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To date, personal digital assistants (PDAs) are becoming very popular, both in the world, and in the former CIS countries. Every day, make models, all smaller in size and increasing its capabilities. Of course, and on other points – one better than another, just eyes run, and thousands of models and each has its own price. That is why in the selection of a PDA should not rush. First and foremost, we must decide: to what purpose you buy it? You need the GPS-navigator, or a regular telephone, a means for the Internet or read books, and probably the usual mp3-player? You may be more suitable for a laptop or a standard desktop computer? To begin with, that the 'Pocket PC' and as 'handheld' recently ceased to mean the same thing.

Y 'nalodonnika' there is no separate fully functional keypad and the joystick of course, and is controlled only by the touch screen and more immediate access keys. Keyboard mainly recommended for those who want to enter the PDA huge amounts of data, as many know that the print stylus is much more complicated than the two thumbs. Larry Ellison understood the implications. Monochrome displays – the main difference between communicators baseline. In the other long ago used color LCD TFT-displays, today can display 262 144 colors, not only in the pocket computers, and also in mobile phones. With all this high resolution is not necessarily respond to the computer with huge dimensions – it can rise if the pixel size. The main thing to watch out for what platform based smartphone. Most popular today: Palm OS and Pocket PC. Difference as such they do not exist, the main difference – Palm OS is presented specifically for PDA and Pocket PC owners are usually used for desktop computer software from Microsoft.

For Pocket PC and Palm OS operating system is based on Microsoft Windows, OS Linux as well as other processors, too, there are different. But the undisputed leader, as well as a PC, a corporation Intel. Clock frequency in megahertz, 200-300 is acceptable for low-end PDAs and totally obscured by the existing PXA 27x Dell Axim X30 with a strip of 624 MHz. For most users, the storage capacity is the main criterion when choosing a Pocket PC. Memory, as well as a desktop computers is operational (from 2 to 256 Mb), which is designed for instant access to information, and the constant (from 2 MB to 4 GB), is the main place to store information. It is also very important its extensibility – Modern PDAs have the ability to use additional memory cards (from 8 megabytes to several gigabytes), which makes the memory a lot more. The battery is also not the most important role. Ni-Cd and Ni-MH are the most inexpensive and have many shortcomings. Li-Pol and Li-Ion Lithium batteries other than having a great life and safety in use. Many popular communicators have a Bluetooth-adapter, IrDA for wireless communication information, WiFi, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G-ins, USB-port, GPS-receiver, built-in speakers, TV tuner, photo and video camera is usually a modest increase (0.3:5 megapixels) and many other additional features.


The version of Internet Explorer 10 for tablets will not run plug-ins. The main reason is boosting the HTML5 Protocol, reduce the amount of resources that requires Adobe Flash and improve security. Microsoft communicate this via its official blog building Windows 8. The team ensures that the plug-ins that exist today not take better advantage of HTML5-based Web sites. This was proven by the Microsoft team in version Metro of the browser Internet Explorer 10, version that will be incorporated into Windows 8 tablets. The execution of IE10 meter version plug-ins enhance the battery life as well as the security, reliability and privacy for consumers, assure you the company. It also stresses that although since the beginning of the web, the plug-ins have been important, today compatibility with these difficult browsing experience of the user in the Metro interface.

According to an analysis done by the team of Microsoft, many Internet sites are already adapting to HTML5. 97,000 Web pages most visited in the world, 62 percent have embraced the HTML5 instead of Flash. Microsoft joins the companies who have shelved their devices support Flash. Other child(ren) not side Flash was apple, this opted not to include Flash in Safari for iOS nor has enabled browsers from other companies with support, claiming that this technology is full of errors, in addition to consume much more battery than others and overheat the device over the account. Microsoft not to rinse if it will allow other companies to launch in-store Marketplace for Windows 8 that offer support for Flash. Pablo.R.

