Virtual Mobile Radio Operators (MVNOs): Aldi Talk At The Most Popular

Industry expert: low pricing strategy is no longer sufficient Dusseldorf in future – virtual network operators (MVNOs) use mobile as a transmission path the mobile network of the large providers. Among them are providers such as Tchibo, Aldi talk, Simyo. They were able to make a differentiation in the past first and foremost about cheap prices. According to the Federal Statistical Office about 1.7 million participants used discount deals in mobile in 2005, end of 2006 this number increased to 4.9 million. The virtual”Mobile has won in the past five years dramatically in importance. “” We expect a doubling of the potentials for MVNOs for the next three to five years “, said Andreas Dippelhofer, on the Dusseldorf Handelsblatt annual telecommunications market in Europe, Member of the Executive Board of acoreus AG”. According to a current evaluation of the company, Aldi talk with 3.8 percent has the highest market share of all mobile virtual network operator. There follow Tchibo (1.3 percent), simyo (1.2% and other (1.9 percent).

Overall, the discounter reach a market share of 9.7 percent. This corresponds to approximately 9.5 million SIM cards. A pure low pricing strategy is no longer sufficient however in the future”, explained Dippelhofer. Now, it is important to find the right business models for the provider. The MVNO model of the future should focus on customized value-added services that match the respective target groups. Because of the trend to observe that media companies increasingly make their own mobile solutions was generally. So the UFA, Germany’s largest film producer produce soaps, since 2006 now specifically for mobile phones. We want to be present with our content on all platforms.

For us the SOAP for mobile phones is a giant step”, UFA Chief Wolf Bauer in an interview with the Handelsblatt. The news also offers a free mobile service since July 2007. Mobile operator can switch a current customers Provide video news UMTS streaming. We must expect a new, volatile audience”, so Jobst Plog, the intendant of the Norddeutscher Rundfunk, in conversation with focus. Mobile operators should understand himself according to Dippelhofer not as media entrepreneur, entertainer or as a logistician, just because they operate communications networks. You should put their creativity and innovation in the development of technical and commercial platforms and provide access to the customer to a third party. “, so Dippelhofer in an interview with the specialist service of Portel. For the survival of MVNO providers, he sees three main alternatives: either, the quotes need to be developed for real mass products. Or, the services should be versatile and comprehensive. Or, the MVNOs should integrate its service offering to their other product world and making sure that both for them and for the end customer added value is created. Her enabler, need the the Ability to own, depict new tariff models flexibly and quickly build new processes and procedures. Support of different distribution channels or the control of promotions include in addition to the tariff”, says Dippelhofer. By Gunnar Sohn