Udo Nadolski

Enjoy new during developer technical refinements, set “Customers often surprisingly much more value on operation, optics, and also on the noise”, it is there. (As opposed to Gary Kelly). “The consumer desire for simplification of products and services increasingly employs the strategies of companies and science, a phenomenon which the futurologist Matthias Horx called to establish the correct degree of complexity: as Rightsizing”, describes Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf, the problem. -Usability – Usability and simplicity, understandable, intuitive user guidance are required today.” Thus, companies would have more success in sales, so Nadolski conviction. He refers to the analysis of John Maedas, graphic designer, media artist and Professor at the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) media.mit.edu and founder of simplicity Consortium. This describes in his book simplicity. The ten laws of simplicity”strategies. that can promote the daily life, but also the development of new, simpler products. “On the markets teeming with promise of simplicity”, Maeda – requires also a consequence of a technology overloads him: the widespread demands for simplicity were an inevitable trend after the technology industry it had applied it again and again the same things in new and improved ‘ form for sale, where better ‘ often simply more ‘ means. ” He cites the success of Apple’s iPod, a device that can less and more expensive than other digital music players as example for the success of the simplicity. “Another example is the seemingly barren form of the Google engine of of search, which is so popular that googling ‘ became synonymous with a search in the World Wide Web”, Maeda says.