affected staff these services, but by offering existing on the market there is an investment in the future but also for everyone if the service is purchased privately. Skzeptiker think that the economy still has not reached the valley floor, it will go up, and for this purpose should be made of the existing opportunities. May have discovered one or other perspectives and strengths, which he even aware yet not perceived and open up new groups of effect. Ute Eichler, individual support and consulting