Microsoft Word

What ever you use your printer – laser or ink jet, color or black and white – there are many different ways to get the most out of your printer. You can use the printer at work for reporting or other professional documents. At home you can use your printer to reproduce pictures or just to print text files. Regardless of the application, there are many tips and advice that allow you to get the most out of the printer and created with the help of documents. The use of "native" for your printer parts and supplies is one way to ensure consistently high quality. Others who may share this opinion include Oracle. It may seem that a cost-effective to buy toner made from recycled or remanufactured cartridges, but a comprehensive consideration of factors in the transaction actually saves money in the long run. Using the original approved by the manufacturer of consumables and spare parts for equipment increases reliability and print quality, which ultimately allows you to save time, money and effort.

Often the original ink cartridges and supplies come with a full guarantee for the duration of their application. May be that the bulk purchase will save you money because to buy multiple quantities of cartridges and other consumables are often given an additional discount. It is worth considering how quickly you will use the purchased supplies, because the quality of the ink may degrade over time. If you are buying multiple cartridges, while keeping some remnants, do not forget to first expend those that were purchased earlier. When it comes to ink consumption, among other ways of saving money can be mentioned using the 'rough' on your PC or laptop to As long as you're not ready to print the final document. When you use the 'rough' uses less ink, which helps save money. In the program Microsoft Word 'rough' version can be found by selecting 'print' in menu 'file' and then 'print settings.

" If you are printing color documents, it makes sense to set your printer to black and white version of the print, as colored ink, is usually more expensive than black. Web sites are often printed color by default, but if you configure the printer for black and white print, it will save ink and money. If necessary, you can easily switch to color printing. To check their work, while avoiding unnecessary printing of documents, you should use the command: 'Preview'. Two-sided printing, when this mode allows the printer also saves on paper costs. Printout documents only when they really need you, saves money, and put into practice the respect for the environment. Try to do the checking and proofreading proofreading for screen, printing out, if possible, only the most important final drafts of documents. This also applies to situations where you need to print one page of a multipage document: remember that there are printing options, allowing to print only certain pages, so using these functions to extend the life of printer cartridges and other small craft.

Featured Programs Software

In the present article, we will contact you try to understand the individual nuances of the operating system of your computer at work. Knowledge learned from the below article ought to be, practically, any nick personal computer. Today we will talk about what exactly is software for your computer. So, we bought a PC. Now we need to think about software procurement, e-assistant. That's just about the software and will be discussed in this topic. What this software is needed for your computer? On this and now we'll talk with you.

Is it ought to protect your personal computer from an attack on him outside? That is, of raiding spam, spyware, tracking your actions while at work or entertainment, and of other illegal actions. Focused, always in a common goal – to get this or that secret information stored on your hard drive, yusb-ROM or in another medium. The answer – of course, the need for protection of your system unit. Responded to this question, we ask the question which follows. What way should be to protect the system unit from virus attacks? Of course, anti-virus protections.

Download that, you can now cut down to variations on this resource. Try first application in trial mode. And then decide whether you need it, or turn their gaze on other goods raznorabov obespecheniya.Programmy software for individual PC. Also on the site, you can choose different computer programs presented in shareware form. Your interest will be shown no end sorts and work programs for the PC.

International England

Platenclene and isopropyl alcohol Isoclene – Cleaning printing rollers printer and fax AF produces a unique range of products for professional engineers, maintenance or technologically advanced users responsible for the maintenance of office equipment (faksimalny machine, printer, photocopier, scanner, etc.). in good working condition. "Our office printer leaving black bars on each print and literally mad my boss. I did not know how to handle it so I asked our engineer for maintenance. He brought the AF Platenclene and isopropyl alcohol Isoclene, ran it through the printer, since the black marks are gone, now I have at work all right. " 'Printer to print bar codes in the office of delivery 24 hours a day. Problems with feeding the paper feed and prevent us time to deliver products to our customers. Printer Manufacturer advised we try to remedy the defect Platenclene after hours at night.

