Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment – a massively multiplayer game. In this virtual universe come across millions of players from all over the world. They come to fight with each other or form an alliance against the NPC. Commonness remains far behind: here there is a place only hot fights, feats of daring and exciting adventures. World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment is a continuation of a series of games Warcraft.

This, however, the same world, same cyuzhetnaya line, the same orders. If you already had a chance to play Warcraft, then you WoW by Blizzard recognize the familiar world through the eyes of a single character. You will be its legitimate occupant and will be free to take part in his life. There are many factors popularity of World of Warcraft, and you can list them for a long time. Of Fundamental listed below can be identified. From the beginning, leveling is not very fast, gradually, from quest to quest. Second, it does not provide "punishment": if a character dies, he does not lose points experience, gold and weapons. Of course, we should spend a little time to resurekt, but it is not too grievous punishment.

As the player always receives a notable promotion and achievement of new levels is not so slow that a feeling that does not move forward. World of Warcraft looks very chic: good governance, not difficult, but beautiful graphics, the lack of "brakes", the beautiful countryside, very much want to keep them open. Area very differ from each other, each has its own atmosphere. All NPC completely unique perspective on what is happening. Not many of those who climbed the initial game areas, will not want to see the rest. Anyway, to play or not – it's certainly same to you, but ask yourself this simple question: Can you just pass by and not look at the great game of millions?