XeNet Global Network

The xebax GmbH from Berlin developed new Internet technology to the global network of companies, organizations, research, science and industry Berlin, August 14, 2008 the idea is simple, the realization of complex: people, information, communication, data, devices, United under one roof. The new network concept of xeNet (xebax network) emerged out of this idea. The software developer Hans Jurgen Fuchs and company of xebax GmbH from Berlin has laid the foundations for the ready implementation of xeNet technology over the last years with a small development team. The xeNet with its innovative technology concepts sets new standards in comparison to current Internet usage, which at last provides a safe, efficient and dynamic platform users. The Internet in its present form is divided into a collection of millions of individual computers, which provide different services and content. The only method of linking between different data sources is the http link, just in the use of search engines, the possibility to find services and content. Unlike the Internet, the xeNet is an object-oriented network, with a targeted access to the respective originals is realized through the classification of each object and the deposit of property characteristics. This data is available a wide range of services to the re-use of available through standardized data storage within the xeNet.

The xeNet is a pool of different resources such as process computer, data storage, database server and network management system, which stand ready to use the user. The intranet on the Internet is based on the implementation of new protocols, which only allows the enclosure to the public traffic. The network in the network design offers users a secure, spam free application platform. The modular software architecture can be integrated all conceivable applications in the xeNet: global marketplace eCommerce businesses eGoverrnment technical scientific applications for public institutions knowledge networks company-specific applications as a local application.