I decided to try it. I sldoval instructions on the can and decided to become their own problems and complete assignments on time 'cleaning kit AF Inkjet Printer contains everything you need to clean the ink-jet printers, inkjet fax machines, heads, cylinders and enclosures. Tool roller cleans and restores grip and silicone rubber rollers. Cleaner cleans copper contacts. Nozzle to spray paint cleaned with detergent and foam applied on a spatula. Non-toxic spray solvent to clean and restore the properties of the rubber surfaces of all types of rollers.

Restores the elasticity of a rubber roller. Leaves no residue. Dissolves paint stains, oils and grease. Reduces paper jams. Antistatic Staticlene. Universal cleaners for cleaning surfaces Wide range of carefully designed tools for cleaning the surfaces of AF is safe and effective for cleaning all types of plastic and molded surfaces. Products AF can get not only clean, but Hygienic and does not contain bacteria office. Antistatic Staticlene completely biodegradable, with pleasant apple aroma. Anti-static cleaner for hard surfaces in an editable spray. Saves anti-static properties for a long time, reducing the accumulation of dust and dirt. 5-liter plastic container for those who want large quantities. Anti-static cleaner for hard surfaces in a reusable aerosol packaging. Powerful cleaning action. Completely biodegradable packaging. There is a plug-in unit with 1 liter of spray.

Infringed Manufacturer

Program written by programmers (like – people like you and I, just clever :-)), and so – just as we want to get money for their work. Creating a program – is convincingly process rather quickly and you can write (if you know the language programming), but the process of debugging it can take a long time. Price of the program (software) depends on its functionality, the complexity of the tasks, the skill of the programmer (depends on speed its operation, reliability, vulnerability to external shocks and other parameters). For example, MS Windows, MS Office, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, etc. These programs are called commercial.

Software is intellectual property Developer and distributed via licensing agreements. This right is protected by the law of Ukraine "About copyright and common law." According to this law, the owner of the program does not transfer rights to the program, and rezreshaet use it a certain period of time specified in the agreement. Some points of agreement are described on the box, which comes in support of the program's documentation. The main points of agreement as you will see when installing the program, and if you do not take them, the program will not install (at the right place you need to install a tick 'I agree'. Violation of the agreement may lead to deprivation of support, to stop the update, and then ugovnoy to justice. Pirated software are not always exact copies of original programming. Typically, a software developer puts the copy protection of his or unauthorized use.

Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment – a massively multiplayer game. In this virtual universe come across millions of players from all over the world. They come to fight with each other or form an alliance against the NPC. Commonness remains far behind: here there is a place only hot fights, feats of daring and exciting adventures. World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment is a continuation of a series of games Warcraft.

This, however, the same world, same cyuzhetnaya line, the same orders. If you already had a chance to play Warcraft, then you WoW by Blizzard recognize the familiar world through the eyes of a single character. You will be its legitimate occupant and will be free to take part in his life. There are many factors popularity of World of Warcraft, and you can list them for a long time. Of Fundamental listed below can be identified. From the beginning, leveling is not very fast, gradually, from quest to quest. Second, it does not provide "punishment": if a character dies, he does not lose points experience, gold and weapons. Of course, we should spend a little time to resurekt, but it is not too grievous punishment.

As the player always receives a notable promotion and achievement of new levels is not so slow that a feeling that does not move forward. World of Warcraft looks very chic: good governance, not difficult, but beautiful graphics, the lack of "brakes", the beautiful countryside, very much want to keep them open. Area very differ from each other, each has its own atmosphere. All NPC completely unique perspective on what is happening. Not many of those who climbed the initial game areas, will not want to see the rest. Anyway, to play or not – it's certainly same to you, but ask yourself this simple question: Can you just pass by and not look at the great game of millions?

