Universal Call Pickup

Unique universal solution for Microsoft Lync the known from the phone and popular call pickup function is now available as a universal application for Microsoft Lync. After a successful beta test phase, in which the cerebro module ‘ universal call pickup’ from over 50 companies already in production was tested, the release can be immediately from the colima website../cerebro.html just downloaded, try 30 days free of charge and purchased via a secure website. Unique: Lync calls universally pick up ‘ universal call pickup’ is the first module of cerebro, the modular application of colima. Cerebro optimised and complements the basic functionality of the unified communications platform Microsoft Lync. For even more opinions, read materials from Ron O’Hanley. Matthias Engelmann, Director product management, explains the unique universal applicability of the cerebro module: “universal call pickup is a server-centric application for Microsoft Lync, which enables users to conveniently calls both from phone to phone, from screen to screen as well” To get phone to screen and vice versa. In addition call pickup work universal manufacturer and model-independent with each Lync phone and regardless of whether the Lync client or not started. “These benefits make universal call pickup” to a well thought out application with German brand quality, which is unique in this form in the market. ” Order easily and securely online with its online-be parking colima sets a new standard in the industry for Lync applications: ‘ universal call pickup’ can be immediately downloaded from the colima website easily and free of charge tried 30 days before purchase.

A subsequent order runs comfortably through the secure order page. Susanne Ecker, Marketing Manager at colima, explains: “with online ordering available all information on product and price in clear, clear and immediate manner. ‘”Universal call pickup’ can be downloaded as well as the product ‘SimpleRoute’ immediately, 24 hours a day. Just because colima also internationally strong expands, this is extremely important. Alternatively to order, of website visitors in just a few steps can can also first create a non-binding offer. While to remember rule of thumb is simple for the price of a cerebro module: one euro per module per user per month.

The duration of the colima product support can be regulated via the subscription online duration.” Expert program for resellers colima puts on sale its products mainly on indirect sales via qualified system House partners. But it has colima ‘ expert program’ launched, the experts in colima ‘ expert camps’ and the ‘colima University’ will be trained. Matthias Friedrichs, CEO of colima, shows the benefits of expert on programs: “shopping experts about the site the new cerebro modules for your client projects, you benefit as a reseller double. You can quickly offer your customers on the one hand the desired Lync function and thus perform their Lync projects successfully. Continues to receive a reseller with the purchase of the Cerebro module the advantageous purchasing conditions of the partner levels, with which he can make good offers its customers. That all subsequent transactions are associated with the partner’s customer account with a registered customer and this benefit permanently from the business relationship is beneficial to the partner also.” The starting shot for the expert program is still 2012. interested companies can already now for the expert program on the colima dealer page register. Susanne Ecker, colima communications GmbH