Traffic Accounting

A good leader is always aware of how much his company consumes resources on what and how much money she spends, what are the recurrent costs of the company for electricity, telephone, supplies, etc. Recently decade, was added one more item of expenditure: for Internet traffic. To know how much to pay, you need to know how much a company spends. Therefore, consideration of traffic – one of the most important aspects of the system administrator since it is on his shoulders rests the responsibility of the traffic count, save, make sure that the amount allocated to the organization of daily, monthly, etc. traffic does not exceed its limit. And even if the organization is connected to unlimited package Internet, the importance of continuous account of the traffic is not reduced. For example, can periodically fall speed Internet connection, and the reasons for that may be many: not too honest provider, not too responsible officer, swinging in time movies, the fall of one or more network interfaces, etc. The absence of the Internet today is fraught with deterioration in the quality of communication with customers and partners tomorrow.

Accounting Traffic can be done in several ways. 1. By SNMP-protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol). This method makes it possible not to install any software on remote computers on the network. Traffic accounting program is made only on the administrator's computer to remote computers as it is only necessary to correctly configure the service SNMP, which is usually not too difficult.

Reporting Policies

– Planning for the direct and indirect costs. Insurance business. The subsystem-oriented brokerage for insurance of motor vehicles and related conduct legal documentation. Has a "different" from the base user interface, sharpened under the terminology of the insurance business. Integrated automation of business – insurance brokers. * Accounting: – Maintain database of insurance policies CTP, Hull, security forms (contracts, receipts for payment). – The register of insurance policies sold and all the necessary attributes to buyers of insurance and policies.

– Registration and deposit forms strict accountability, the transfer of insurance agents or affiliates. Write-offs and inventory forms. – Maintain all documentation in a section of insurance companies. – Accounting for all transactions with insurance companies, transfer of funds for implemented the policy, control of income transfers to the commission. – Flexible methods of payroll insurance agents, according to the companies, contract terms, discounts, installments payments. – Proper conditions and discounts delay payment, maintaining and monitoring customer payments. * Control: – Exchange of payments from insurance companies and purchasers of insurance policies.

– Availability and security forms spending cuts in insurance agents and branches of the enterprise. – Monitoring the expiration date of the policy in the acquirer and an automatic warning of the need to extract the new policy. * Analysis: – Analysis of the services rendered in the context of insurance companies, types of insurance policies, buyers of insurance policies, insurance agents, affiliates. Monitoring the profitability of the services provided. – Reporting on all types of documents and calculations to insurance companies – suppliers of policyholders.

PCs Repair

Today, computer help at home business is a very common and very difficult to decide which firm to contact. That's why our company is quite different from similar services. The entire managerial staff has vast experience in repairing computers at home. Manager chooses optimally appropriate specialist for your problem, whether data recovery, computer repair or virus removal. If your computer needs repair, in no case should not apply to computer scientists – fans, "taught", and already own the more 'arm' with a screwdriver and a hammer! Amateur work can be expensive: at best – buying new parts, at worst – the purchase of new PCs, professional approach – that is what you need 'patient' PCs.

Our specialist will complete diagnostics computer, detects failure, and in accordance with will result 'first computer assistance', ie make repairs. If the damage is serious, you have to use our computer service center. This is where the 'patient' will be able to pass all the necessary procedures – from installing software to recover lost data. And while you do not need this service center to go – the master himself will take myself and bring your PC by taking out all the necessary documents, and will keep you informed during the repair process. The company OOO 'Special on PC' Phone: (495) 499-167-32-86 (Password 'Spec Plus' – 5% discount) for PC Company Special engaged in repair, tuning, care and protection of computers. We offer a full range of computer services from cleaning the keyboard settings to the most complex server-based OS family of windows server.Uslugi performed by our firm: Installing programs, Virus Removal, Computer Repair, Restoration data, computer assembly, installation network and the Internet; Installation OC (windows xp, vista, windows7, linux, unix); Configure Wi-Fi networks; GNU Free Documentation License, Connect to a network Yota; Office turnkey, upgrade and repair laptops on the road, and virus removal anti-virus protection And other computer services. We are open daily from 8.00 am to 21.00 pm seven days a week.